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Morganton, NC Pest Control
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Morganton, NC Pest Control

Effective Pest Management In Morganton, NC

There are many ways pests can present issues for residents and business owners in Morganton. At Lake Norman Home Services, we work hard to provide comprehensive service plans to address all the pests that are of concern to our customers. If you're looking for Burke County pest control, we hope you'll consider Lake Norman Home Services.

Home Pest Control In Morganton, NC

We use Integrated Pest Management to target appropriate zones around your home. Our preference is to use methods that are 100 percent eco-friendly where possible and only apply control products in targeted locations.

  • Spiders can be deterred from making webs by removing existing webs. We use a special tool to get web around your home—even some webs that are difficult to reach.
  • Another way to deter spiders is to remove dust. The presence of dust is a signal to spiders that an area is undisturbed and that it is safe to create a web. We want those spiders to know that it is not safe to create webs on your home.
  • Several common pests in Morganton need to be controlled with bait products. We select appropriate baits and perform evaluations to determine the success of the baits being used.
  • Yellow jackets create nests in ground holes. These are not burrowing wasps, so we're able to proactively address yellow jackets by filling in holes we see.
  • Routine inspections during the spring allow us to detect paper wasp nests early and remove them naturally.
  • Some pests are attracted to the scent of garbage, so we treated the area where your receptacles sit.
  • Pests hide in light sockets, so we treat any sockets where bulbs are missing, or where gaps are accessible.
  • Pests get in through gaps around window and door frames, so we apply a treatment to keep them out.
  • Pests can slip under your garage door, so we treat this location to stop them in their tracks.

If you'd like to learn more about how we do residential pest control, we would love the opportunity to speak with you. Reach out to us and ask us about The Basic, My Elite, and My Elite Plus pest control.

Commercial Pest Control In Morganton, NC

Pests are more than a nuisance for business owners. They can impact your bottom line. We guard your business by creating a custom-designed commercial pest control plan to meet your specific needs and challenges. Once your plan is in place, our licensed service professionals provide bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly service visits to make sure your business is always covered. All services are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Reach out to us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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The Benefits Of Year-Round Professional Lawn Care In Morganton


Pests aren't just a problem inside Morganton homes. Yard pests can do a number on your lawn. Since lawns are an important pest control zone, it only made sense to us that we provide complete service for this zone.

Our lawn care service plan includes pest control, pH balancing, herbicidal edging, lawn dyeing, fungicide treatments, Bermuda grass reduction, overseeding, Aeration, and more.

The primary benefit to year-round professional lawn care is that we do all of this work for you but, if you've tried to tackle this on your own, you know that there is more two it than elbow grease. It requires specialized knowledge.

When you hire Lake Norman Home Services for your lawn care, you get the results you want. Your lawn always needs something. Year-round professional lawn care is ongoing. In each season, your turfgrass will get what it needs, and weeds will get what's coming to them.

Connect with us today to learn more.

How To Tell If Your Morganton Home Has A Cockroach Problem


Along with providing the highest level of pest control service to our customers, we strive to provide essential information to help customers guard against health risks and property damage. Cockroaches fall into both categories. They can make you sick and damage your property.

Here are a few ways you can tell whether or not you have cockroaches inside your Morganton home:

Look for black droppings on floors, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. The best place to look for these droppings is in dark and humid spaces. The cabinets under your kitchen or bathroom sinks are an easy place to start looking. You may also look in the backs of drawers, shelves, and food cabinets.

Search behind appliances, such as your oven. In this location, you may find droppings, shed skins, or egg casings. You might even be lucky enough to see a few roaches run for cover.

You may be able to tell that you have a roach problem by using your nose. Cockroaches put off an oily, musky smell.

At the first sign of cockroaches in your Morganton home, reach out to us here at Lake Norman Home Services. We're here to help.

Why Your Morganton Home Has Rodents


If you’ve discovered the presence of rodents in your Morganton home, it’s likely happened for at least one of several reasons. Perhaps one of the most significant appealing factors for rodents is the presence of food. They are determined scavengers, so they will eat essentially anything that they can find. If you keep snacks and pantry items in their original packaging or leave dirty dishes in the sink, then you may be inviting rodents into your home. Failing to clean out cabinets on a regular basis or letting garbage accumulate can also prove to be a food source for them. Rodents are also drawn to water sources and moisture, so leaky pipes, faucets that don’t shut off properly, and humid basements can be ideal for them. 

Another factor that draws rodents into your home is when they need relief from outside conditions. Sometimes that happens when it’s too hot or there’s a chill present. And of course, rodents being able to access these attracting factors is made possible by the existence of openings that may be as small as a dime. Rodents can fit through very small gaps and in some cases, they can even climb trees in order to get into your home. Failing to properly seal off these access points puts everything within their grasp.

For more information on rodent control, call Lake Norman Home Services.

Flea Myths In Morganton: A Few Fleas On Your Pet Is No Big Deal


When it comes to the fleas in Morganton, there are many myths. Some of the common misconceptions about fleas include:

  • A few fleas aren’t a big deal.
  • Their bites are simple and don’t cause issues.
  • If my pet gets fleas, they can’t get them again.
  • Having fleas doesn’t mean that the problem will get any bigger.
  • My dog can’t catch fleas from playing in our backyard.
  • I can get rid of fleas on my own. 

When you need to get rid of the fleas that are plaguing your home, look no further than Lake Norman Home Services. We provide comprehensive flea control services that utilize EPA-approved products that are safe for the entire household. Fleas are, in fact, potentially detrimental to your well-being and to your pets. They feed off of cats and dogs for uninterrupted periods of time and can consume 15 times their body weight in blood during this time. Flea feedings can lead to anemia, tapeworm, murine typhus, and skin infections as a result of excessive scratching. Pets can pick fleas up nearly anywhere because they are parasites that hitchhike. Coming into contact with other animals can put them in the path of fleas. And once fleas get brought inside your home, they will proceed to lay eggs in pet beds, carpets, and other hard-to-spot areas.

Call us today for more information on eliminating your flea outbreak.

How To Stop Bed Bugs From Coming Back To Your Morganton Home 

If you’ve developed a bed bug outbreak in your Morganton home then it’s essential that you eliminate every last insect to prevent a larger, more stubborn infestation from developing. At Lake Norman Home Services, we provide the bed bug removal services that are required to achieve complete relief. In order to determine if the pest problem you’re dealing with is bed bugs, we’ll begin by performing a total home inspection. We check everywhere from electrical outlets to mattresses and furniture to make a proper identification. 

If we’ve located a bed bug outbreak, we’ll provide you with a list of simple steps to take prior to receiving any treatments. This helps us to provide the most impactful service possible. From there, we’ll address your entire home with our EPA-approved methods because we know that we must eliminate every single bed bug.

Contact The Pros About Ants In Your Morganton Home

If you see ants of any type in your Morganton home, you’ll be best served with professional help from Lake Norman Home Services. We are proud to provide comprehensive ant control services that can address a broad range of species. Whether you are dealing with fire ants, house ants, or carpenter ants, we can help. Our company utilizes cutting-edge technology and proven methods in order to deliver the types of results that you can trust. In addition to eliminating ants from your property, we can also work to help you prevent them with our ongoing home pest control programs. 

To fully understand the scope of your ant problems, we’ll begin by thoroughly inspecting the interior and exterior of your home. This will provide us with the facts that we need to make proper ant identification and understand what attracted them. After we’ve gathered this information, we’ll develop a treatment plan that uses only EPA-approved products that are family-friendly. Because our programs are customizable, we can target anywhere that ants might be hiding. And if there is more than one active species, we will ensure treatment for them as well.

For more information on keeping ants out of your home, call us today!

Customer Reviews

    “Every tech I’ve had has been very professional and nice.”
    “Lake Norman pest control does a wonderful job all around and even explained the safety concerns I had of the products for my new baby and dog.”
    - Lauren G.
    “Always friendly and professional.”
    “Lake Norman Pest Control has always been consistent with their service quality and more than fair with pricing.”
    - Michael C.
    “I would highly recommend Lake Norman Pest Control and specifically Jake!”
    “He called me after the appointment and gave me a summary of the service and he made some additional recommendations.”
    - Leslie Z.
    “Very pleased with the service today”
    Jake promptly arrived and asked what issues we were having and quickly began applying treatment. He was professional and thorough. Very pleased with the service today.
    - Lisa C.
    “Very pleased with the service today!”
    “Jake promptly arrived and asked what issues we were having and quickly began applying treatment.”
    - Lisa C.
    “We had an unusual issue that he took extra time in order to address.”
    “Lake Norman always does a great job in communicating and shows up at their committed times.”
    - Mike C.
    “They’ve been great at coming back out!”
    “Michael has beHe and every representative we’ve worked with from this company have been very kind and good at listening to our needs. en super helpful! He's prompt, thorough, and responsive to all of our questions.”
    - Kimberly G.
    “The service was fast and affordable. I would definitely recommend.”
    “Our technician, Jake, has been very helpful. He has been on time and responsive to all my questions.”
    - Laurence P.

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