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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

The Pest Control Company That Saves Lives


In my early twenties, every time people told me to call for pest control services in Mooresville, NC, I was very skeptic. I always thought that it was a waste of time and money. I would rather employ do-it-yourself procedures to get rid of pests and unwanted insects at home. See, for me, it was pretty common to see insects such as cockroaches, ants, mice, and rats.  

We had pests all the time, especially at night. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night to grab some midnight snack, I would find cockroaches and mice infesting the kitchen. But it was okay for me at first. It had always been that way ever since I was a child and I never got sick. Until one instance changed my whole belief of insects infesting my home.

The Need For A Pest-Free Environment

When my mother had our third sibling, we still disregarded the danger of pests inside our home. It did not matter to us whether cockroaches infest the kitchen because we knew we always sanitize our utensils before use. However, the time came when time got a little constricted. My mother started to work and I started fourth-year college. We did not have much time to sanitize everything before we cook or eat. We started to neglect the health of our baby at home. Because of this, our little baby got severely sick. And deep inside, we knew it was the bacteria brought by pests.

It was then when we started to realize the need for a pest-free home. We needed a safe environment where we can store our properties without worrying about any form of pests. We wanted to build a home for our little boy where he can explore without worrying about any cockroaches, mice, ants, or other pests that can compromise his safety. Of course, as he grows up, my mother also wanted to build a safe backyard where he can play any time he wants without any doubts or worry that he will ever get sick.

The Best Pest Control Service In North Carolina

We searched far and wide for a competent pest control service to help us get rid of pest and insects inside and outside our home. But for many months, exterminators have come and gone, eliminating only the shallow causes of pest infestation. One morning, we saw an advertisement about a local pest company in Mooresville, NC called Lake Norman Home Services. The ad said that they got extremely skillful exterminators. And so, my mom and I decided to give them a try. To our surprise, they were different than any other pest company in North Carolina.

With our experience, it is safe to say that Lake Norman Home Services saved our lives. I am sharing this story to you to find the best pest control service in North Carolina and experience no regret at all. At Lake Norman Home Services, they offer a basic service plan that covers the exterior and interior of your home exterminating all kinds of pests at a very affordable price. I dare say, Lake Norman Home Services is totally worth it. You can literally get the pest-free life you deserve. All it takes is one quick call.