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How To Keep Your Home Pest-Free This Coming Spring

An image of damages caused by rodents to a house

The season of spring comes after the cold winter weather. It is the time new beginnings unfold and where all things bloom. Animals begin to awaken from their hibernation and pests will soon begin their infestation.

Keep Pests Out Effectively

Pests are problems that come all season. From cockroaches down to mosquitoes, these pests will visit your home, decide to stay, cause an infestation, and leave damage. Because of this, homeowners are left devastated as they have to clean up the mess, hire people that get rid of bugs in my yard, and spend on repairs and renovations. With this, having pests, especially during spring can be a headache.

Spring season comes right after the time pests are low on their activities so when the time comes for them to awaken and get out, they will now begin to infest again. Pests will now start to reproduce which will help in continuing their population. Also, they will look for new places to infest and your home can be their target.

Before the winter season ends, you have to do some pest prevention so that your spring will be free from pests. However, you are not sure about when or how you will begin the preventive measures. No need to worry now because we are here to help you welcome your spring without pests successfully!

Check these out!

Do Repairs & Block Entry Points

One way pests come inside your home is because of the entry points they find in your place. Since spring is the time when pests will be more active since the weather is good for them, they will indeed look for entrances in your home which will allow them to enter your place effortlessly.

If you want to avoid this from happening, make sure that after winter, repair and block entry points. You have to check the screens in your place as tiny pests can get through it or pests may have ruined it. You should not only focus on screens in your homes but on cracks, gaps, and holes as well. We know that pests can fit on all sizes of holes found in your walls, doors, windows, and more.

If you leave these open, they will keep on entering and might never come out as they will treat your house as their home. Make sure to block entry points and repair them if damages are present so that pests will not have the chance to come. Better yet, let a pest exterminator in Statesville do the work for you.

Maintain Cleanliness as Always

Pests are in love with dirt and if your home is filthy after winter, expect that pests will swarm into your home. You don’t want it to happen to your home, right?

So, to avoid pest infestations during spring or even before, you should always maintain the cleanliness of your house. Keeping your home clean doesn’t guarantee that pests will be killed but it can help in lessening the appearance and presence of your enemy. If you leave food crumbs, spills, and more, you are attracting pests to come. To prevent this from happening, hire a pest exterminator in Statesville to get rid of the pests.

But, if you are saving money in the meantime, cleaning can do. You have to mop and sweep the floors to remove food crumbs and residues scattered. Don’t forget to wipe tables and countertops as it can also be a place for pests to forage for food. Make sure that dirty dishes are washed after every meal because leaving filthy dishes unwashed can attract pests. 

Organize Your Home

Letting clutter be present in your home is a big mistake because it can be an attractant to pests. The piles of magazines, papers, newspapers, and more can be a hiding place for pests.

If you don’t remove the mess, pests will surely come and will never decide to evacuate. Also, if cardboard boxes are around and at the mess, better remove it as these boxes can be a nesting place for pests. Cardboard boxes contain cellulite which termites like and if you don’t remove them, the pest can come anytime as it is food for them.

Don’t only declutter, clean your home after removing all the mess to keep pests away. But, if you don’t have time to do preventive measures before and during spring, calling a pest exterminator in Statesville is the best answer. 

Fix Water Leaks

Water is a necessity for humans and animals as it helps everyone to survive. Humans don’t only need water, pests do as well. Moisture allows them to survive in their lifespan so without it, they can die. Because of their need, they look for moist areas and your home caters it to them. Your kitchen, bathroom, and yard are areas where moisture can build up.

During spring, pests will look for places where moisture is present especially mosquitoes as they need a place to breed and lay eggs. If moist areas are present, rest assured that pests will come and live in your place

So, to avoid this, better fix water leaks in your place. Water leaks can lure pests to come inside and if you deprive them, they cannot survive long. Cockroaches can live headless for a week and without food but if they can’t drink, they will die after a few days. Don’t only fix water leaks, better check possible areas where moisture can happen and immediately keep it dry so that pests will not come. If you can’t do the pest control on your own, no worries, a pest exterminator in Statesville is ready to help you anytime.

Don’t Forget To Inspect

We know pests can be sneaky and when spring comes, they will definitely come inside your home without your idea. For you to get rid of pests during spring, make sure to do an inspection.

Checking your home is a good start to a pest-free spring because you will know what pests are infesting your home and will have an idea of the damages and severity caused by the vermin you have. Also, inspecting will let you know if there are areas or things you need to fix.

The more you inspect your home, the better findings you will have and it will be easier for you to explain to a pest exterminator in Statesville the situation of your property once you decide to hire one.

Use Pest Repellents

If you want to have a pest-free spring, you better start using pest repellents for your home. Pests are becoming problematic because they can cause damage to the extent that you can lose your home gradually. If you don’t keep an eye on pests pestering your home, it will be your loss because you will be the one to suffer in the end.

To prevent pests from coming back and forth, better deter them. There are pest repellents you can use like diatomaceous earth which is famous for everyone. The powder can eliminate pests as it will remove all the fluids on pests and eventually will die of dehydration. The more you use diatomaceous earth, the better results you will get.

Aside from DE, you can have plants as a repellant. There are plants that pests hate because of the smell. Also, essential oils are great pest repellents because its pungent smell can drive pests out. You don’t only make your home pest-free with essential oils, you are making it fresh as well. If you can’t find the pest repellent you want.

Let a pest exterminator in Statesville do the job for you.

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