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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

Running a Business in Mooresville Keeps You Busy, Let the Pro's Handle Pest Control

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Owning and maintaining your own business is more than just a full-time job; it's an all-consuming dedication to customer satisfaction and providing the best possible products and experiences that you offer. That's why it can be devastating to find a pest infestation on your Mooresville property. You already have your hands full with keeping your business running smoothly, so trying to add DIY pest control while fielding negative pest-related customer feedback would quickly turn into a nightmare. Reliable and affordable pest control is essential, but how can you know who to trust?

The Problems That Come With DIY Pest Control In Your Mooresville Business

With the amount of do-it-yourself pest control tips on the internet these days, coupled with the overwhelming amount of pesticides available at any local grocery store, the temptation of attempting to control a pest infestation on your own has never been higher. There are a lot of problems that come with DIY pest control, though, and as a business owner there are even more complications to factor in as well:

  • Dangerous carcinogens in store-bought pesticides
  • Unreliable effectiveness of store-bought pesticides
  • Food and surface contamination from pests
  • Extensive cosmetic and product damage
  • Dangerous structural damage
  • False sense of security from pests finding better hiding spots
  • Lawsuits from customers getting sick because of spread pathogens
  • Decrease in customers and revenue from bad reviews
  • Potential shut-down orders from health inspectors

You may think that you need to tackle every problem that arises in your business and handle it yourself, but attempting that with a pest infestation can be nearly impossible without extensive pest control knowledge and the high-quality equipment necessary for the job. Maybe you think DIY pest control is a cheaper alternative, but that's not the case either. Repeated failed attempts at pest extermination can create an even worse problem while also putting a significant strain on your overall budget.

The Difference Lake Norman Home Services Can Make For Your Mooresville Business

At Lake Norman Home Services, we understand the necessity of keeping a smooth-sailing operation, and we're dedicated to providing that for every Mooresville business. With our three-step pest control plan, your company will be back to business as usual in no time:

  • Thorough Inspection – Our pest technicians painstakingly inspect your property for evidence of pests, inside and out, to accurately identify your problems and create a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Initial Pest Control Treatment – After discussing core problems, pest attractants, and budget limitations, we get to work on our pre-planned initial treatment of your property and offer tips for reducing potential infestations
  • Ongoing Treatment – We continue to return for our regularly scheduled visits to make sure your property is protected against any other potential infestations

Why Regularly Scheduled Pest Control Is So Important

Everyone knows that taking preventive measures against pest infestations significantly lowers your chances, but they're not fool-proof. One way or another, pests will find a reason to inhabit your Mooresville business, and they'll find a way to get in. All too many times, we welcome them in with open arms – cockroaches infiltrate homes and businesses all the time via mail and delivery. The only fool-proof method for complete pest protection is ongoing pest control.

Lake Norman Home Services is dedicated to providing safe, affordable, and effective pest control, and we can prove it! Our company only uses the highest quality and eco-friendly pest control products available, ensuring that you, your employees, and your customers are safe from dangerous pests as well as dangerous chemicals. Our commercial pest control plan also comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you notice pest activity between treatments, we come out and re-treat at no additional cost. Don't wait until your business is in crisis mode. Please get in contact with us today to start discussing your options.