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Do you have fleas in your home? Lake Norman Pest Control can help in the Davidson, NC area to get rid of these pests for good. Fleas are not only annoying but can cause health problems for you and your pets.

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Our technicians will target your problem areas and make sure your home is free of fleas. We train our technicians to know where fleas are hiding and how to locate them in your home. We have been in business for more than 50 years and know how to take care of this situation.

Since we are a locally owned and operated pest control company we make sure our customers are taken care of and their pest needs are met. Give us a call today or click to get a free quote on your flea control now.

Local Exterminator For Fleas

Fleas love to invade any home. These pests usually get inside on one of your pets and jump off into your carpet to live. There are different treatments that a pest control company provides in order to get rid of them. They have even been known to live on furniture and beds. When they attach to a host, they leave red, itchy bites that can sometimes turn into a rash. They mostly attach to your pets because it is easy to move around on their skin and through their fur.

In order to rid your home of fleas make sure your pet is free of them by bathing them and taking them to the vet. Fleas can be extremely harmful to your cat or dog by giving them Heartworm. Heartworm can make them sick or in some cases cause death. Fleas are small pests that aren't usually bigger than 3 mm long. They are usually brown and can hide easily in their environment or on the hair of your pets. Even though they are small, they can jump around 7 inches in order to get from one host to another. They reproduce rapidly and will lay eggs on their hosts. The eggs quickly hatch and mature into adults that are ready to feed on you and your pets. Home remedies are just quick resolutions that don't last a long time. The best way to get rid of fleas for good is to call your local pest control company.

Lake Norman Flea Control

Lake Norman Pest Control will make sure your pest problems are taken care of or your money back. We have different service options for your flea control and our representatives can answer any questions you may have about them. Call us today or click to get a free quote on your flea control now.

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Our customers value our services and have left some reviews. We like to make sure all our customers are completely satisfied with our services. Check them out and see if Lake Norman Pest Control can help with your flea control in Davidson today.


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