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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

Termite Exterminator Near Lake Norman, North Carolina


In the course of mankind, termites have destroyed hundreds of thousands of houses all over the world. In the United States alone, termites cause a total of more than $5 billion in property damage per year. With their large number, there is no doubt they can easily tear down a big structure.

The "Silent Destroyers" 

Termites are also known as the "silent destroyers". You never know they exist in your home until they are finished with it. Did you know that a termite colony contains about 60,000 to 21 million of their kind? Imagine how fast these termites can gnaw from the inside out. These creatures are cunning insects.

By just looking at a structure, they will know the weakest part of the building and destroy it from there. If you are wondering what attracts termites into your home, termites are very addicted to moisture. Just like cockroaches, they prefer to establish their habitat in undisturbed places. Most likely, they build their colony under the foundation on which your house is built.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

Experts have figured out the signs of having a termite infestation. If you see swarmers or flying termites, hollow timbers, wood tunnels, and termite droppings, you might have a problem. It is important to seek professional help immediately. These pests will cause a plague to your home and to your family. Never take it for granted. If you are in somewhere near Lake Norman, North Carolina, your prayers are answered. We have a pest control company that will take all your pest problems away.

Lake Norman Home Services 

Introducing, Lake Norman Home Services, providing high-quality service all over North Carolina for more than 50 years. Experience well-trained and highly proficient exterminators to get the job done. For as low as $30 per month, you can have a pest-free life. Lake Norman Home Services provides a Basic Plan that covers the entire home.

Literally, exterminate all crawling pests with one product! Get $200 off from the termite control service! This is by far the most popular plan at Lake Norman Home Services. With the Elite Service Plan, you can have $200 off + 10% Off Termite Control. For only $50 per month, you can save more and get rid of all crawling, flying, and stinging insects! If you have pets and a garden, this one is for you! For as low as $95 per month, bid literally all insects goodbye.

Service Plans

At Lake Norman Home Services, we use proven and tested methods for pest control. So, if you have pets and plants. Not to worry! Our treatments are strictly environmentally friendly. With My Elite Plus, get $200 off + 20% off for termite control. What are you waiting for? Avail of our services now! Rated by customers as "professional, personable, and polite".

Lake Norman Home Services has everything you need for a pest-free life. Lake Norman Home Services is located at 552 Williamson Road, Mooresville, North Carolina. Open from Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. What are you waiting for? Your happy and peaceful life awaits you at Lake Norman Home Services.