Having a good and sound sleep at night is the best feeling as you can have more energy for the next day. However, there are several reasons to experience sleep disruption, and one is bed bugs. The pest will sneak into your bed and will leave you some bed bug bites which are itchy and may last for days. Bed bugs are tiny pests which are hard to eliminate once they infest. They can hide everywhere, even in places you have never imagined like picture frames, outlets, walls, and more. The pest will feed on blood until they are full and you might not catch them easily once they bite.

When eliminating bed bugs, the best solution is for an exterminator do the work. However, availing a pest control service is expensive and might be hard for the pocket. If you want to do the pest control by yourself, check out these natural remedies which you can follow to eliminate bed bugs on your property once and for all.

bed bug infesting

Essential Oils

Over the years, the usage of essential oils keeps on increasing which sometimes makes it an all-around solution. Due to its effectivity, several people are resorting to essential oils as one of their solutions in combating pest infestation.

One of the common pest problems at a property is bed bugs, and essential oils can eliminate them. Tea tree oil is one of those oils you can use for bed bugs. The oil is proven effective in repelling insects due to its membrane-damaging property. The oil can be used as a spray in areas where bed bugs often hide like furniture, cracks, and gaps. Mix the tea tree oil with water and spray it all over the room or house. Regularly doing this can eliminate the bed bugs completely.

Another essential to consider for your bed bug problem is citronella oil. This oil does not only repel bed bugs but mosquitoes as well. Citronella oil can kill the pest and its eggs which will avoid its population to increase quickly. The oil attacks the acidic condition of bed bugs which eliminate them eventually. Also, the aroma can repel pests which will leave you a pest-free home after. If you want to use this oil as your solution, you can combine a moderate amount of citronella oil with water and spray it liberally on areas where bed bugs are mostly present.

If you are still not satisfied with tea tree and citronella oils, you can also use lavender oil for repelling and eliminating bed bugs. The oil can get rid of the eggs just like the citronella, and its smell can quickly kill the pest. You can use lavender oil as a spray repellent for bed bugs. Another one is neem oil which has been used for medical purposes and has proven its effectivity in dealing with bed bugs. With its high toxicity, it can deter any pest like bed bugs successfully. There are still other essential oils to use like eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and orange oil which you can freely spray in your property to stop bed bugs from causing infestations.


Vinegar has thousands of uses, and it can help in dealing with your bed bug problems. This household item can help in eliminating bugs even on unwanted hours since it is always present in your home. Vinegar can cause severe damage to the nervous system of bed bugs which kill them in no time. But, if you want to eliminate the eggs as well, this may not be a good help as it cannot get rid of those bed bug eggs. You can directly apply the vinegar onto bed bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural insecticide which you can use for eliminating bed bugs. The powder is made from diatoms which can be used inside or outside of a house. DE is known to get rid of several bugs like cockroaches, ants, and termites and bed bugs are no exemption. Sprinkle the powder on areas where bed bugs are hiding, and once they make contact with it, they will eventually die since DE makes any pest dry and dehydrated. Don’t miss the crevices, floor, and bed which are common havens for the pest. Leave the powder for three days then vacuum it to remove DE and the dead pests in your house. If you want to use diatomaceous earth as your solution, buy the food grade one as it is human and pet-friendly.

Baking Soda

If you want to use some household items for controlling and eliminating bed bugs, baking soda is what you need. The baking soda can help in getting rid of bed bugs by drying the pest which leads to its death after. You can spread the powder all over the place or on areas where bugs are present. Leave the baking soda for a week before cleaning it up using a vacuum cleaner to make it effective. This simple household item does not only help in making your house clean, but it can also aid you when pests like bed bugs are bothering your home.


If you want to eliminate bed bugs without the help of any chemical, then a steamer is what you need. Steaming those bed bugs will easily kill them. You can buy one in stores and choose the high-heat one to ensure that those pests will be gone for good.  You can use the steamer in different areas like upholstery, mattress, pillowcase, and more which will be easy for you to get rid of the problem. You don’t only remove the pest, but the eggs are also eradicated to ensure that they will not infest more in the future.


Borax is another item you can rely on when bed bugs are your concern. This item can easily get hold of those bed bugs and eliminate them in no time. If you want to use this, you only have spread the borax on areas where bed bugs are found like your mattress and immediately spray water on it to suffocate the pest. Also, if bed bugs infest your beddings, clothes, or fabrics, you can use borax when washing to remove the pest for good.

House Cleaning

Your house is susceptible to pests like bed bugs if you have the environment and food sources which they need to stay living. If you always keep your house messy, you can expect that several types of pests will come and infest. If you want to make your house bed bug free all year long, the best way is to clean your house regularly. When you clean your house, it becomes less attractive to pests which will lead them to look for another place to infest. Your vacuum cleaner is essential in preventing bed bug infestation because it can suck those pests even the eggs. Vacuuming regularly helps in decreasing the number of pests around your home.

When you clean, don’t forget to check the furniture and upholstery as these can be a place for bed bugs to reside. You can spray some essential oils, apply diatomaceous earth, or vacuum your furniture to ensure that no pest will be left behind. Also, don’t just clean your house, you should also clean the beddings, mattress, clothing, and fabrics which are infested by bed bugs. The pest travels from one place to another by clinging onto clothes. If you don’t wash your clothing regularly, you can expect that the bed bugs can spread easily in your property. Also, if you don’t wash your bedding or mattress, the pests will continue to feed on you and leave you itchy bites. Cleaning your house is a preventive measure you can easily do if you don’t want to experience severe pest infestations.

These are the home remedies you can do if you want to control bed bugs on your own. These natural ways are easy to follow and are sometimes available inside your home. However, bed bugs can become uncontrollable especially when their infestation worsens. If you don’t want to put your family at risk, a professional exterminator is the one you need.

Professional Pest Control Company

Lake Norman Pest Control is a reliable company which you can entrust your bed bug problem. The local pest control company in North Carolina can eliminate all types of pests from bed bugs down to cockroaches. They guarantee that high quality of services will be delivered to give you better results and unrivaled satisfaction which you cannot experience from others.

The company has highly trained, expert, and licensed technicians who will perform safe and effective pest control services in your property. They will meticulously check your property to find bed bugs and immediately apply appropriate treatments which are made for bed bugs alone. Since Lake Norman Pest Control is a well-experienced company, name the pest, and they can quickly resolve your problems.

Rest assured that Lake Norman Pest Control will eliminate those bed bugs once and for all to give you a healthy and good night sleep which you can enjoy all year long. When you need professional help in North Carolina for bed bugs, the one to call is Lake Norman Pest Control. Just dial (704) 663-6440, and they will be happy to serve your needs!


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