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As a responsible homeowner and parent, it is your utmost duty to provide a safe environment for your children and to your whole family. However, this is not merely providing shelter to your loved ones, it means maintaining safety and security at all times. There are uncontrolled factors that can compromise the health of our family members such as house pests. There are many different reasons why families need protection from pests. Apart from the fact that they can bring diseases to our family, they can also cause damage to our home. These will where local pest exterminators in Mooresville NC would need you. I want you to look at various examples of pest infestation and how it affects the family.  Let us start by discussing the most common pests at home.


First and foremost, the ant is one of the common pests that infest our home. Most people might disagree that ants can bring a nuisance to the family. But when your house starts to get infested with these tiny creatures, you will realize how much danger they can pose to our families. Ants work in colonies and are considered as a social insect. They aim to protect their queen and their young for more manpower. Each ant has a role in their colony. Some are caretakers, some are soldiers, some are harvesters of food. Whenever we see one or two ants roaming around the house, we dare say, they are looking for food to eat or a safe environment to introduce to their queen.

Ants love to travel so much. This associates danger into their part. We can never know where they have been, what food they have been eating, and which places they have come searching on. From these places, they might have hoarded bacteria and parasites into their body, and they carry them around wherever they go. Ants can spread thousands of bacteria to our home, compromising the health of our family, especially our children who have a weaker immune system than adults. Some ants can be pretty wild. There are species that can destroy food packaging and spoil our stored food. There are also aggressive species. When threatened or aggravated, they start to retaliate and bite their oppressors. Children can be very curious about things they do not understand. Who is to say that an ant bite will not pinch their skin and might cause infection or fever?


Another common pest is the cockroach. This is the most disgusting pest yet. They have no regard for hygiene and no respect for personal space. Did you know? At its very fast speed, a single cockroach can spread thousands of bacteria. One egg, also known as an ootheca can contain fifty to one hundred baby cockroaches in one sitting. Imagine how much bacteria they can spread as the baby cockroaches start to crawl!


One of my most abhorred pests is the mouse. This is one of the most notorious disease-harboring and destructive creatures.  The droppings of mice are very dangerous, especially to children. It can cause amoebiasis and salmonellosis among many others.  We can observe the fact that these pests are way too flexible and fast despite their size. They can reach even the highest of compartments, including our ceilings. They can gnaw on anything they get their teeth on including electrical wirings and appliances that can lead to a home fire.


One of the most destructive pests is the termite. Most wooden houses are prone to termite infestation which is why it is important to check the structures every now and then. Termites are very dangerous insects, they can literally wipe a home from the inside out. They are the best demolishers. With just one sight of your home, they eventually assess its weakest points. And then, they start to work from there.

Termites are very quick in reproduction. With their number, who knows how long before they can eradicate the foundation of your home for good? The worst part is, if we are unaware of their activities and lifestyle, we will never know they exist beneath us until everything has been damaged. This is the reason why termites are called the silent destroyers. They can maintain an illusion that everything is okay inside your house even when it’s not.


Mosquitoes are also known as one of the most common pests of all time. These creatures are recorded by the CCDC as one of the leading causes of illnesses and death in the whole world. In the most recent census from the World Health Organization, mosquitoes cause the death of 1,000,000 people every year due to Dengue, Malaria, Zika fever, Arbovirus, Filariasis and so much more. There are literally thousands of species of mosquitoes. As non-experts, it would be difficult to spot whether or not the mosquito brings diseases or not.

Also, if you are a pet lover, you might want to watch out for these next pests. There are many things that compromise the health and safety of our pets. Be it a dog or a cat, it is our duty as responsible pet owners to keep them safe and to give them their needs. Two of the most common factors that compromise the safety of our pets are ticks and fleas. Ticks are from the family of spiders or arachnids hence the formation of their body and their legs. They look like tiny spiders except they prey on the blood of our pets. They become round and bloated when they get a sufficient amount of blood in time for their maturity.


Fleas, on the other hand, are smaller than ticks. These creatures are very athletic because they are agile and speed, making it impossible for us humans to catch them. These two pests are notorious hiders. They can hide from the naked eye almost anywhere. Some can be found nesting on crevices, wall cracks, and corners. While some can right under our noses. For all, we know they might be hiding under the sheets of our bed, our pillowcases, our clothing compartments and other places where they can keep warm. They are more fragile than ticks. Therefore, they are easier to kill. Some suggest soap suds from dishwashing liquids can kill them during our pet’s bath.  

These pests can pose a great danger not only to our pets but also to us humans. Did you know that ticks and fleas can cause anemia and skin infection to our pets? If left untreated, it can cause paleness, inactivity, loss of appetite, and extreme discomfort. There have been those reported to die because of tick and flea infestation. As for humans, ticks are known to be notorious hoarders of parasites. They travel from one animal to another, picking up more parasites as they move along. When these pests get in contact with our skin, we are prone to catch the diseases brought by those parasites.

What To Look For In A Pest Control Service

Ask for help from an expert spider exterminator that offers these five criteria: knowledge, skill, safety methodology, and price. The knowledge of the exterminators is the very most important criteria for pest control. They must be highly equipped with the needed information in their line of work. They must have the unending need to update their data and the references towards a more innovative method of pest control since it is a part of their scientific and public obligations.

The second factor gives it to consider is the skill or expertise in carrying out procedures. They must be highly trained to handle tools, chemicals, and other treatments for pest control or else, they might cause more damage to your home. You must also consider the safety of the chemicals used for extermination. What if the residues are harmful to our pets, plants, especially our family members?

Lastly, as a homeowner with various financial obligations, you need to consider the price of the service. Be careful of service providers who claim that their services are cheap and affordable. But in the end, they will start to charge you more fees for other necessary treatments employed during the extermination process.

The Best Pest Control Service

The local pest expert in Mooresville, NC is Lake Norman Home Services. Founded by Sam and Fran Newman, we have been providing top-notch quality all over North Carolina for 50 years. Experience well-trained professionals at work in solving your problems at home. Our exterminators never cease to update their knowledge and skill about pest control. We dedicate ourselves to be the best. And so, the service we give will be the best. At Lake Norman Home Services, we got it all for you! If you are hesitant because of the treatment, not to worry, we pride ourselves in botanical and human-friendly means of pest control.

Lake Norman Home Services offers a basic service plan that covers your entire home. We eliminate most kinds of insects. You will literally be killing multiple pests with one stone. Dedicated for excellence, we provide all necessary treatments without additional charge. For as low as $30 per month, you can have the pest-free life you deserve. We care about your health. What do you say if we help each other make homes safer and more comfortable for you and your family?  Wherever you are in North Carolina, never hesitate to call Lake Norman Home Services. They have everything you need to save lives and to give smiles!