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Bed Bug Prevention Tips This Winter


The season of cold days and nights is finally here! Winter is the time where you can enjoy a winter wonderland due to the white snow and cold breeze which will tickle your spine. Maximizing the season is what you need to do because it only happens once a year and you don’t experience snow every day. However, winter is disrupted because of pests like a small bed bug.

Each season is never enjoyed to the fullest because of the presence of pests. A single bed bug can bring immediate discomfort because they bite when you are asleep. Having one is an inconvenience, but if you have more, it is already alarming because it only means an infestation is happening.

A good exterminator for bed bugs can help in eliminating pests like bed bugs in your home. An expert knows how to handle all pest issues. However, not all the time you can afford the services of a pest exterminator. But, you don’t have to worry because there are other ways on how you can make your winter pest-free.

If you are having a problem with your budget but are experiencing bed bugs in winter, no need to worry because there are preventive measures you can do to keep the winter season free from pests.

Let’s get to know bed bug prevention tips you can apply for your house to keep it free from bed bugs not only in winter but in all seasons as well!  

Stay Calm

First and foremost, when you found out a bed bug is present in your home, you should not panic instead you have to stay calm. Panicking will lead you to fail in exterminating the pest because you can’t think straight and will find it hard to resolve the problem. So, to keep your winter season peaceful and stress-free, you have to calm down when you see the insect around and immediately call a pest expert in Concord to perform inspection and treatment. No need to worry when you bed bugs because a professional is always ready to help you out.  

Clean Your Place

Bed bugs are pesky, small, and great in hiding. If you keep on giving them places to hide, exterminating them is made harder. If you want to find bed bugs quickly and get rid of them, you have to clean your house. Yes! Removing clutter, vacuuming, and deep cleaning can help in keeping your home bed bug free during winter. Since the pest can hide everywhere, you have to remove possible hiding places to prevent them from infesting and multiplying more. Check the nightstands, picture frames, bed frames, mattresses, bags, luggage, and others as it can be places where the pest can cling and hide. When you found the pest, you have to get rid of them immediately to prevent problems occurring. The more you clean, the better you will find out if where the pest hides and can quickly make a move to stop it from spreading.

Laundry Bed Linens And More

Bed bugs are hard to eliminate because they can hide anywhere and will make it hard for you to find them. Your bed linens, clothing, fabrics, bags, mattresses, blankets, pillowcases, and more should be laundered regularly especially when bed bugs are present because the pest will continue to sneak and hide to attack you when you are sleeping. You don’t want to disrupt your good sleep because of itchy and painful bites from bed bugs right? To avoid bites or infestation during winter, you have to wash bed linens using hot water to kill the pest. The more you expose the pest to heat, the faster they will be killed. However, if things don’t work even you have washed everything, the only help you need is from a pest exterminator who is capable of getting rid of pests.  

Check Belongings After Traveling

There are times that during the winter season, you tend to travel or visit your relatives. However, you should be cautious because bed bugs may come back with you after you travel and they will immediately infest your home. Some homeowners are getting bed bugs after travelling because they might have visited or stayed in an infested room or place. With this, you have to be careful when traveling and make sure to check your belongings. Bed bugs can hide in your luggage or even cling into the clothes you are wearing. Once you bring them in, you can never get them out instantly because they will begin to infest and reproduce.

Vacuum Your House

Bed bugs are tiny and if you don’t take a closer look, you might think you have only had dirt in your bed. Since the pest can hide even in unusual places, you have to make a move to reach them and eliminate them quickly. The best weapon you can use is your vacuum cleaner and it is indeed effective. Vacuuming your house regularly is the best because it can suck all bed bugs infesting your home. Whether the pest is hiding in bed, picture frames, walls, bed frames, furniture, upholstery, and more, it is easier to get rid of the pest because you can vacuum them quickly. Not only is that, vacuuming will help in stopping the pest from multiplying as the larvae and eggs will also be removed. Make sure after vacuuming, you clean the sack away from the property to drive away the pest and prevent them from infesting again. But, if the infestation is beginning to worsen, your vacuum cleaner may not work effectively instead hire a bed bug exterminator in Concord to stop the pest from causing more problems.  

Stop The Pest From Spreading

If your home during winter is disturbed by bed bugs, you have to be careful because the pest can easily spread. If they do, eliminating them will be harder since you have to find them in all areas in your home until you can fully say you have eliminated the pest. One way to stop the pest from infesting your place during winter is to prevent it from spreading. You have to contain the bed bugs where it is and stop transferring items with the pest on other rooms because it will spread like wildfire. Also, you should not move to another place when your house is infested because you can also transfer the pest to the new place and the infestation will continue. If you want to avoid a serious problem, treat the pest first or better yet, let a professional pest control company in Concord help you in eliminating the pest once and for all.

Winter is the time when all pests seek shelter for warmth to avoid experiencing the cold weather. Bed bugs are among those pesky pests which will find a warm place to stay and your home is the best option. When you keep on experiencing bed bugs or other pests in your home, the best resolve is to look for a pest control company in Concord to help you get rid of your problem.

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