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How Bed Bugs Get Into Mooresville Homes

bed bug infestation making a mess

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius L.) are small parasitic creatures aptly named for their preference to consume humans’ blood while they sleep at night. Bed bugs have a flat, semi-circular body with six legs and a pair of antennae. They usually measure between 1/8 and ¼ long and are reddish-brown.

Bed Bug FAQ's

A common misconception is that bed bugs are drawn to dirty or unkempt properties; however, studies have shown that no such correlation exists. Bed bugs generally enter properties as hitchhikers within bags, suitcases, or clothing of people who are unaware of their presence. Those who reside in properties that are housing bed bugs often awaken to discover they have itchy, red patches of skin from being bitten. 
Despite traveling among multiple human or animal hosts, bed bugs are unlikely to pose the health risks that many parasites do. Many individuals who are struggling with bed bug problems do experience significant anxiety and have difficulty sleeping. 
People who are bitten are advised to avoid persistently scratching the irritated areas of skin to prevent the possibility of causing a skin infection. Bed bugs are predominately nocturnal creatures; therefore, seeing them during the daylight hours is rare. 
Although bed bugs are sometimes tricky to spot, they generally leave some evidence of their presence. Look for small blood stains or black smears from their excrement on mattress covers or pillowcases. Often you will notice thin casings of skin that they shed and their small white eggs.

How Do Bed Bugs Infestations Start?

Bed bugs are commonly encountered by travelers staying in hotels, motels, or using types of mass transportation such as buses and trains. Although bed bugs cannot fly or jump, they can detect the carbon monoxide and warmth that living creatures emit and crawl in that direction. Often, they climb into gym bags, laundry, or purses and are transported to a new location. Another source might be second-hand furniture, particularly upholstered items or appliances. 

Best Practices For Preventing Bed Bugs

Here are a few tips to help you keep bed bugs out of your home:

  • If you suspect you may have encountered bed bugs, promptly wash all clothing and machine dry using high heat.
  • Upon arriving at a hotel, closely inspect the bedding and surrounding area for any evidence of bed bugs. 
  • Inspect any second-hand furniture items before bringing them indoors.
  • When using department store fitting rooms, place clothing items on hooks rather than on chairs or surfaces.

The Benefits Of Having Professional Help

Bed bugs are incredibly resilient creatures that will retreat deep within walls or below baseboards. Do-it-yourself attempts at expelling these pests are often unsuccessful. A professional pest controller will conduct a detailed assessment of the interior and exterior areas of the property, including spaces that are hard to reach. A thorough inspection is critical for determining the nature and full extent of the problem and choosing the most appropriate treatment options. Professionals also will perform diligent follow-up inspections to ensure that the problem has been eradicated and that you are satisfied. 

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