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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Huntersville, NC


In the past, bed bug infestations have become more common which is why a growing number of people are increasing their awareness about bed bugs. Most of us are not sure how to get rid of bed bugs but the good news is you can easily try to get rid of this nuisance before needing to call in a pest control company in Huntersville, NC. The first thing you need to understand is it is not easy to get rid of bed bugs because they are known to evade pesticides and are experts at hiding themselves. One option available to you is to carefully vacuum your home and clean it in order to reduce the number of bed bugs in your home. Other simple methods of getting rid of bed bugs is to use heat and cold to effectively kill them.

Helpful Tips In Exterminating Bed Bugs

  • Create A Trap

The first option you should try when you want to get rid of bed bugs is to create a trap that works like a moat. These traps can be used to isolate your bed and also to intercept them before they reach their hiding places. Since bed bugs cannot fly and are only able to crawl, you can use a trap to catch them. Other than this, make sure you pull your bed away from the walls and you also must ensure the bed linen never touches the floor. In this way, you can create an island of your bed and the trap will have a better chance of working.

  • Call In A Pest Control Company

Some people choose to call in a pest control service to help them get rid of bugs. This is an option worth using if the problem gets out of hand. Pest control services will use pyrethins and pyrethroids to kill the bed bugs. They also use silicates to destroy the waxy outer coating of bed bugs. This helps to dehydrate and kill the bed bugs.

  • Use Heat & Cold

Using heat and cold to kill bed bugs is a good idea as the results are quite satisfying. All you need to do is expose the bed bugs to high temperatures for an hour or so. This will rapidly kill of the bed bugs. Cold temperatures are also good for killing bed bugs who will only live at normal temperatures. When they are exposed to temperatures of below minus 18 degrees, they will die provided the exposure lasts for four days.

  • Spray & Powder Cracks/Crevices

Yet another solution that will help you get rid of bed bugs is to spray and powder all the cracks and crevices in your home. This option works well when you want to kill off any bed bug that was not killed with other methods. Using contact sprays is recommended as they will kill the bed bugs quickly. Be sure to spray the baseboards and under the drawers as well as on drawer slides.

  • Use Bed Bug Powder

Finally, you can also get rid of bed bugs by applying bed bug powders that should be used in confined spaces where it is not going to be stirred up into the air. Ideally, you should use the powder at the edge of your carpets and inside any deep cracks as well as inside electrical outlets.