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Hopewell, NC Pest Control
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Hopewell, NC Pest Control

Professional Pest Control For Hopewell, NC Properties

As a Hopewell home or business owner, it’s incredibly important to protect your property from pests. In a place like Hopewell, we get all kinds of dangerous and destructive pests, looking to invade your home or business and put you at risk of health hazards, property damage, and more. That’s why so many home and business owners in the Hopewell area trust Lake Norman Home Services with all of their pest control needs. 

Why are we the best choice for pest control in Hopewell? We have: 

  • Over 50 years of industry and area experience 
  • Award-winning customer service technicians 
  • An A+ from the Better Business Bureau 
  • Angie’s List super-service qualification
  • A 100% pest-free guarantee 

So when you’re dealing with a pest infestation on your Hopewell property, go with the professional assurances that have kept the Hopewell area clean for decades. Call us today for an estimate on residential and commercial pest control methodologies. 

Home Pest Control In Hopewell, NC

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to create a property that is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable for everyone who resides in your home. Unfortunately, pests like termites, rodents, roaches, and more will threaten your health and your property. 

In the face of expensive damage and dangerous disease, you can’t afford to settle for the kind of pest control that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. What if, instead, you had a residential pest control expert at your disposal, offering a pest-free guarantee backed by over 50 years of industry and area experience?

Call us today to set up an appointment.

 Commercial Pest Control In Hopewell, NC

When you’re a business owner in the Hopewell area, pest control needs to be one of your top priorities. While many local pests will invade your facility to destroy inventory and threaten your employees and customers, nothing threatens your reputation in the community like customers spotting a pest problem in your Hopewell commercial facility.

In light of the damage that social media can do to your property if you have a pest problem, you need the kind of pest control company that can guarantee you a pest-free facility. With innovative pest solutions, monthly treatments, and over 50 years of industry and area experience, we have everything you need to have peace of mind about the pest problems in your business.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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Termite Control: Tricks For Hopewell Properties


While termites may not cause significant damage to your home in a matter of weeks, they will do significant damage to your home, over time. If you allow an unseen termite infestation to remain active on your property for over 18 months, you could be putting your investment at risk. That’s why it’s essential to get a professional termite inspection and ensure that your home does not currently have a problem. Once you are certain that you don’t have a problem, then you can focus on prevention. 

There may not be a great way to get rid of termites once they are on your property, but there are a few things you can do on your own to limit your chances of incurring a termite infestation: 

  • Limit moisture buildup. 
  • Replace rotting wood immediately. 
  • Maintain the lawn properly. 
  • Store firewood off the ground, away from the home. 

By doing these activities, you can help avoid an infestation, but not in a manner that can give you much assurance. Unfortunately, there are no effective forms of DIY termite prevention. At Lake Norman Home Services, our innovative pest technicians provide the kind of termite protection you need in the face of thousands of dollar's worth of damage.  

We'll start with an inspection and a quote on an eradication plan in the event of current issues. If the inspection is clean, we'll discuss our industry-leading termite prevention methods and how we can provide you with a termite-free home for good.

If you want guaranteed termite protection that you can count on when it matters most, give us a call today.

Four Solutions To Hopewell’s Rodent Problems


In a place like Hopewell, there are a variety of rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats that can plague your home and property. These pests will not only damage your property inside and outside your home with their sharp teeth and constant desire to gnaw on everything, but they’ll also spread dangerous medical risks as well. Rodents can spread bacteria around your home, leave toxic feces lying around, and even transmit the rabies virus, in certain cases. 

To protect your home and family, it’s important to practice the following rodent-prevention steps: 

  • Store food and trash properly. 
  • Clear and maintain the lawn regularly. 
  • Keep low-traffic areas clutter-free.
  • Get professional help immediately. 

Once you spot a rodent infestation, it’s important to eradicate the threat before allowing rodents time to reproduce, which they will do very rapidly within your walls. The safest and most effective way to do so is by enlisting the professional services of Lake Norman Home Services.

Call us today to get guaranteed rodent protection provided by friendly, knowledgeable service technicians.

Professional Lawn Care Services In Hopewell 

Every lawn needs something different. It all depends on specific microclimates, the types of plants and landscapes that surround your property, and the kinds of pests or fungi that occur near you. Managing all of this on your own can be a hassle, not to mention ineffective if you don’t know what you’re doing. Partnering with lawn care professionals to keep your Hopewell yard healthy is the best way to have success and save money down the road. 

At Lake Norman Home Services, we provide far more than just pest protection for local yards. We provide an array of lawn care services and maintenance programs to help ensure your yard — your first line of defense — stays thriving. 

Here’s the kind of lawn care we provide near you in Hopewell:

  • Weed control: Weeds take up space in the soil and take nutrients away from your grass and other plants. They also look ugly, which is why we work proactively to prevent weeds before they grow and quickly clamp down on species that invade your yard. 
  • Aeration: Soil and lawn aeration helps deliver water and nutrients to your plants’ roots, aiding their growth and ensuring long-term health. 
  • pH Balancing: It’s also important to keep your soil properly balanced, especially for yards that have a wide range of species of trees, bushes, and grass, which may be fickle to swings in pH levels. 

Let Lake Norman Home Services help you manage all your lawn care needs by contacting us today. 

Four Ways To Deter Fleas In Hopewell 

Biting pests like fleas can threaten people and animals alike. While they’re more prone to get inside homes that have dogs or cats, fleas can happen to any homeowner and they can migrate from one area to the next very quickly. 

It’s important to educate yourself on ways to reduce your risk, as well as why you must seek professional treatments to quickly clamp down on a flea infestation. As parasites that need just a tiny bit of blood to survive and breed, fleas can spread throughout a yard and home quickly. 

Here’s how you deter fleas in Hopewell: 

  • Landscaping: People don’t often think about fleas being outdoor pests, but when they infest our yards, they use tall grasses and overgrown shrubs to wait for humans or pets to wander by. Keeping your yard trimmed reduces this area of contact. 
  • Cover up: Wearing long sleeves and pants when you go outside can protect against biting pests, though bear in mind that fleas and ticks can cling to clothing to get carried back home with you. 
  • Careful inspection: You should check yourself and your pets before going back inside your house if you’ve been playing or hanging out outside. Use a magnifying glass and comb to check thoroughly through hair and fur, and don’t forget to check your garments, too. 
  • Treatments: Treating your yard and perimeter regularly with treatments from pest control experts ensures that pests are warded off before they can settle in. 

Proper flea control in Hopewell starts with a call to the experts at Lake Norman Home Services. We’re happy to educate customers on more ways to prevent exposure to fleas and other pests, so contact us to get started with a consultation today. 

Why Ants Love To Make Nests Around Hopewell Homes 

Some pests are attracted to human activity because they feed on people and domesticated animals. Others are drawn to human properties because of the other factors that can be found inside any home. Ants are the perfect example of pests that can happen to anyone at any time. They have powerful receptors on their antennae that allow them to detect sources of food and water no matter where they may accumulate, and their tiny size means they slip in through any crack or hole. 

These factors are why ants love to make colonies in and around Hopewell homes. To eliminate ants and the attractants that draw them in, you need ant pest control services that proactively protect you from infestations. 

Identifying Bed Bugs In Hopewell: More Difficult Than It Sounds 

It’s easy to assume you’d know if you had a pest problem, particularly one that directly impacts your well-being. But the truth about pests is that they are good at hiding, and it’s normal for modern humans to be so distracted with life that they overlook telltale signs of an infestation. 

With bed bugs, the problem is usually only obvious after the population has been living in your mattresses or furniture for several days or longer. By that point, they’ll have laid numerous eggs, and clamping down on the population with DIY methods will be a useless endeavor. 

That’s why you need to turn to Lake Norman Home Services for inspections and treatments right away if you suspect a bed bug problem. Our technicians know all the places to look for bed bugs and their eggs, going beyond just your bedding. Our proven treatments can eliminate the entire population without impacting your home life, too. 

Learn how we address bed bugs in Hopewell: contact Lake Norman Home Services today. 

Customer Reviews

    “Every tech I’ve had has been very professional and nice.”
    “Lake Norman pest control does a wonderful job all around and even explained the safety concerns I had of the products for my new baby and dog.”
    - Lauren G.
    “Always friendly and professional.”
    “Lake Norman Pest Control has always been consistent with their service quality and more than fair with pricing.”
    - Michael C.
    “I would highly recommend Lake Norman Pest Control and specifically Jake!”
    “He called me after the appointment and gave me a summary of the service and he made some additional recommendations.”
    - Leslie Z.
    “Very pleased with the service today”
    Jake promptly arrived and asked what issues we were having and quickly began applying treatment. He was professional and thorough. Very pleased with the service today.
    - Lisa C.
    “Very pleased with the service today!”
    “Jake promptly arrived and asked what issues we were having and quickly began applying treatment.”
    - Lisa C.
    “We had an unusual issue that he took extra time in order to address.”
    “Lake Norman always does a great job in communicating and shows up at their committed times.”
    - Mike C.
    “They’ve been great at coming back out!”
    “Michael has beHe and every representative we’ve worked with from this company have been very kind and good at listening to our needs. en super helpful! He's prompt, thorough, and responsive to all of our questions.”
    - Kimberly G.
    “The service was fast and affordable. I would definitely recommend.”
    “Our technician, Jake, has been very helpful. He has been on time and responsive to all my questions.”
    - Laurence P.

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