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The Secret To Keeping Wasps Out Of Your Mooresville Home

A wasp crawling on a wooden fence post

Wasps are flying insects that are often mistakenly categorized as bees. Wasps are typically larger, do not make honey, and unlike bees, have a narrow waist and pointed abdomen. There are over 100,000 different species of wasps found throughout the world, except for in the South Pole region.

Types of Wasps

Wasps are most broadly classified as being either social or solitary. While solitary wasps such as cicada killers live alone, social wasps including yellow jackets and hornets create large nests that may house thousands. The members of a nest or colony have different roles, all of which support a single queen. 

The Dangers of Wasps

Yellowjackets, hornets, and paper wasps are among the most potentially harmful types for humans. The females are equipped with stingers that can be painful and allergy-triggering. More than 200,000 Americans stung by wasps each year visit the emergency room, and a few fatalities also occur. 
Wasps are most likely to attack in response to perceived threats to their nest. They are capable of repeatedly stinging, and people sometimes are swarmed by many at a time. Swarm attacks are likely because wasps can emit pheromones that act as a signal to others when they sense danger. 

What Attracts These Pests?

The majority of wasps die off during the colder winter months, except for fertilized females that will become queens the following spring. Wasps are commonly attracted to properties that have gardens. When insects to prey on are scarce, wasps are more likely to pursue whatever humans are eating and drinking. 
Most wasps construct their nests in the spring months, and homeowners who notice them should be aware of the potential for a nest on their property. Nests are often constructed under the overhang of a roof, or tree branch, or under in-ground holes. They may be found in dense shrubbery, bushes, or within holes in trees. 

Best Practices for Preventing Wasps

  • Always keep trash cans sealed with a lid to prevent attracting them.
  • Inspect the property’s exterior for holes and repair them with caulk or sealant. 
  • Keep food in sealed containers when having cookouts or other outdoor activities.
  • Consider a comprehensive pest control plan, as wasps are attracted to areas with plenty of other pests.

Don’t Be Fooled by Exaggerated Store-Bought Products or Home Remedies

Local stores and online retailers promote a host of various solutions to oust wasps, including aerosol or foaming sprays, traps, and other insecticides that may adversely impact your health and the local environment. To make matters worse, these products are often ineffective and prolong the likelihood of having a close encounter with these dangerous pests. 

Licensed Provider of Pest Control Solutions in Mooresville

The experienced team of industry professionals at Lake Norman Home Services has been eliminating bees, termites, bed bugs, and other bothersome invaders from homes and businesses in this area for years. We will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises both inside and out to determine the nature and the extent of the intrusion. After successfully exterminating an infestation, we will identify and address any conditions that make you vulnerable to further pest-related concerns.
Our organization has created several ongoing services and protection plans that provide for the specific needs of our many different customers. The Basic, My Elite, and My Elite Plus plans each involve regular visits from one of our licensed technicians to your home, either on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis. Regardless of which plan you choose, it will be practical, affordable, and hassle-free. Contact us today for a quote.