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Plants That Naturally Repel Ants


Not all homes are free from pests. There are some pests that will only come during the cold weather while the others are frequent visitors regardless of the climate. You can never say you are free from pests because you haven’t seen one. They like to hide in the dark, waiting for you to go away so they can infest.

One of the most frequent visitors you will have is ants. These pests are small yet can be pesky as they can bring huge infestation if not eliminated. That’s why some homeowners tend to call a good exterminator for ants to help them. 

On the other hand, other homeowners would resort to DIY pest control methods as it can save them money, especially if their finances are already budgeted. It can be good if only a few ants are around, but if the infestation is severe, professional help is the most recommended solution. Aside from DIY pest control which can be bought in stores, some people would like to repel ants using plants. 

There are plants that can help in repelling ants and you would love to have them at home. Let’s get to know what plants are good for your home, which can deter ants naturally. Check these out!


One of the most effective plants which can help in repelling ants is mint. There are several varieties of mint, and whatever you like, all are good for deterring ants. If you can’t decide what mint you want at home, we recommend peppermint. This mint can help in driving ants away because they don’t like its smell, but the good thing is, it can give you a refreshing smell which is good for your home. Choosing mint as your plant repellent for ants, you have to plant in soil that drains well and place it on a place that has indirect sunlight. Mint doesn’t need much sunlight, but you have to water it before it dries and have to turn it as it can bend where sunlight is present. 


If you want a plant that has several purposes, then lavender is the one you are looking for. This plant is known to repel ants effectively as the pest hates its pungent smell. Humans love lavender as it does not only help in controlling ants, but it is also aromatic, which is good for the body. This plant is not only perfect in repelling ants, but it can also keep other pests at bay like mosquitoes, flies, moths, and fleas. The drawback of having lavender at home is that it can grow up until your waist level and can spread. Even though the plant can grow tall, you can still have it as an indoor plant to help you get rid of ants and other pests. You have to place the plant in a sunny and windy place for it to thrive. Have this at your house, and you will have an aromatic and pest-free home in no time. Still, if you want professional help, an ant exterminator is the one you need.


Another plant you can have at home if you want to repel ants is rosemary. This plant is known to be an herb that is used to deter almost all types of insects or pests. The plant is easy to grow as you only need a pot and good soil to make it thrive. What makes rosemary ideal as a plant repellent is that you can put it on your porch or window sills which can prevent ants and other pests from coming in. Also, if you love cooking, rosemary is a good ingredient for you. It helps in seasoning your food which will make it delicious. If all ants are repelled and you still have rosemary, you can use this herb for cooking. Of course, if ants were not repelled even rosemary is around, you can hire an ant exterminator.


Your salad becomes more delicious if you have thyme on it. But did you know that the plant is also good for repelling ants naturally? If no, then you now have an idea that the herb you use for salad and other food is also good for pest control. Ants don’t like thyme, and once they see it, they will crawl away. The smell of thyme may not be too strong, but it can still repel ants in its own way. The herb can grow in flowerbeds, cracks, and sidewalks and will grow annually. When you plant thyme, it will grow gradually, and it does not need direct sunlight. But, make sure that it will not be placed in cold temperatures as it will not grow well. Thyme is good for pest control, but a professional pest exterminator is far better at controlling ants. 


Tansy is not common to everyone, but for those who have ideas about the plant, it can be used in repelling ants naturally. Tansy blossoms when mid-summer comes. The leaves of the plant help in repelling ants, but what is more effective is its oil. Once you plant tansy, it will spread and grow. Even the root is taken, it can still thrive as it is a self-growing plant. Since it can spread like wildfire when it grows, you have to cut it or pull it before its flowers bloom. When removing tansy, make sure to wear gloves to avoid acquiring the toxins which can go through your skin. If you don’t want to have tansy at home, you can get a pest expert near you to help you with ant control. 


Garlic is one common ingredient you will see at home as it is mostly used in cooking. The plant gives a delicious taste to every food you cook, and it does smell good. But, for your information, you can use garlic for pest control. It can repel ants due to its pungent smell that the pest hates. It can also deter other pests or insects from infesting your property. If you want to have garlic at home, you can plant it in soil that drains well and must be planted in a sunny location. Make sure to water it well. But, if you don’t have the green thumb, you can simply buy garlic in stores and use it to repel ants and other pests. Nevertheless, the help of a pest exterminator is still needed if the infestation is already severe. 

Here you go! These are the plants that you can have at home to repel ants effectively. Take note, relying on plants alone to get rid of insects or pests is not enough because some may not work the way you expect it. If you want to achieve a pest-free home, the one you need is a reliable and good exterminator for ants.

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