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How To Keep Silverfish Out Of Your Mooresville Home

silverfish prevention

Silverfish are one of the most undesirable pests you can find in your home. It can leave you wondering where they come from, and you'd be shocked to know that they are thought to be the oldest known pests on Earth. They primarily live in homes and live up to five years.

Silverfish Basics

Silverfish are small - with a length around 1/2 to 1 inch.  They are typically metallic-looking but may also have brown coloring. They have tiny legs and long antennae and can easily fit through the smallest crevice or crack. Silverfish are wingless, have eight legs and five arms but usually don't use all of them for moving around. Their swaying movement from side to side is similar to that of a fish. 
It can be a challenge to track down and get rid of silverfish in your Mooresville, NC home. With persistence and regular inspections of your home, you can create an environment that’s unattractive to silverfish. And despite all your efforts, you can still end up with silverfish in your home. Then you know it’s time to call Lake Norman Home Services to handle your pest problem. 
Silverfish are not poisonous to people, but they do consume soft tissues such as books and papers. So if you have any books with missing pages, they are usually to blame. While they pose no health threats to people and pets, these pests are known to destroy belongings. They are attracted to starchy processed foods, books with paper coatings or glue bindings, chew on cereals, wallpaper, and anything with sugars. They sneak in through insulation and cracks around windows and doors and prefer humid environments, so a leaky or damp roof or plumbing can result in silverfish invasions. 
Silverfish thrive best in extreme temperatures, which is why they tend to be more common during the summer months when temperatures are higher. They can survive in all climates but prefer damp places, such as bathrooms, sinks, basements, and attics. 

Preventing Silverfish From Entering Your Mooresville, NC Home

Silverfish are very active creatures who like to gather in large numbers where they can munch on things in your home. The most effective way to get rid of silverfish in Mooresville is to prevent them from getting inside your home by following these tips:

  • Check ventilation by opening windows or using fans to get air circulating throughout the house.
  • Create a barrier between your food and silverfish through airtight containers, boxes, bags, and jars. 
  • Store books and other paper items in airtight containers made of plastic or glass, thus preventing moisture from entering the container.
  • Floor protection can help prevent moisture damage from moisture getting into the floorboards. You can do this by using mats that cover the entire floor or using cork tiles.
  • If you have a plumbing problem, repair it as soon as possible. A leaky or damp area can be an entryway for silverfish. 
  • Identify potential entry points and seal up cracks or holes where they can enter through.
  • Declutter often to prevent a silverfish infestation.

Once silverfish have invaded your home in Mooresville, NC, you may want to consider using pesticides to get rid of them. The most effective thing to do is to set up traps that will ensnare the pests and then dispose of them outside. For total silverfish control, contact the professionals at Lake Norman Home Services.