Specialty Of Lake Norman, North Carolina

March 7, 2019

Every place has its own specialty. Some places specialize in food more than others. Some specialize more on service. Others specialize in education.  But for this segment, we will be talking about one of the best specialties in Lake Norman, North Carolina. In this humble place filled with happy people, they pride themselves in something that does not only save lives but save homes as well.  

Pest Control For North Carolina 

As we all know, most people in North Carolina our pet and lawn enthusiasts. They are very good at handling gardens and designing their homes. However, it has been observed that their uncontrolled forces that compromise the health and safety of the people in North Carolina. With that being pests, Sam and Fran Newman from Lake Norman had decided to create a company that will make sure that no pest will ever bring diseases or damages to families again.  

Pests such as cockroaches have been found to spread various diseases in the family. Mice have been found to cause damage to walls, holes, and other instruments or accessories. Ants on the other hand, although they may be helpful to the environment, once they infest your home, they too can bring peril to the family. One of the most common lawn pests is called the Japanese Beetle, known to infest all kinds of leaves, compromising the help of our plants and bushes. The mole can be damaging by burrowing and digging underground holes but can damage the roots of our plants. As pet enthusiasts, ticks and fleas are also known to cause danger not only to animals but also humans. For over 50 years, they have been providing service to customers, saving lives, and putting smiles.

Ensuring A Pest-Free Home

In Lake Norman, North Carolina, one of their best specialties is pest control. Not only did the company provide a living to some citizens, but they have also dedicated there worth to the advocacy of the pest free home. Since the 1900s, Lake Norman Pest Control has dedicated to conducting its own research about various kinds of pests to know exactly what they’re dealing with. Since then, Lake Norman Pest Control has been found to give excellence, competence, and satisfaction to all of their customers. The exterminators pride themselves and their professionalism. They’re willing to explain everything you need to know about the products and procedures used in pest control.

The best part is, lake Norman pest control provides learning and continuous training to their staff, making sure that the services offered are high in quality. At Lake Norman Pest Control, we use state of the art methods and treatments. We pride ourselves in using botanical and human-friendly means of extermination.  We understand the financial obligations of our customers. Which is why we offer a service plan for as low as $30.00 a month that covers the interior and exterior of your home. We plan to exterminate most kinds of pests and are willing to provide all the necessary treatments without any additional charges.

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