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Top Three Indoor Pests In North Carolina


Building the perfect home has always been one of the biggest dreams we have had ever since we were children. But as we grow older, life and other uncontrollable factors start to intervene. One of the most crucial factors to create a perfect home is safety. It means being able to keep danger away from the family. This may include criminals, bacteria, and of course pests. Insects can be very detrimental to our family’s health as well.

Dangers Pests Can Cause

They are not merely insects, they can spread bacteria and viruses in our home that can cause various diseases to our loved ones. As if that is the end of it, these pests bring damage to our home and our belongings. The reason why they are called pests is because of the danger they cause to the household. They bring a great plague especially when they are left for granted. Now, let us discuss the top three pests to watch out for in North Carolina.


Ants can be found anywhere at home. They do not necessarily need to feed on human food, they can also gnaw on objects and accessories if provided. Ants also feed on other dead insects’ carcasses such as cockroaches or spiders. The downside is, that once they have crawled over these dead bodies, they can spread thousands of bacteria all around our home. Ants can come and go as they please.

They crawl over the dirtiest places and then later infest our accessories and stored food. You can see how these creatures can be a problem especially if you have children around. The immune system of kids is not as strong as adults. This is why they need protection from the bacteria that pests bring to ensure they stay healthy.


Cockroaches are very common too. They are very attracted to human food. But the real reason why cockroaches infest our home is warmness. When the temperatures get low, they have a small tendency to survive. Which is why they rely on the warmth of households to keep them safe and alive. The stored food they infest is only a bonus for their unwelcome stay.

Mice & Rats

These rodents can cause a lot of damage to our home. Apart from the fact that they can destroy our belongings, they can bore holes in our walls, paving the way for more insects to infest our homes. Apart from these, a mouse and rat’s droppings can cause various diseases to the family once ingested. Which is why we must do everything in our power to keep them out.

The Pest Experts Are Here!

With all these pests running around the house, it becomes very difficult to function. It is easy to say that the existence of one will not hurt. But the truth is, even one of them can cause a huge peril to our home and our loved ones. If you want these indoor pests to be exterminated at once, contact Lake Norman Home Services for a full, effective service at an affordable price. At Lake Norman Home Services, your peaceful and perfect home awaits you!