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How To Get Rid Of Mice Fast In Cornelius, North Carolina


During the first week of December 2018, I was very disturbed during the night. I could hear these scratching and gnawing sounds. And it is very irritating! Neither I or my dog cannot sleep because of those noises. For many days, I have tried to observe what are the reasons behind these nuances. Until I decided to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night only to find mice feasting over my dog’s food. I was so furious I could just throw a chair at them! They bore holes over my plastic container, not to mention, they left droppings all over the dog food. I knew I could not feed the same food to my dog because I did not want her to get sick. So, I had no choice but to throw it out. I was saving my money to buy a helmet for my new motorcycle. Sadly, I had to delay this and buy more food for my dog.

Have you experienced the same? Probably another problem with the same reason? Granted, mice are the most notorious home infesters. They are very flexible and acrobatic. They can reach high places by just jumping and running around. This explains how they got up to my suite on the second floor. Another problem with mice is their ravenous appetite when it comes to food. They LITERALLY cannot stop eating! They gnaw everything they can get their teeth on be it plastic or wood, they can easily tear it apart.  

Even if you put it in secure cabinets or boxes, a mouse will find a way in. No matter how much you secure your wirings and your appliances, they always find a way to destroy them. The danger is the fire they can cause by gnawing electrical wirings. It could cause a short circuit that can cause detrimental effects on your home.

DIY Tips Against Mice

There are several methods to prevent mice from entering your home. Although it is not 100% effective, it helps ward off some of them which could already be a big help. When mice start to reproduce inside your home, there is no turning back. This is the reason why we should never take the infestation of mice or any other pest for granted. A basic way to prevent mice from entering your home is to eliminate all entry points. Start to cover all holes and crevices where insects can enter including mice, cockroaches, and many more. Also, mice hate in clean environments. They love clutters. It gives them room to hide and brood for their prey. Always remember to keep your home neat and tidy. Secure everything that connects to your home, including pipes and drainage areas.

According to our experts, it is also important to keep your lawns tidy and well-trimmed. There are other rat species who love to feed on other insects found in the gardens. To help prevent rats from entering your home, trim your grasses regularly and apply lawn treatments to ward off pests. This is not only limited to mice. Treating your lawn with pesticides can help prevent the infestation of beetles and cockroaches that can cause detrimental effects to you and your property. Plus, if you have pets around who love to play on the lawn, spraying pesticides on a regular basis can help prevent the infestation of ticks and fleas that come from the gardens.

To prevent rats from getting near your lawn, you need to eliminate all things that may attract them. You can use mice traps and spread it across locations where mice can be found. Leave some traps where they are accustomed to finding food as well. Try placing some traps where insects exist. You will be surprised how helpful these pests are when you use them as baits.

Finally, to get rid of mice inside your home, you can buy rat poison from the nearest shop and spread it across the room. But beware, some mice can detect whether their “food” has hazardous ingredients. Which is why you will need professional guidance in choosing which traps and which poison to use. There are advanced formulas that hide the poisonous odor of the chemical, attracting mice, and leaving them clueless of what they are about to ingest. With these methods and treatments, you can get rid of mice infestation fast inside your home.

The problem with using DIY’s in dealing with mice is the smaller probability of its effectiveness. Granted, you will be using mouse-lethal means of extermination, it pays off to have sufficient knowledge in dealing with these kinds of pests. Remember, when you do something wrong accidentally, you might be doing more harm than good to your home. There are substances that can compromise the integrity of your walls and bearings. You need to make sure that the chemicals you buy are not lethal to your properties.

Call For A Pest Control Service

For the busy bees out there, who do not have enough time to do these things and prevent mice from infesting their homes, they can try and call a competent pest control provider to aid them in their problems. If you are in Lake Norman, there are plenty of pest control providers to choose from. It could be a very big problem for you to assess which one is the best for you. Which is why our experts have constructed a criterion in assessing whether a pest control company is effective and efficient or not. Firstly, you need to watch out for a couple of things.

There are companies out there who showcase their skills and products with deceit and treachery. I am sure that you want to find someone who is true to his word and does not base his skill son hearsay and assumptions. When you hire these types of companies, you would be wasting your time and money on their services. You will be making an even better job without their help.

You also need to watch out for companies who misrepresent their fines. I once hired a consultant for my start-up firm. Instead of telling me straight about the prices of the service, he kept on delaying the assessment of fees until he was done doing the project. When it was time to bill me, I was shocked to find the amount of payment he required. It was way unreasonable for such a simple service. Mind you, it does not only happen in firms and brokers. It also happens in companies such as pest control.

Before you do anything rash in making decisions about hiring a company or not, do your research. Look for a pest control company in Cornelius, NC who has these following factors: knowledge, skill, determination, professionalism, and affordability. You can ask around in your area at Lake Norman for a very competent pest control service provider near you. Check the web for reviews and other means of research just to determine which pest control provider rises supreme.

Lake Norman Home Services Is At your Service

However, if you want to save yourself the effort of doing all kinds of research, let me tell you the best pest control company that is right for you and your budget. Luckily, in Lake Norman, you have your own pest control service at your fingertips. I am sure you have heard of Lake Norman Home Services. This humble company has been providing high-quality service for more than 50 years. Can you imagine the number of lives they have saved over the years, including mine? See, my house was infested with mice during that week and I did not know where else to go. I did not know Lake Norman Home Services until the offered me to eliminate my problems for a very affordable price.

It was a leap of faith for me because it was my first time to contact a pest control service. But when I posted my problem online, one of their staffs reached out to me instantly and offered to help me solve my problems. Ever since they treated me like family. They checked up on me every now and then. The staff and exterminators never neglected to show how much they care for a typical customer such as myself.

Over the years I have known the company, they showed that they do not give their 100% for profit. They do it because they can relate to people with various pest problems. They do not like seeing people get stressed about pests and other nuisances at home. Which is why they make it a habit to save people the paranoia, anxiety and pressure of maintaining a pest-free environment.

At Lake Norman Home Services, you can experience top-quality methods of extermination used by highly-trained individuals in their line of work. You will be surprised what they can do to your home in such short notice. Luckily, their office is only one call away. Care to check their services for yourself? Contact them now and find out.