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Termite Control Methods & Products In Huntersville, NC


Have termites infested your home? Termites are well known as silent invaders since they can damage your property and you wouldn’t know until the end. To track down a termite infestation, you will need to use professional extermination techniques. Keep in mind that professional help from local exterminators for termites will be required in case of severe infestation. Your house is your major investment and this is why it’s important to take immediate action in regard to the infestation.

Effective Steps to Avoiding Termites

Step 1: Look for Signs of Infestation

You might not see termites but common signs of infestation include holes in woodwork and destruction in the foundation of your house.

Step 2: Eliminate Moisture

Termites normally thrive in darkness. The light and heat from the sun can actually kill them. To eliminate termite activities, you will need to expose the infested wood to sunlight. You can also set cardboard traps to capture and kill them. Overgrown trees and shrubs with old stumps in your yard and poor drainage are perfect breeding grounds for termites.  In this case, you should always make sure that the garden in your yard is tidy, and dry and doesn’t allow any vegetation to grow too close to the foundation of your house.

Step 3: Use Boric Acid

The best way to kill termites is to spray Boric acid directly on the infested wood. You can also set bait stations and check regularly to see termite carcasses.

Step 4: Call Professionals For Help

If the infestation is huge, it’s best to call local exterminators for termites for help. A reliable pest control company will definitely come back to your home later on to check for new infestations and clear them.