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The Trick To Keeping Your Mooresville Lawn Weed-Free This Summer!

Dandelion weeds in a green lawn

Summertime is full of sunshine and time outdoors, but it also means worrying about lawn care. Having a beautiful, green lawn complete with lovely landscaping makes your home feel welcoming and enjoyable, and there's nothing like a lush yard to make you feel proud of your home. However, maintaining the lawn is much work, and weeds make the process especially difficult. Weeds seem to keep coming back repeatedly no matter how often you pull them, and you likely don't want to spend so much of your busy life on the process.

If you're looking to keep your Mooresville lawn weed-free, this guide is here to help. Our Mooresville lawn care experts at Lake Norman Home Services will provide you with information on how weeds become a big problem and what you can do to find relief. 

Common Types of Weeds That Invade Lawns in Mooresville

There are many risks around your yard. Over or underwatering can damage grass, and shared yard pests can ruin plants. But probably the most consistent problem all property owners deal with is weeds. There are many different weed varieties to worry about in the area. The most common are various broadleaf weeds that pop up in grass or landscaping mounds. These include dandelions, thistles, and carpetweed.

How a Few Weeds Can Become a Big Problem

There are two main kinds of weeds that gardeners and landscapers worry about. The first is the annual weeds that only survive over one season and are spread by seeds. The second is the perennial weeds that return each year and grow underground, spreading by stems or tubers. Because these weeds keep coming back and are sturdier, they are a real problem to remove. And, combined with the annual weeds, the issue can add up.

Weeds might start as just a few plants here and there, but they tend to grow faster than the plants you want around. Some weeds are particularly noxious and invasive to the area. If you don't try to remove weeds and get effective weed control, they'll use up the nutrients in your soil.

Why DIY Weed Control Can Be Costly and Time-Consuming

Anyone who has spent time taking care of their yard knows how annoying weeds are and how hard they are to keep at bay. Many products are available at stores meant to kill weeds and keep them from returning, but you've likely found that they only work to a certain extent.

The truth is that weed control is an ongoing process. Continual treatments are necessary to prevent and obliterate weeds, and unless you have a lot of extra time, it might not seem worth it. Our lawn care experts and Mooresville pest control experts at Lake Norman pest control can help keep your yard weed-free and looking green. 

Let The Professionals Keep Your Lawn Weed-Free

At Lake Norman Home Services, our lawn maintenance services include protection throughout the year from weeds.

Our basic plans cover broadleaf weed treatment, pre-emergent treatment, fertilization three times a year, and a fall aeration service. We offer protection from clover, dandelion, ragweed, chickweed, and spurge. So, if you're tired of the constant weeding process yourself, let our technicians take it from here.

Lake Norman Home Services makes taking care of your yard easy and ensures you'll have the bright, green yard you want.

Call us today to discover more about lawn care plans and other residential pest control and commercial pest control services we offer.