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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

“Now I Know Who to Call Against Pests!”


Safety and time will always be the most important commodity a person should be aware of. When it comes to the health and security of your family, you don’t want to be late in giving them the full protection from different forms of harm. There are literally millions of reasons to get sick. This is one of the reasons why we establish a secure home. Indeed, it keeps out other dangers such as the weather, natural calamities, and criminals. However, it does not keep pests away that effectively especially during the winter when the first instinct of pests is to look for food, shelter, and warmth.

Pests are one of the most notorious bacteria hoarders, especially cockroaches, ants, mice, and rats. They crawl over the dirtiest places known to mankind such as sewers and drainage pipes. These pests also crawl over and feed on the carcass of other dead animals and insects, paving way for bacteria and parasites to enter their system. Apart from these creatures, we also have termites who infest houses, especially those made of wood. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why we need to prevent these pests from infesting our home.

Common Pests At Home

Firstly, mice and rats are known to be one of the most destructive pests of all time. Apart from the fact that they bring various diseases and illnesses to the family through their droppings, they can also damage the walls and floors of our home.  

Did you know that mice bring one of the deadliest diseases such as leptospirosis, salmonellosis, and the bubonic plague? Not to mention HPS also known as the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Once these illnesses are not treated immediately, it can cause death. Which is why it is important to exterminate these pests at once.

Mice & Rats

At home, mice and rats can bore holes everywhere they want to. With their number, they can infest any compartment by passing through walls. They make way for their fellow insects to come, causing more problems into our home. Mice are very dangerous when it comes to electrical wirings. No matter how much care we put on our appliances, we can count on mice to do whatever they can to pilfer everything they can get their teeth on, including our ceilings. They are very athletic and flexible creatures. Mice can reach even the highest portions of our home. They can gnaw on the insulators, damaging the appliances, even the wirings on our ceiling.  

When this happens, it can cause fire and endanger us including our family. Exterminating mice can be very difficult because they are cunning and fast creatures. The only come out when everybody’s asleep, and they’re ready to look for food. Small as these pests are, they have a ravenous appetite. They are known for their unending chewing, especially at night. To avoid getting any more danger from mice, it is best to ask for help from professionals.


Most wooden houses are prone to termite infestation which is why it is important to check the structures every now and then. Termites are very dangerous insects. They can literally wipe a home from the inside out. They are known as one of the world’s best demolishers. With just one sight of your home, they eventually assess its weakest points. And then, they start to work from there. Termites work in colonies and are highly intellectual insects. From the moment they see and feel the structure of a house, they find out exactly what its weaknesses are.

The reason why termites target homes are moist from underneath our structures. In order for their colony to survive, they need the warmth and food which they can find on the base of our home. There is a danger with having termites. You will never know the damage until it has already been done. Termites are very quick in reproduction. With their number, who knows how long before they can eradicate the foundation of your home for good? The worst part is, if we are unaware of their activities and lifestyle, we will never know they exist beneath us until everything has been damaged. This is the reason why termites are called the silent destroyers. They can maintain an illusion that everything is okay inside your house even when it’s not.


Another common pest is the cockroach. Considering that cockroaches are one of the most disgusting creatures of this planet, their infestation can bring a great peril into the home.  Most of us know that cockroaches usually live under the sewers and drainage pipes. They prey on dirty objects and carcasses of other insects or animals. As you observe, cockroaches do not have any regard for personal space. They infest wherever and whenever they may please. The worst part is, they crawl over our belongings, most of which are used for cooking and eating.

You can see how this can affect our health as humans. Accidentally ingesting the droppings of cockroach can be very detrimental to the health, especially for children who have a sensitive stomach. Which is why as much as possible, we need to get rid of cockroaches inside the house.  But why is it that despite all of your efforts to get rid of it, they just keep coming back?  Simply put, cockroaches are very attracted to moist. They infest homes to ward off the cold and survive the winter season.  

This may come as a shock, but cockroaches are not as attracted to food than they are with water. They can survive for months without solid food, but cannot survive days without water.  Which is why we observe cockroaches under the sink or in the bathroom. Taking off their heads, and flushing them down the toilet is just not good.  Cockroaches can live headless for days. Imagine how much more bacteria they can spread in that duration. These creatures are very durable because they can hold their breath for at least 30 minutes. Flushing them down the drain will only bring them back to where they came from.  They will only come back for more.

Why DIY’s Don’t Cut It

Of course, searching “How to get rid of pests” from Google is an easy and cheap way to gather ideas on how to get rid of pest infestation at home. But there is a danger in putting things under your control, especially when you are unaware of pests and pest activity. When you have no idea how to deal with pests at all, you can bring more danger to your home than you anticipated. Plus, when you try to use chemicals against pests, how sure are you that the residues are safe for human, animal, and plant contact?

You are going to need somebody who can take care of the pest problem with you without a sweat. Hiring a pest control service provider will give you the assurance that their methods are effective in getting rid of all pest activity in your home. Plus, they are fully aware of their actions and hiding spots at home. So, they know exactly where to hit them where it hurts the most.

The Best Pest Control Service

To look for the best pest control service in Mooresville, NC, you need to consider several factors, namely, skill, knowledge, price, methodology, and professionalism. Which is why we are proud to introduce Lake Norman Home Services. From skills to knowledge, to safe methods, we offer you the best service possible. The dedication of our exterminators is priceless. They pride themselves in their never-ending search for knowledge and training for their line of work. Our experts are proud to present human-friendly and botanical-friendly means of extermination.  

You won’t have to worry about any residue. We will make sure that your family, pets, and plants remain safe from any toxic chemicals. At Lake Norman pest control, we are known for our professionalism. Our staff and exterminators are keen listeners. They are willing to explain everything you need to know about the service and procedures without deceit is treachery.

If you are in North Carolina, you are lucky to have the best pest control company in Mooresville, NC who has it all for you. Lake Norman Home Services has been found way back in the 1900s by Sam and Fran Newman. Ever since the company has been providing high-quality service for more than 50 years and continues to dedicate themselves to excellence. In our humble company, you can experience top-notch action from our exterminators, using proven and tested methods for pest control.

Lake Norman Home Services prides themselves in upholding the safety of their customers. Lake Norman Home Services offers a basic service plan that covers the interior and exterior of your home. We exterminate most insects including mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice, and rats. You name it! Lake Norman Home Services will kill multiple pests in a blink of an eye. No more spiders to ruin your day. No more worries about creepy crawlies. This will aid your family members with arachnophobia to function properly at home. They no longer have to worry about the existence of their fear for Lake Norman Home Services will deal with each and every one of it. You would be crazy to go anywhere else!