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Pest Control For Fleas (Huntersville Exterminators)

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Do you love dogs and cats? If you do, you should know that your pets will always have a plus one when the time comes and that could be fleas. The pest is small so it will be hard for you to spot it but when it decides to lead an infestation, you can clearly see them and you’ll never want it in your home. Fleas are among the most annoying pests that you’ll encounter because they are hard to eliminate. They usually target dogs or cats but when the infestation is already severe, your home and family can be targets as well. So, having pets at home is a big responsibility because you might also be attracting pests into your property. 

How Can I Get Rid Of Fleas?

When fleas are around, you probably won’t be at peace especially if you have furry pets because the pest can come anytime and attack when you least expect it. So, the best answer for your flea problem is pest control and nothing can beat that.

Pest control is always the most recommended solution when you have pest issues at home like fleas. Huntersville Exterminators are the perfect people you can trust when pest control is the matter because they know what to do with pests and can indeed get rid of vermin in and out of your home.

If you have fleas at home, here are the things you need to know about the pest and the pest control solutions to exterminate your enemy.

Flea Facts

Fleas Are Good Jumpers

If you wonder how fleas can get into your home and pets, they made it possible through jumping. Yes, fleas are good jumpers and they can do it for 30,000 times continuously. If you bring your furry friends in flea-infested areas, your dogs or cats can get fleas that can be brought home. By jumping, fleas can cling into your pet’s fur and that’s the beginning of a flea problem in your home. To prevent fleas from coming, better hire Huntersville Exterminators who can get rid of the pest for you.

Fleas Reproduce Rapidly

Flea infestations can happen anytime and rapidly because fleas can reproduce as quickly as possible. The pest can multiply crazily because female fleas can give birth up to 50 eggs per day and in their entire lifetime, they can lay 2,000 eggs! The larvae of fleas will be hidden in carpets, fabrics, and bedding so you can have close contact with the larvae if you don’t remove them. You can get rid of larvae if you deep clean your area especially the hiding places or vacuum it. Also, don’t forget to wash the infested things using hot water. But, if you want to get rid of fleas and its larvae, Huntersville Exterminators are the best answer!

Fleas Lay Eggs On Animals

You may think that fleas will lay eggs on your carpets and more, you could be wrong. The larvae are usually found on bedding, carpets, and fabrics but eggs are laid on animals so if you have dogs at home, your furry friends are the birthing place for fleas. If you let the pest live on your dogs, you are also allowing fleas to give birth on the furs and because of this, your pets can suffer more. But, the eggs don’t usually last long on your pet because these don’t stick well so eggs end up in carpets or bedding. To get fleas and eggs out of your home, Huntersville Exterminators can always help you.

Fleas Cause Allergies To Pets

Seeing your dogs suffer from fleas is devastating because it can lead to health problems in the future. When fleas infest your dogs, they will bite your furry friend for them to survive and because of this, flea bites are left behind. With those bites, your fur friends can develop allergies which can worsen over time. With this, your dogs can experience intense itchiness due to the saliva left by fleas. When your dog has flea bite allergy, you should wary because your pest can feel a lot of discomforts if not treated. If you want to avoid your pets from fleas and allergies, all you need is the help of Huntersville Exterminators who are experienced in eliminating all pests in your property.

Fleas Carry Transmit Diseases

Having pests like fleas can be dangerous because they can transmit parasites which can lead to health problems to your furry friends. Fleas bring parasites and when your dogs get it, your pet can have tapeworms inside the body. When the flea infestation is severe, your dog is in for more problems because the pest can get a lot of blood from your pet that can lead to serious illness. Your dog can have anemia if flea infestations are not solved. If you want your pets to be healthy and safe, Huntersville Exterminators can make it possible for you.

These are the facts you need to know about fleas. They can be small but the infestation they leave behind is huge so you need pest control for crawling bugs & flying insects in Huntersville to stop the infestation from happening.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

If you want your pets to have a healthy environment to live in, you should stop fleas from infesting and pest control is the answer! Here are the ways on how fleas can be controlled in your home.

Clean Your Home

One way to control fleas is by keeping your home clean at all times. As a homeowner, it is your job to maintain cleanliness in your place because it will keep your family and pets free from any illnesses. By cleaning, you can control the pest that comes into your home and that is best for everyone. You can do the vacuuming in your home that is more effective because it can remove fleas into your home including eggs and larvae. You should vacuum carpets, furniture, crevices, cracks, and more so that no eggs will be left behind. Make sure that the bag in the vacuum is taped tightly so that fleas can’t escape or for quick resolve, Huntersville Exterminators are the ones you need.

Keep Your Pets Groomed

Because fleas usually need animals to feed, they will definitely keep coming after your pets like dogs. If you have furry friends, make sure to groom it regularly so that fleas will never have a chance of coming. Make sure to use flea comb which can bring the pest out of your pets. Comb the neck and head to check if the pest is around or better yet, the whole body. Once the flea comb gets fleas, the live ones should be dropped on soapy water to prevent the pests from escaping. Also, don’t forget to bathe your pets because it can help in killing the fleas in your dog’s fur. Of course, when this method doesn’t work, Huntersville Exterminators are ready to do the work for you anytime.

Hire A Professional

When all things fail, the best solution is always hiring a professional to do pest control in your home. We know that DIY pest control exists today but the effectiveness is not always guaranteed. There are DIYS that can work for the first time but on the second try, it doesn’t. So, if you want effective pest control, the only thing you need is a professional and Huntersville Exterminators are a perfect choice. Professional pest exterminators have all the experiences in handling pests. From a few pests to an infestation, they can get rid of them and can stop future infestations from happening. They use the best treatments and methods which are guaranteed to remove fleas in your pets and property successfully.

If you need the best Huntersville Exterminators in town, Lake Norman Home Services is the answer!

Professional Pest Control Company Near You

Lake Norman Home Services is the nearest yet most professional pest control company in North Carolina that you can always count on whenever you need help in exterminating your pest problems!

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With more than 30 years of experience in the industry of pest control, Lake Norman Home Services proves that they are highly capable in eliminating all the pests found in your home and they ensure that only human and pet-friendly treatments and extermination methods are used so that your safety will never be at risk.

Once you have pests in your home, don’t delay pest control because if you do, you, your family, pets, and property can suffer more. Prevent pest infestations today by calling Lake Norman Home Services and you’ll never regret it!