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What You Should Know If You're Seeing Stink Bugs Around Your Mooresville Property

A stink bug on a leaf

No homeowner wants to feel like they have to walk on eggshells around their home for fear of accidentally stepping on a stink bug, or smelling up their entire house. Although these insects pose no physical harm to people, they can erode your comfort in the place where you’re supposed to experience peace.

We want our residents to enjoy their homes without worry at Lake Norman Home Services. That’s why we provide the most effective pest control in Mooresville to eliminate stink bugs quickly. Read on to learn more about these insects and the different ways to prevent them from visiting you.

How to Identify a Stink Bug

If you've ever seen a shield, that's the shape of a stink bug’s body. These insects are also known as “shield bugs.” With a three-segmented body, stink bugs have a dark green or brownish-gray color with metallic-blue or copper patches on the top of their heads. They have straight, piercing antennae, six legs, and sucking mouthparts for feeding. With their strong wings, stink bugs fly when necessary and can do so for miles.

Why You Don’t Want Stink Bugs Hanging Around Your Home

It's safe to assume that no property owner wants bugs hanging around with the word “stink” in their name. These insects can go undetected for an extended time, increasing their population and making it more challenging to eliminate them once you’ve become aware of their existence. The more stink bugs around your home, the higher the chances of inadvertently stepping on or crushing them, releasing that dreadful aroma.

Additionally, these insects can stain your curtains, clothing, upholstery, or any other fabrics you own. They can alert other stink bugs to their location by discharging a pheromone that acts as GPS to guide the way into your home. Therefore, if you need further assistance, contact professional pest elimination to get rid of stink bugs in Mooresville.

Factors That Attract Stink Bugs to Your Home

No one intentionally invites nuisance pests into their home. The problem is that many people have no clue they’re doing it. And unfortunately, the more beautifully landscaped your property is to you, it's even more alluring to insects. Review these five reasons why stink bugs find your house so attractive:

  • Ripe or rotten fruit on the ground
  • Brightly-colored gardens and other foliage in abundance
  • Damp areas or excess moisture
  • Outdoor lighting or reflective surfaces that shine at night
  • Small openings in vents, screens, windows, and doors

Once the temperature drops and winter comes, don’t be surprised to see that stink bugs have found their way inside your home to keep warm. To avoid a full-blown stink bug invasion, get in touch with professional pest control to handle the situation before it worsens.

The Best Way to Eliminate a Stink Bug Infestation

Trying to get rid of a stink bug problem yourself is a tricky situation. They emit a powerfully pungent and offensive odor if they feel threatened or are stepped on, smashed, or squished. Eliminating these bugs is challenging if the goal is to prevent them from releasing that awful smell and stinking up your house. Hiring an experienced exterminating company is essential. They possess the right tools, resources, and best practices for successful stink bug removal.

At Lake Norman Home Services, we’ve been delivering exceptional pest management services to the residents of our community for more than 30 years. Our mission is to restore the tranquility and comfort of pest-free living to your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Our friendly staff makes you feel at ease during every step of the treatment process. Contact us today to request your free quote.