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How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In Huntersville, NC


If you've ever had ripening fruit in your kitchen that becomes a little too ripe ever so quickly, then you know probably can say that you know what it's like to encounter fruit flies. In Huntersville, NC, and the surrounding area, community members experience fruit flies just as much as any other city's inhabitants. Lake Norman Home Services experts are here to tell you a little bit about why fruit flies love to feast on your fruit, and how you can prevent or rid of them if they ever invade your kitchen space!  

They Like The Fruits That We Like

Fruit flies are nothing new, and they are common in any person's kitchen. They are widely known as being notorious pests that contaminate our food and spread bacteria. They are attracted your area by the smell of fruits, vegetables, and other food items sitting in your kitchen, as they are generally found on fruits or other food items that are not refrigerated. They also have the capability of infesting containers that have not been cleaned after storing food items.

Though the fruit flies don’t attack or cause any endangerment or sever harm to us, there have been many cases of these pests causing irritation and rashes on the skin when humans come into contact with them. Their numbers can become very large in a short span, so much that you may have to call your local bug exterminators for fruit flies. such as Lake Norman Home Services.  

How To Prevent Fruit Fly Infestation

The places that are the breeding grounds of fruit flies are vegetables and fruits that are either ripening or rotting, and kept out of the refrigerator. As a first step in fruit fly prevention, you should refrigerate whatever you can. Other fruits and vegetables that have to be kept outside of the refrigerator must be covered with a fine mesh sheet, so that the flies cannot access them directly. For instance, keep potatoes in bags and onions under the mesh sheets. To avoid calling a professional exterminator for fruit flies, you should wash used dishes immediately. If not, they should be stacked inside the dishwasher with the door closed to prevent the fruit flies from reaching them.

Fruit flies can also breed if organic matter is blocking your drain pipes, so ensure to keep them clean and the water flowing free. Ensure to keep all garbage bins closed and sealed completely, so that there is no possible way for the flies to reach the inside of them. Your waste disposal units should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. As any damp place can provide a breeding ground for these flies, it is better to ensure that whatever remains moist is out of reach of the flies. In the case that you encounter a fruit fly infestation and cannot gain control of it, it is better to call your local bug exterminators in order to have a preventive cleaning done.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

If you are performing preventative measure to get rid of mosquitoes, that should take care of the fruit flies too. There are many homemade fruit fly trap ideas that are available, which means you can get rid of them without calling your local bug exterminator if the infestation is not too heavy or too far gone. Some examples of ways to trap and kill fruit flies are making fruit fly traps with a soft drink bottle, and pouring something inside of the bottle to attract the fruit flies, in which they will then fall inside and cannot get out.