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Top 8 Most Dangerous Ants Of All Time


Ants are often portrayed as very sociable insects. In storybooks and fables, ants are always described as responsible, reliable, and industrious. It is probably the only insect we teach our children to imitate. Ants truly are very responsible creatures. They do as they are told to keep the colony alive at all costs. They put an effort to keep the nest strong. Ants do everything they can to provide for their queen and its offspring. And they put their best foot forward to look for food and other potential shelters.

The common ants we see at home seem to work at peace. Once they get the job done, they leave. They do not even put up a fight every time we mess with their cycle or their path. I admit, when I was younger, I always wanted to put a stop to their unending line. I would just put a small rock in the middle and watch as they squabble and lose track of their goal. Eventually, I’d feel guilty and let them carry on with their lives.

Other people play pretend with ants as their pets. I used to do this too. However, I found out a certain fact that made me feel guilty about playing with them at a very young age. As we all know, ants secrete pheromones, some sort of odor that they use for communication. According to entomologists, insects secrete different kinds of smells. They use it to call for help, to call for assistance, to signal the colony for potential food and shelter, and to signal the colony if someone dies.

Did you know that an ant is as good as dead to the colony if he possesses that certain smell? They could secrete this out of anxiety, distress, and fear. Knowing this fact made me reflect on my actions and ask myself if the ants I played with before were able to go back to their colonies. Or were they ignored and cast away for good?

As much as some people want to play with these tiny creatures, you must take precautions. Most of you think that you can play with any ant species. Little do you know that there are kinds of ants that could be as lethal as a snake or a scorpion.

  1. The Bulldog Ant - This is recorded by scientists as the most dangerous ant in the whole world. Commonly found in Australia, this ant is the most aggressive species of all. The bulldog ant can use its stinger and its jaw aggressively at the same time. Plus, it injects venom that can kill a fully grown man within 15 minutes.
  2. Siafu Ant - Also known as the army ant, this creature is common in Eastern and Central Africa. This is one of the insects that can literally destroy everything in their path. Unlike most ant species, the Siafu ants do not build their nests. They are considered as nomads - they live from one place to the other depending on the abundance of the food source. Once they have eradicated all potential food sources, they move on to the next place, devouring anything in their path. They have their strength in numbers. So, they can attack and swarm an animal that is a thousand times more than their size. Their painful and sharp stings and bites will leave an animal helpless. Unable to fight on his own, he starts to lose his strength and give in to the swarm.
  3. Fire Ant - Just like most insects, fire ants become aggressive when they are provoked. One unique feature of this ant is they can secrete a pheromone that makes more ants attack the predator. The fire ant has a very painful sting. It will cause swelling, redness, and puss. There are cases where people develop allergic reactions from the fire ant bite. Therefore, causing anaphylactic shock. If you are bitten by this kind of ant, better consult your doctor immediately.
  4. Bullet Ant - This is recorded by scientists as the ant with the most painful bite. From the name itself, the bite from the Bullet ant is as painful as being shot by a gun. This is typically found in South America and is known as the 24-hour ant. According to experts, you can feel the pain of the bite for more or less 24 hours before it gradually oozes out I can only imagine how dreadful the situation could be if I get bitten by this ant. Personally, I would rather faint than endure the 24 hours of pain.
  5. Florida Harvester Ant - This species is normally found in Central, South, and North America. These ants are one of the deadliest insects reported to mankind. The Florida Harvester Ant carries a type of venom as deadly as that of the Cobras. This type of venom can kill small insects, and it could be very lethal to human beings as well. These creatures often appear as docile and harmless ants. They are usually seen carrying food and small seeds for their colony. As laypersons, it would be lethal for us to think that this is as peaceful as the common ant. Once provoked, we could die trying to befriend one of the most lethal enemies of man.
  6. Bullhorn Acacia Ant - This creature is characterized by having wasp-like structures. But do not be fooled of its size. Its sting is as painful as that of the wasp. They inject venom into the skin that causes a burning sensation. In some cases, the venom from the Bullhorn Acacia Ant can cause anaphylactic shock, especially when ignored and left untreated. However, the venom of this creature is not all bad. It has its own benefits to humans as well. Did you know that scientists cultivate their venom and turn it into anti-depressants and asthma maintenance?
  7. Green Tree Ant - This is common in Australia and Tropical Asia. Also known as a weaver, this species is called the green tree ant because you can find the nests on trees and leaves. They can stitch their nests together and form a colony - one could contain at least half a million green tree ants. Although they do not have any stingers, they are known to be aggressive biters, especially when provoked. Their bite causes a piercing sensation on the skin. However, just like the Bullhorn ant, it has its own medicinal advantages as well. Scientists cultivate these ants to treat stomach aches and fertility problems.
  8. Jack Jumper Ant - This ant species looks like a small scorpion and is as lethal as one. Reports showed that there were at least 4 people who were killed due to its bite in 1980. However, further research and investigations conclude that it was not only the bite that caused the deaths. It could be due to shock, heart attack, and severe inflammation and irritation. Scientists have discovered that the bite from the Jack Jumper Ant can weaken the immune system. Therefore, a person is prone to having more than one illness that could lead to death.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

There are more than 12,500 ant species recorded as of this moment. The facts above show that these creatures, no matter how tiny they are, must not be underestimated. If you do not want to face an untimely death, it is best to get acquainted with the ant species you must avoid. Also, to keep your family safe from any potential threat, it is best to take the necessary precautions to prevent them from entering your home.

As we all know, the first instinct of ants is to forage. To prevent infestation, avoid giving them a reason to enter your house. Cleanliness is the number one key to keeping ants from entering your home. It also pays off to check the whole perimeter of your house from time to time. Block any passageways that insects can use to invade your home. Experts also suggest keeping your garbage bins away from your house properly. Store it in the farthest corner of your home to keep any kind of insect from coming in.

Call For Professional Help

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