How To Treat For Weevils In Concord, NC

March 29, 2019

The city of Concord, with a population of more or less 95,000, is found in the U.S. state of North Carolina. It is the second largest city in the Charlotte Metropolitan area and tenth largest city in North Carolina in terms of population, according to Wikipedia. Concord is now one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. It has a robust economy and is very ideal to raise a family and also ideal for establishing new businesses.

Effective Weevil Extermination Methods

The best pest experts in Concord NC, Lake Norman Pest Control Company, has been serving its residents for more than 50 years. They are now truly one of the pillars of Concord’s progressive economy. Residents and businesses have learned to trust them for their extreme professionalism.  Progress tags along with some problems with it, most especially in the environment. Trash, air and water pollution and pests are always a looming threat. For the residents, household pests are always going to be a problem. Lake Norman Pest Control makes sure these pests are under control.

Weevils As Pests

Weevils are actually part of the beetle family. They are small, oval-shaped insects that are about 6 mm in size. They have distinct heads characterized by their long snouts. Their lifespan is up to 8 months long. Weevils are notorious for damaging and killing crops. They also attack garden plants; indoors they attack and contaminate food with their feces. They are also a nuisance to homeowners.

Once weevils infest homes, they usually do so in great numbers. They manage to enter homes through packaged food products that were bought from the store. They also manage to enter homes whenever they find small openings. Homeowners often find them on the walls and the windowsills.  


Weevils attacked stored dry foods. They can be found inside food packages. Weevils also feed on plants and crops. They can be found in gardens and on plants.  


  • Once you spot weevils in your packaged food, throw it away.  It is totally damaged goods. If weevils are present in newly bought food products, return them to the store immediately. Make sure it will be destroyed.

  • Vacuum the areas that you think were infested by the weevils.  

  • Put your food in sealed containers. This will prevent weevils from contaminating your food.

  • Seal off all cracks an opening in your house, as weevils can make this their entry points.

  • Weevils prefer damp, dark places. Put a damp cloth in dark places within your house, this will enable you to catch weevil, soon you would be catching weevils. Once you find enough weevils on the cloth, put the cloth in water to wash them away. Repeat as necessary.

Weevils can be such a problem if you find there is too many of them. If you need help, call the best pest experts in Concord, NC, Lake Norman Pest Control Company. They have highly skilled and well-trained professionals that are experienced in handling weevil problems. Call Lake Norman Pest Control now, and experience the best there is.

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