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Signs Of Cockroach Bites And How To Treat Them


Cockroaches are among the top pests you wish don’t exist and don’t visit your home because some of them fly and they are indeed the cause of an infestation. Some pests will bite humans for food and one of them is bed bugs. But, some are questioning whether do roaches bite or not? 

To kill the curiosity of everyone, cockroaches don’t bite humans but there are instances that they resort to biting people. Cockroaches are fond of foraging for food in properties and they never stop until they get one. However, if you keep on depriving the pest of food, they may notice it and to feed their hungry stomachs, they will begin to bite you. They will start biting you on your nails, eyelashes, and skin which can be food sources for them and it’s not good.

Getting bites from roaches is uncomfortable because the pest carries several diseases that can affect your health. On the other hand, not everyone is aware of the signs of cockroach bites and may find it difficult to identify them. Here are the signs you need to know about cockroach bites and the treatments you can do to stop it from worsening.

Huge Red Bumps

One of the signs that you have cockroach bites is when you find huge red bumps in your body. The bumps might be similar to other insect bites but if it’s a bit larger, a roach might have bitten you while you are sleeping. The bites will not appear in a straight line which what bed bugs does but it is seen one at a time. Also, the bite can be a bit larger than mosquito bites. If you keep on seeing bites individually, you might be getting it from cockroaches and it is the time for you to hire a pest exterminator in Concord to do the job.

Inflamed Bites Due To Scratching

When an insect bites you, the first thing you usually do is to scratch it. However, if you keep on scratching it, the bite can inflame and might as well lead to redness on your skin. If you see bites that keep on appearing one at a time and inflames, it could be the doing of cockroaches. Do roaches bite? Well, yes they do and they may leave rashes on your skin after scratching it. If you are bitten by roach or an insect, you need to resist yourself from scratching it because it can lead to inflammation which can be painful and uncomfortable. Whether a cockroach bites you or not, you have to get rid of it immediately by calling a local exterminator for roach infestation to give you a hand.

Allergic Reaction

There are insect bites that will not give you an allergic reaction but if you have one after getting it from a cockroach, you need to worry because it can worsen. An allergic reaction is normal if you are bitten by cockroaches because their feces, body, and saliva contain allergens. If your skin made contact with the pest, there is a chance that you can experience some allergic reaction. Also, your body will not only react after getting a bite from the pest but even if you only inhaled the allergens, your immune system will react immediately. If you are always exposed to cockroaches, there is a chance that you can develop an allergy from it and to avoid this, you have to exterminate the pest and a pest expert in Concord can help you.

Bites On Specific Areas Of The Body

Unlike mosquitoes and bed bugs, cockroaches are specific when they bite. They don’t bite the areas they want, but they mostly bite on areas where food residues are present. Mouth, fingernails, feet, hands, and eyelashes are the common body parts that the pest will target because they can find residues that will help them survive. If you sleep at night without washing your body, there is a chance that the pest will come and bite you especially if your mouth or hands have food residues. So, make sure to clean yourself to avoid getting itchy and painful bites from the pesky pest.

These are the common signs of cockroach bites and if you have these, you need to be alarmed because an infestation is already happening and food sources found in your house are not enough for them. A pest control company in Concord can help in preventing you from getting bites by eliminating the pest for you.

Treatments For Cockroach Bites

Getting bites from a filthy pest is worrying because you can develop allergies and might as well acquire illnesses that you don’t want to have. If you have cockroach bites in your body, you need to treat it immediately to stop it from worsening. Aside from letting a pest exterminator in Concord eliminate the pest which is the best answer in preventing bites, there are also remedies you can do to treat the bites effectively and successfully. Here are the treatments you can do:  

Wash With Soapy Water

One way to treat cockroach bites is by cleaning it with soapy water. Like wounds, washing it will help in removing the germs on your skin which can be the reason for the bite to worsen. By washing it with soapy water, you are stopping it from getting an infection which is harder to treat.  

Use Ice To Relieve Itchiness

An insect bite can be itchy and cockroaches do give itchy bites. If you want to stop yourself from scratching it, you can use an ice pack to make it possible. The coldness of the ice will relieve the itchiness and you don’t have to scratch it. However, you need to apply it several times a day to achieve better results.  

Rub Onion On Bites

Getting bites from a cockroach is frightening because the bacteria it brings may be transmitted to you. If you want to remove germs out of your skin, you can rub an onion over the bites and it will help in keeping your skin free from germs.  

Apply Antiseptic

Aside from using soapy water to clean the bites of cockroaches, you can also use alcohol as an antiseptic. Alcohol can help in cleaning the bites and you only need cotton to make it happen. Dip the cotton on the alcohol and apply it to the bites. If you are looking for other antiseptics for your cockroach bites, you can use witch hazel and tea tree oil.  

Get Over The Counter Medicines Or Creams

  There are times that home remedies are not enough and if the itching gets worse, what you need is medicine already. There are antihistamines you can purchase from drug stores which will help in soothing the itchiness. If the bites don’t go away, you can buy some cream which is good for insect bites. However, if you are not sure what medicine or cream to buy for cockroach bites, you can seek the help of a doctor and ask for a prescription.

These are the ways on how you can treat cockroach bites effectively and successfully. If you notice signs of the pest’s bites in your body, immediately treat them to prevent allergies or infections. And one way to keep your house free from cockroaches is by hiring a pest exterminator in NC and that’s Lake Norman Home Services.

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