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What Kind Of Stinging Insects Are In Mooresville?

A mud dauber wasp on a flower

There are so many pests that can hurt you around your Mooresville home. The most dangerous of them can sting you. To stay safe, you need to remain alert around your home in Mooresville so you can catch any potential pest infestations, even more so when they can inflict harm on you through a stinger because this type of pest can prove fatal. 

When confronted with dangerous scorpions or wasps in Mooresville, don’t let the problem fester. A quick phone call to our team at Lake Norman Home Services can have these pests cleared clean from your home. We want to keep you safe, so call for an inspection today.

Types of Stinging Insects Found in North Carolina

Do you know what kind of insects are in and around your home in North Carolina? When you can identify the different types, you can better protect your home. Here are a couple of the stinging insects found around your home:

  • European hornets
  • Paper wasps
  • Carpenter bees
  • Mud daubers
  • Southern devil scorpion

These stinging pests can cause you to have an adverse reaction that can lead to painful swelling. If you want to avoid any potential attacks or reactions, you need to leave these pests alone and call the pros. 

How Can I Prevent Stinging Insects Around My Home?

If you want to prevent stinging insects from gathering around your home, keep reading. Check out these four simple prevention steps you can do around your house without relying on heavy chemicals:

  • Keep your garage decluttered and well organized to prevent nests.
  • Plant lemongrass and other strong-smelling plants that keep wasps away.
  • Remove any bird feeders that carry sugary smells or food from your yard.
  • Keep your lawn mowed down and bushes trimmed back.

Implementing just a few steps can aid your home against these kinds of infestations, even if you think it’s not much. By keeping everything in check and well-maintained, you’ll find that it will deter things that attract wasps and such from your home.

The Problem With DIY Pest Control for Stinging Insects

When it comes to bees and wasps around your property, it can be dangerous to handle them alone. In most cases, when you try to DIY the problem, you can anger and irritate them into becoming much more aggressive. This can be true with any group of scorpions as well. They can attack you out of aggression and keep doing so unless they are eliminated. 

This can be very dangerous if you don’t have the proper equipment to handle a fury of attacks or a hot-headed swarm of wasps. The best way to kill scorpions and other stinging pests in a way that will bring no harm to you or your family is to leave the job to a trained team.

Why You Should Call Lake Norman for Stinging Insect Control in Mooresville

Whether it’s scorpions, or different types of wasps, stinging insects can be a real danger. Do not put yourself in harm’s way when you can call our team at Lake Norman Home Services to handle the problem for you. When you need the best Mooresville pest control company on your team, look no further than us at Lake Norman Home Services. You’ll find that we can handle any stinging pest that finds its way near or inside your home. 

It can be a terrifying encounter when you come across a wasp infestation within your walls, but with our help, you can get ahead of any potential problem before it occurs. We can conduct inspections that will alert us to any infestations before they take root. So reach out to our team at Lake Norman Home Services today and take a step forward in keeping your home safe and secure for your family.