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Fourth Of July Represents American Freedom!

ants on a holiday cupcake

Independence day is approaching quickly! Celebration preparations are underway! If you’re hosting this year, while you’re deciding what toppings to supply for burgers or what chips to offer on the side, you should definitely decide on how you will protect your guest from annoying bugs. Here are some great tips to help your day stay bug free.

1. Ants

We all know how difficult it can be to prevent unsightly ants. The biggest defense you can have is to make sure you aren’t luring them to your party. Keep your counters surfaces clean, and cover and seal any food left out so it does not attract ants. If you are eating outdoors, pick up food and trash that falls on the ground and cover any food that is left outside.

Make certain that your trash is placed away from public areas and stored inside sealed containers. Another tip? Consider having a local professional pest management company treat your property preventatively for ants. Local pests experts at Lake Norman Home Services also recommend that you do a deep clean up after the party, emptying all the outdoor trash cans and cleaning up your tables, chairs and grill.

2. Mosquitoes

Nothing can ruin a summer party like annoying mosquitoes. If you have any kiddie pools, flower pots or other containers stored outside, dump out the water at the end of each day as mosquitoes breed in standing water. Try to avoid spending time in heavily wooded or vegetated areas where mosquitoes have several breeding and/or harborage sites. You can purchase candles, torches or other items at your local retailer that may deter mosquitoes. Local pest control companies can also provide preventative mosquito services so your decor isn’t hindered by mosquito devices that don’t always work.

3. Flies

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to swat a fly? Well, this is because of their quick reaction times and their agility. Just look at all those eyes! Before that pesky fly arrived at your celebration, they were probably in contact with several gross items – such as a dead animal, the neighbor’s trash or their dog’s poop (sorry!), which can be contaminated with a number of microbes that can cause us to feel ill. Make sure to keep your food covered while outside and keep your windows and doors closed!

4. Honey Bees & Yellow Jackets

Who else loves sugary drinks besides our July 4th guests? Honey Bees and yellow jackets! To avoid getting stung, drink from a cup that you can see inside instead of a soda can. Go-Forth experts again remind you to clean up trash so it isn’t sitting around luring stinging insects to your party.

5. Bed Bugs

Finally, if you’re traveling instead of hosting this for Independence Day, do not allow bed bugs to come home with you. Check every hotel bed for signs of bed bugs, like blood or fecal stains near the headboard and seams of the mattress. Make sure to keep all luggage off of the floor; experts at Lake Norman say you can even cover your luggage with a large trash bag inside your accommodations for extra protection. Before bringing your suitcases inside your home, Lake Norman Home Services recommends you vacuum out your luggage and throw away the vacuum bag outside. Lastly, always wash your clothes from your trip immediately, with hot water.

There you go! Several great tips for keeping your special event all about the company of your guests and the yummy food…and not ruined by embarrassing and annoying bugs. You deserve to celebrate pest freedom!