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Pest Control Near Me Prices (Mooresville Exterminators)


Pests are insects or animals that adversely affect human activities, whether at home or in business. They are more than a nuisance as most pests transmit lots of very dangerous diseases. Among these pests are mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, termites, ants, poisonous spiders, and moths. As you can see, that is a formidable rogue’s list of terrible creatures. A lot of times, a fly swatter for flies and mosquitoes, a pesticide spray for cockroaches, or a mousetrap for mice would not just work as effectively as we would want them to. Thus the need for a pest control professional.

Why Are The Pests Not Going Away?

There is plenty of affordable pest control and mosquito extermination in Lake Norman, but the question is, are they all effective? Calling a pest control professional to help you get rid of pests takes a lot of due diligence. After all, we are talking here about the safety and security of your family.

Some people are skeptical about cheap services, but great quality pest control services need not be expensive. Let us check how much pest control companies cost.

How Much Is the Average Pest Control?

This depends on the kind of pest infestation problem you have. Normally, services like ants, poisonous spiders, and cockroaches are the standard packages. However, if the pest control measure already involves termites, mice, and rats, it tends to increase in prices.

Let us say for an ant problem, the average cost is $250. But if you have carpenter ants, which is so devastating, costs could go up to as much as $500. As a side note, carpenter ants have caused more damages than termites.

Termite inspection, on the other hand, may cost you around $150, and an initial spray can get you to cough up to at least $1,000. There is no known effective DIY termite extermination, so you have no choice but to ask for help from experienced professionals.

Bed bugs are quite tricky. They reproduce very quickly, but you have to be always vigilant to prevent them from spreading. Many people react only when they feel itchiness and see bite ugly bite marks on their skin, which then would be too late. This can make you $250 poorer on average.

Protecting your beloved dogs or cats and even yourself from fleas and ticks will cost $150 to $300. On the other hand, getting rid of cockroaches takes more than a stomp of the foot; you need expert technicians to go up against them. This will set you back around $300 just for the initial treatment.

Rodents like mice and rats. Weevils, those ugly looking pests of many pantries, can be exterminated for $100 to $300. This is for treatments only, and not for removal.

Wasp infestation problems can be solved by shelling out $200 to $500. This is for the treatment only.

Price is important, but not as important as the value that you get. Cheap pest control services may not exactly be the best ones for you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, quality is the biggest consideration.

Some pest control companies offer packages that would slash the prices considerably, so that is one thing you should try to find out.  

Does The Size Of The House Affect The Price?

The type of pest you have is not the only factor in determining the price. The size of your house too. If you have a small house, the area that pest control technician will have to cover would not be that large. So, the bigger the house is, the pricier it gets.

Eco-friendly products are more expensive, unfortunately. Aside from that, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pest control; there are different pesticides for each pest. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that one type of pesticide is more expensive than the other.

As far as location is concerned, if we are talking about from state to state, there is not much difference, if at all.

However, there are some exceptions. If your house is in a posh neighborhood where living in huge mansions is the norm, then you will probably pay more. This is not because pest control companies are taking advantage of their ability to pay, but it is simply because there will be large areas to cover.

How To Find The Best Pest Control Companies?

Maybe this is your first time to encounter pests, or maybe you have had pests before and simply ignored them until you cannot ignore them anymore, or maybe you have done DIY pest control measures, so now you are at a loss as to how to find the best pest control company for you.

One of the best ways is to ask for a recommendation from friends, family, or neighbors. One of them may have personal experience with a pest control company or know someone who has. This is surely the best way to find out.

You may also opt to look for reviews online. There are websites or forums wherein people talk about pest control all the time. The more positive the reviews for a particular company is, the better you can decide.

You should also find one that offers free onsite quotes for a more risk-free decision. There should be no commitments here.

The company should also be licensed by the National Pest Management Association, and their technicians should also have licenses to perform such tasks. They should renew this every year.

Here is what you should ask your prospective company.

  1. How long have you been in this business?
  2. Do you use safe pesticides? Are they child-friendly and pet friendly?
  3. Do you use state of the art equipment?
  4. Are you licensed with the NPMA? Are your technicians licensed?

Take Due Diligence

When looking for a pest control company, look out for these things.

  • An uninvited person showing up at your door offering free pest control inspection. Do not entertain these kinds of people as they may be scam artists. Finding a real licensed pest control company is easy, it is just that looking for the right one may be hard.
  • Deals that are too good to be true maybe just that: too good to be true.  
  • Avoid companies that offer to combine pest control with other services like repairing your home or appliances as part of the pest control package.  
  • Avoid pest control companies whose phone number is not working. Check if the address they listed too is correct.

Read The Contract

Services are being offered that do not need a contract. This is especially useful for people who just need to make sure their homes are pest-free before they move out or sell their homes. For long term solutions, on the other hand, a contract is advantageous to both parties.

Before signing up, see if the contract includes the name of the company you are doing business with. It should have their address and their phone number. It should be clear about the price, the service, and the cancellation fees. Ask if the contract renews automatically each year. Be sure to understand what the company will do in case the pest problems persist even after treatment.

Why Do We Need Their Services In The First Place?

Pests are not just a nuisance, they also cause huge damage to your home, both economic damage, and health damage. That is why before they cost you thousands of dollars in repair and thousands more in hospital bills, it would be better if you hire the professionals to get rid of them. If you have pest infestation problems, there are many Mooresville pest exterminators out in the market. For the best bed bug exterminators in the area of Mooresville, NC, call Lake Norman Home Services.

Why Lake Norman Home Services?

Do not let pests get in the way of your daily activities. Time at home is best spent with your family, not with pests. Let Lake Norman worry about your pest problems.

We bring in a new and fresh approach to the pest control industry, using family-friendly and pet-friendly methods of extermination that caters to your specific needs. Our expert experience in exterminating pests like cockroaches, wasps, weevils, mosquitoes, mice, flies, termites, ants, and spiders can make you say goodbye to these pests in your home. You may check us on Facebook or Google us to see what our satisfied customers have to say about us.

Lake Norman Home Services has earned the trust of residents and businesses in North Carolina for more than 50 years. For more information, or to set an appointment, just contact us today. Our friendly operators are standing by.