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Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering Your Home


Our family is the most important beings in our lives. Because of this, it is our utmost responsibility to fend for their needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and safety. We do our best to make ends meet every day. We put our best foot forward to provide what the family deserves. Fortunately, most of us can provide such needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. But only a few of us can actually provide safety. Like busy bees, we cannot monitor our family 24 hours a day. Accidents and criminalities can happen anytime. We rely on CCTV cameras, police officers, and other law-enforcing authorities to avert these situations. However, there are dangers to the family not even the most expensive camera can record.

What if I tell you that there is a threat to your family every day? I am not talking about burglars nor thieves. I am talking about the most proficient silent predators from within our houses. Pests are unwanted insects that cause a nuisance to the family. They either wreak havoc in our house, bring diseases to the family, or both. There are various types of pests that can infest our house. This includes ants, cockroaches, mice, and rats. For this segment, I will be discussing one of the most silent yet dangerous winter pests of all time–the bed bug.

An Overview Of Bed Bugs

According to entomologists, bed bugs are the least noticeable pests of all kind. Historians report that bed bugs were not discovered until World War II. Back then, the occurrence of bed bugs was rampant across the United States. But after the 1950s, bed bugs miraculously vanished–or so they thought.

People lacked awareness about bed bugs and their possible effects on human beings. They did not disappear for one decade. The bed bugs hid to recuperate and reproduce. In 1960, bed bugs had a dramatic comeback. They started to appear numerously among hotels, households, restaurants, and other establishments. Bed bugs were even spotted among public and private vehicles such as buses, cars, taxi’s, and trains. Until now, bed bugs are everywhere, but they are nowhere to be seen. This is the reason why they are called silent predators.

Bed bugs are characterized as small, brownish, and flattened insect. It looks like the common tick, the ones we see on our dogs or cats. Just like the tick, the bed bug feeds on the blood of animals and human beings. The adult bed bug can grow up to 3/16 inches. It is reddish-brown in color, with an oval-shaped and flattened body. The immature bed bugs called nymphs look like adults. However, they are much smaller and lighter in color.

These creatures do not fly nor jump like fleas. But they can crawl very fast on the surface. Bed bugs can reproduce quickly. Did you know that an adult female bed bug lays at least 2 eggs in a day? In her lifetime, she can lay up to a hundred eggs. A bed bug’s egg looks like a dust particle. It is almost impossible to spot. As non-experts, we sense no harm among these eggs because to our naked eye, it only looks like a harmless particle. Little do we know that it will grow up to be a bed bug and feed on us while we sleep.

Lifestyle & Feeding Habits

Just like other insects, bed bugs molt. Their species can molt about five times before reaching maturity. After every molt, they need blood to fuel their energy and to thicken their shell or skin. Bed bugs can only live in temperatures ranging from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If they are exposed to a colder or warmer temperature, they have fewer chances for survival.

These creatures are nocturnal. They prefer to feed on their victims at night while they are sound asleep. During the day, they hide in crevices, cracks, and holes. Their tiny and flat bodies allow them to squeeze into these compartments so they can hide. Their color allows them to hide on mattresses, cushions, covers, pillows, chairs, and other dark compartments. Bed bugs mastered the art of camouflage over the years.

We, humans, prefer purchasing dark-colored materials to cover our cushions, couches, and beds. We seldom buy light-colored materials because we’re afraid that we might stain the whites of our furniture. Bed bugs take advantage of this preference. They can hide right under our noses and they never get noticed.

Bed bugs feed on humans and animals using an elongated beak to suck blood. Unlike mosquitoes, bed bugs take their time to fill their empty stomach. It usually takes them at least 3 minutes to feed. Sometimes, it can even last up to 30 minutes, depending on several factors such as the texture of the human skin, the room temperature, the size of the bed bug, and the accessibility of the blood. There are human beings with a thicker epidermis. It makes it harder for bed bugs to look for a specific point where they can suck blood easily.

The worst part is, when bed bugs feed on us, we barely feel a thing. Their saliva serves as an anesthetic when it gets in contact with the skin. It causes the reddish color of the bite which makes it look like a mosquito bite. Most people never suspect a bed bug infestation in their homes unless the signs become so severe.

We must always prevent the occurrence of bed bugs in the household. If it goes unnoticed, our family and pets might suffer various forms of skin irritation and allergies. Experts have proven that uncontrolled bed bug infestation can cause anemia, especially among children. A bed bug is a notorious parasite and bacteria hoarder. You need to remember that you are not its first victim. If a bed bug came from outside, chances are, it might have picked up a couple of parasites and bacteria from its previous conquests. The bed bug transfers it to us when it gets the chance.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs

Little as they are, they are one of the most lethal pests of all time. Which is why it is important to prevent bed bugs from entering the home at all costs. Here are some tips to remember to keep bed bugs away.

  1. One of the main entryways of bed bugs is through our power outlets. You can purchase outlet covers in department stores and hardware stores. If you want, use electric tape to save time and money.
  2. Bed bugs can cling onto our luggage when we travel. We can catch bed bugs wherever we go–from the car ride to the movies and restaurants, you name it! We might be bringing home bed bugs unknowingly. To prevent this from happening, make sure to inspect your clothes for any sign of bugs. To prevent any of them from latching onto your clothes or your luggage, use fabric conditioner every time you wash your clothes. Better yet, use lavender oil. This is an essential oil that keeps bed bugs at bay. Just add 10 mL of lavender oil into 250 mL of water. Spray the solution all over your clothes or your luggage as needed.
  3. You can also use the lavender solution for lawn treatment. Bed bugs could also be lurking around the garden. Spray a generous amount of lavender solution where pests are commonly observed on the lawn This might not kill the bed bugs but it helps repel them and look the other way.
  4. It pays off to clean as you go. Bed bugs love clutter. It gives them the opportunity to hide and reproduce. As much as possible, fix your things and vacuum the floor regularly. Scheduling a weekly cleanup works to keep pests at bay. This prevents the occurrence of cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, rats, and mice that can bring such a nuisance to the family.
  5. Check your children and pets for any sign of insect bite. If you observe small, red patches on your children’s or pet’s skin, that could be the work of a bed bug. If you see these signs, never hesitate to act immediately to avoid the severity of the situation.
  6. Always check your mattresses, cushions, curtains, pillowcases, clothing compartments, including the unused areas of your house. The prevention and elimination of bed bugs require so much patience. Taking a quick glance at your belongings is never enough. To really prevent them from infesting your home, you need to be very observant. Look closely. Never miss a spot.
  7. Call for a pest exterminator near Denver, NC.

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