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Katsaridaphobia – The Fear Of Cockroaches


Everything in this world has a probable cause, including psychological disorders such as a phobia. As most of you know, phobia refers to the irrational and extreme fear of an object, a situation, an animal, or an insect. We must learn the difference between mere fear and phobia.

The Facts About Katsaridaphobia

Some people claim that they have a phobia over things without really understanding what it really means to a person. The symptoms of phobia include panic attacks, pain, and tightness in the chest, choking sensation, and shortness of breath that can lead to fainting, trembling, chills, and sweating. To say you have a phobia, you need to be clinically diagnosed to say so. Phobia is a very difficult disorder to cope with. It can impede a person from living his life to the fullest. It can push a person to do irrational things just to satiate his extreme fear over a certain object.

In relation to pests, there are also specific phobias like the Katsaridaphobia or the fear of cockroaches. When a person has this disorder, he will do anything to avoid any sign of cockroaches entering his home even when it means implementing rash, irrational, and harmful decisions. The only way to cure a person of a phobia is through psychological intervention. But before any of us or our children develop such illness, we need to learn how to prevent cockroaches in our homes. The reason why a person develops Katsaridaphobia are the instances when they are stuck in a situation where they feel like their safety is compromised by cockroaches.

One common example is being locked in a closet filled with cockroaches. Another is when a cockroach crawls unwantedly over a child’s body or hand. If you can imagine, there are various ways in which a cockroach can inflict extreme fear on a person. Thus, we need to prevent their existence in our homes.

Avoid the Onset of Katsaridaphobia - Seek Help

One common way to prevent cockroaches from infesting our home is to maintain utmost cleanliness outside and inside our home. Remember to clean up every after-meal to avoid any attraction. Also, keep in mind to inspect and clean the dark and unused spaces of your home to avoid any cockroaches from brooding and reproducing. Maintaining a clean home may not get rid of the existing cockroaches inside your home, but it helps ward off other potential cockroaches from entering your home.

It is also more effective to seek help from pest control professionals who can provide the utmost service for your protection from pests. In Cornelius, North Carolina alone, there are various pest control providers but only one remains at the top. We are proud to present Lake Norman Home Services, the best local pest control company in Cornelius, NC that can be trusted with pest infestation. They literally got everything for you.

From high-quality service to expertise, safety, and affordability, you would be crazy to look for another pest control provider in Cornelius, NC than Lake Norman Home Services. They want nothing more but to keep your family safe and secure from unwanted insects, including cockroaches. With their help, you can finally help people with Katsaridaphobia to overcome their fears and to help them function normally at home.