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Why Rodents Are So Hard To Get Rid Of In Mooresville

A rat crawling on a cement stairs

Rodents have roamed the Earth for several million years. These little animals have developed excellent survival skills throughout the years and know how to stay out of harm's way. They are also resilient and resourceful and know how to thrive in various environments.

If rodents get into your home, you could have high repair costs and health risks to deal with in the near future. At Lake Norman Home Services, we deliver one-of-a-kind rodent control in Morrisville. Once rodents invade your home, getting them to leave can seem almost impossible. However, our experts know all the secrets and advanced techniques that will get the rodents to pack their bags and never return. 

The Kinds of Rodents That Invade Mooresville Properties

The most common type of rodent you are likely to find in a Mooresville home is a mouse. Three common mouse types are in this area: the white-footed mouse, the deer mouse, and the house mouse. The mice can measure anywhere from 2 to 5 inches long, and they have long, thin tails that are almost as long as their bodies and covered in little to no hair. 

Another type of rodent known to make an appearance in residential areas is the rat. These rodents are much larger than mice and can measure around 18 inches long, including their tail. 

Mice and rats not only look similar, but they also have some of the same behaviors. Both rodents are more active at night and prefer to stay hidden in the shadows and dark corners of your home. They are also both capable of causing an extensive amount of damage to your home. If you see these hazardous pests in your home, don’t hesitate to contact a rodent extermination company. 

Tips to Keep Rodents at Bay

Rodents are attracted to places that provide food, water, and warm shelter. The first thing you should do is seal any openings around your home. Rodents can sneak into your home through your chimney, vents, and other gaps found around your home. They can squeeze their bodies through incredibly tiny crevices, so covering any opening over a half-inch long is essential. 

If you aren’t sure whether or not you found every potential entrance around your house, call a residential rodent control company and have them take a look

The Role of Sanitation: Keep Rodents Away by Eliminating Attractants

Rodents are attracted to dark and quiet places with plenty of food to nest. Our local rodent control experts recommend following these steps to remove any attractants from your house:

  • Place pet food and dry foods in airtight metal or glass containers. 
  • Reduce hiding spots by removing piles of clothes, old boxes, and other clutter from your home and garage. 
  • Fix any water leaks around your home and promptly remove the water and moisture from the area. 

To achieve complete rodent control, you must stay vigilant, remove attractants as soon as you find them, and have your home professionally inspected regularly by a rodent exterminator so nothing gets overlooked. 

Mooresville's Secret Weapon to Complete Rodent Control

Rodents can cause many problems from the moment their tiny paws enter your home. Lake Norman Home Services can care for all your rodent control needs—our Mooresville rodent control services offer long-term protection against rodent infestations.