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30 Surprising Facts About Rats


Rats are one of the most common winter pests in households. Just like most pests, rats cannot survive the cold weather outdoors. For this reason, they look for shelter, preferably packed with food and moist so they can survive.

This pest is one of our common enemies at home. Whenever we think about rats, the first things most of us think are the proper ways to eliminate them. But before we do, we need to learn information about our pesky enemies to know which methods are effective against them.  Without further ado here are some of the most surprising facts about rats: 

  1. Set a schedule to inspect the whole house for any holes, fissures, and cracks. I’m sure you can easily observe even small holes. Some people easily ignore these tiny holes. Little do they know that an adult rat can effortlessly squeeze its body through openings as small as a quarter.
  2. Did you know that rats can live for up to 18 months? But most of them die before they reach 1 year old. This could be due to the harmful environment. 
  3. Some people think that rats can only gnaw on light objects such as plywood, clothing, ad other materials. But a rat’s teeth are much stronger than that. Rats can gnaw on objects such as glass, cinderblock, wire, aluminum, and lead. So, do not underestimate these creatures even when your house is made of cement. They will always find their way in. 
  4. Just like human beings, rats use their sense of smell, taste, touch, and sound to help them get what they want. 
  5. I’m sure that most of you are aware of the Black Death which happened in the 14th century. This plague took the lives of millions of people. The Bubonic Plague is caused by rats. It spread from one place to another due to continuous migration and urbanization. 
  6. Rats are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth. These creatures are more intellectual than hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, and even rabbits. 
  7. Their tails can be pretty hot. Rats use their tails as a cooling system during the hot weather. For this reason, rats cannot live without it. A rat’s tail is the reason that rats do not sweat. They can generate their own cooling system to balance their temperature in any weather. 
  8. They are the only pests that have a good memory. No matter where they go, they will always remember where they come from. 
  9. Rats have good navigational skills. That’s right! One look at your house and they know the nooks and crannies. They instantly know where to run and hide in case they get into trouble.

Rats Are One Of The Most Intelligent Pets

  1. Did you know that a group of rats is called mischief?
  2. We know camels for their amazing way to tolerate thirst. However, there is one creature that can do this better than camels. You guessed right! Rats can out-camel camels. They can go for a longer period of time without drinking water. 
  3. Did you know that rats have belly buttons? 
  4. Rats can laugh too. Even when we cannot see it, they laugh when they are happily playing with their friends or when they found something to eat. 
  5. Rats are ticklish. This sounds too cute even for rats. Bu one of the reasons they laugh is when they tickle each other. I wonder which body part is the most ticklish for them. 
  6. Rats are not Lactose Intolerant. On the contrary to popular belief that rats cannot eat powdered milk or drink milk, they can too. In fact, rats can eat almost anything they want as long as it does not contain poison. 
  7. Rats can fart too. We cannot smell it because it easily gets dissolved in the air but they can fart just like humans. 
  8. The common brown rat (Rattusnorvegicus), and its Asian cousin, the black rat (Rattus Rattus) are the only species with a worldwide distribution due to their acrobatic ability to hitchhike on boats. Sadly, this is also one of the reasons why rat diseases can easily spread from one country to another. 
  9. I’m sure most of you know Jack Black, the rat catcher in the 19th century for Queen Victoria. Historians noted that Jack Black found several color variations of the brown rat. He was also able to domesticate those he caught. Due to the shocking intelligence of rats, he was able to train them to do various tricks. But here’s the best part, history has it that the eager owners of the pet rats included the Queen herself, including Beatrix Potter.
  10. Did you know that a rat’s teeth never stop growing? A Rat’s front teeth can grow about 4½ to 5½ inches each year. This is the reason why rats continuously gnaw on hard objects. They have the unending need to stimulate the growth of their front teeth.
  11. Another shocking fact: The female rat can mate as many as 500 times within 6 hours! This explains how fast rats can reproduce. In a lifetime, a female rat can spawn more than 15,000 descendants. Considering the fact that they can mate every other 2 to 3 months, female rats are like an unending water slide for baby rats. 
  12. Rats can swim! These creatures can tread on water for three days or more without needing to latch on to something solid. Some people like flushing rats down the toilet. But this method almost never works. It will only lead them back to the sewers. They can eventually find their way back into your home. 
  13. There are rats that can live in forests and swamps. Not every rat lives close to human-inhabited places. Some species actually prefer to live as far away from humans as possible. Sadly, these species are slowly disappearing. They may even be close to extinction. 
  14. There is a Hindu temple dedicated to the rat goddess Karni Mata in India that houses more than 20,000 rats. This may come as a shock but this is one of the most significant temples in India. In fact, many people travel far just so they can pay their respects to the rats. Indians believe that these rats are reincarnations of Karni Mata and her clansmen.
  15. Another shocking fact about rats is their need to eat their own feces. It is not just about survival due to food scarcity. Rats eat their feces because of its nutritional value. Apparently, rat feces can be as nutritious to them as eating fruits and vegetables.  
  16. We all know that rats eat almost anything, particularly human foods. Rats are found to be lovers of cheese, macaroni, and other starchy foods. However, this habit affects them differently. In a recent study, researchers from the National Institutes of Health found out that decreasing the caloric intake of rats can extend their lifespan. So, if you want to get rid of them, feed them as much as you can. Let them live their lives to the fullest so they can go happily.
  17. In June 2006, there was an incident in Petaluma, California where Roger Dier’s bedroom was overrun with more than 1000 rats. The uncontrollable reproduction of these rats started when Dier started housing some to feed his pet python. 
  18. Did you know that a rat can fall as far as 50 feet and land uninjured? Because of their flexible structure, their bones allow them to be as light as a feather when they land. It allows them to be acrobatic – more acrobatic than human beings. 
  19. Some people think that the word “Drats" is associated with rats. Actually, it has nothing to do with the species. Drat is only a short term for "od rat” which is a euphemism for "God rot.” 
  20. What year were you born in? According to Chinese astrology, if you were born in 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, or 1996, then you're a rat but in a good way. People born on the Year of the Rat is known to be quick-witted, and resourceful. 
  21. Did you know that you can get rabies from a rat? Although this only happens on rare occasions, it is best to be careful. You might not get rabies but you may acquire rat-bite fever which could be much worse 

Scientists have proven that rats are very special creatures. However, no matter how intelligent or cunning they are, they will always be pests. They will always cause damage to our property. For this reason, it is important to prevent rats from infesting your home.

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