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How Long Does A Termite Inspection Last?


If you suspect that you have termites on your property, you may be wondering about the process that it takes to complete a termite inspection. We get that you’re probably busy with work, family, and life in general, but knowing how long of a process this will be is important when it comes to being able to work around our very busy schedules in daily life. Before you find out the answers to your questions, we believe that it is crucial that you understand what usually takes place when you let a termite inspector perform an inspection around and in your home.

What To Expect During A Termite Inspection

First off, termite inspections entail checking different parts of your property to look for any signs or evidence of any type of infestation. You should keep in mind that this inspection requires a very thorough process, and so your inspector will probably be looking closely into certain parts of your home to gather their conclusion. It is vital during this process that interior and exterior structures of your home are inspected so that the proper measures can be taken against the pests in your home. Be prepared for your inspector to check out different parts of your home that are called as sub spaces.

These spaces include areas like the:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Any sort of crawl spaces, etc.

You can help out your inspector beforehand by clearing these spaces of any items you have that should be thrown out or hidden away.

Now, exactly how long does this process take? An average inspection for termites or any other type of pest infestation is around 40 minutes, but still this varies depending on your specific situation, as well as the size of the house and number of spaces to check. The importance of checking for termites even in the high parts of your house is because termites are all about the wood. Wood is part of the basic structural component of your house that helps in providing support.

Also, it is better to inspect all parts of the property so that if you have other pests infesting, even in these high parts of your home, you will know. Another reason why inspection takes some time to accurately complete is due to termites’ tendency to stay so hidden in specific places. Termites live with very fragile exoskeletons, and they are very careful of what they expose themselves into. They stay away from areas that allow open air to flow and bright lights to enter, and this is the reason why they are most often found inside wood products. This is also what makes it difficult for the naked eye to spot them.

With Lake Norman Home Services services, you are surely in good hands! Our team of experts specialize in determining any type of infestation in even the earliest of stages, which gives us the advantage of preventing your infestation in growing any further. We will also help you understand the state of your home and what we are going to do about it, so you won’t have to face these pests any longer. Call or click today for a free quote!