Pests are common problems of homeowners even nowadays. Different types of pests can infest properties, and the infestation can be extreme which is problematic for owners. One of the pests you can experience in your home is rodents. They are one of the most damaging vermin you can have which can cost you more when repairs are the matter.

Rodents are pesky which you should never ignore once they invade your house. They are quick in infesting and damaging your house even before you catch them. The pest is smart and can even chew on everything, that’s why it is best to eliminate them before they ruin your house. When getting rid of them, a professional is mostly what you need. However, if you don’t want to resort for a pest control company in inspecting your house for rodents, you can do it yourself. Here are some tips on how you can successfully check for rodents in your property.

peaking rodents


Rodents are typical visitors to your kitchen, and it is one of their hiding places. They are known to be scavengers, and they will find all means to get inside your kitchen to look for food. If you want to remove rodents in your kitchen, you should check the power supply which is near your stove as it is where they normally enter by making a hole. When you see one, don’t only stare at it, instead, sealed it quickly to prevent rodents from entering your kitchen easily.

Also, if your food has traces of rodent bites, it only means that the pest found your food sources and they know where you store it. Hence, if you want to prevent your food from contamination, better store your food properly by using containers made of metal which is harder for rodents to chew. Also, keep the food on areas which are hard for rodents to reach.

If you eat contaminated food by rodents, you might acquire some fatal diseases which they carry. If you don’t want your kitchen to experience rodent infestation, check it regularly and don’t forget to clean it to remove food crumbs which pests love to feast. When checking your kitchen, don’t forget these tips for you to know how you can stop rodents from coming into your kitchen.


Another place to check for rodents is in your attic. This area is just under the roof which is typically isolated. Due to its isolation, rodents love staying and nesting in this place because it’s the environment they need. If you are checking your house for rodents, always see your attic as it can be a place for rodents to hide. They can sneak into the attic due to their amazing climbing skills.

If your attic has cardboards, it can attract rodents, and they can easily destroy it. If you want to know if pests are around like rodents, check for droppings. If you see some, it only means that the pest has been staying in your attic. You also need to look for filth, grease, and nest in the attic as these are signs of their presence. If you want to stop those rodents from infesting your attic, the best way is to cover the holes they have made which is a gateway for them to enter the area. Also, if your attic is full of mess, declutter it to make it unattractive to pests. When there is too much clutter, it gives the pest an idea to build their nest and infest.

Another one to remember when checking, see whether there are trash cans or pet food in the attic as it can lure rodents and allow them to enjoy the place. When you are inspecting the attic, always remember to eliminate holes, garbage cans, or pet food which are attractive to rodents and other pests.


If you think your walls are safe from rodents, you got it wrong as it is one of the places in your house where they always hang out. Your walls can be infested, and you can easily know it due to the scratching sounds they create. If you leave rodents inside your walls, your electrical wires are their target as they can chew on it easily. When those rodents damage your electrical wirings at home, it may cause a fire which is more destructive and risky for you and your family.

Rodents can create holes on your walls which will lead them in creating nests inside. If you want to get rid of them for good, you better get rid first of those holes. You can also leave one gap which will allow the pest to get out of the walls and never return. If you trap them, they will be tempted to make more holes and cause a severe infestation. Your walls should not be left unchecked for pests because it is one of those places where rodents and other pests can easily hide and infest. If you allow them to live on your walls, expect that it will acquire damages and might lead you to danger.


Rodents are not only found inside your home, but they can also be found in your garden. Since they can gnaw on everything, your plants are never exempted from their infestation. They will chew on plants, trash, furniture, and on whatever they find in your garden. When checking your garden and you see holes, it only shows that rodents have already infiltrated your garden and an infestation is already occurring. If you want to get rid of that pest, you can put baits with poison which are effective in dealing with pesky rodents. Once they take the bait, they can never release the poison as they don’t vomit due to the special barrier in their body.

Another one, remove the mess in your garden which can be a habitat for rodents. You should place it on areas which are unreachable for pests to prevent them from causing more damages. Rodents can infest all the places in your property including the garden that’s why an often inspection should be done to prevent the place from experiencing the wrath of rodents and other pests.

Drainage & Sewers

Your house has sewers and drainages, and those areas are prone to rodent infestation. Rodents can easily squeeze their selves into small holes, gaps, and crevices - and your drains are in trouble. The pest can quickly come inside your sewers or drainage which can be damaged and might cost you some money for repairs. Moreover, rodents are great swimmers, and even when you drown them, they won’t die easily; that’s why they can come inside your bathroom without difficulties. The also, if you flush them, they can still find the same route where they were washed out.

The drainage and sewers should also be checked since rodents can damage it or might as well make it one of their homes. You don’t want to have rodents at home because they can reproduce crazily which will be harder to remove if their population blows up. If you don’t get rid of them immediately, the problem can get worse.

These are some tips you can follow if you want to check rodents in your property. These places are typically the areas they hide and nest; that’s why you should never skip these when checking. But, if you want to get rid of those rodents and other pests for good, then a professional exterminator in North Carolina is what you need.

Professional Pest Control Company

Rodents are pests which should be eliminated once you spot them. Letting them freely enjoy your home will be your loss because they cause severe damages and carry fatal diseases which can affect you and your family. If you don’t want your family and property to suffer, an exterminator is what you need, and Lake Norman Pest Control is the best choice.

Lake Norman Pest Control is a professional company which you can entrust your rodent problems. The company knows how to get rid of rodents without causing any danger on you and your family. They have exterminators who are well-rounded and certified which can deliver the services you need.

The company will inspect the entirety of your property to ensure that they find all rodents hiding and infesting your house. Once they know where pests are hiding, they will instantly apply appropriate, effective, and safe treatments which are capable of eliminating rodents once and for all. You can also let Lake Norman Pest Control handle your other pest problems because they have all the solutions to all types of pests, insects, and bugs.

Choosing Lake Norman Pest Control as your exterminator will never leave you in disappointment because they perform high quality of services. The prices are also affordable which will be lighter on the pocket. Rest assured that the company will give you peace of mind and satisfaction by eradicating rodents and other pests infesting your property. If you need professional help with your rodent problems, call Lake Norman Pest Control at (704) 663-6440, and they will be in your doorstep as fast as lightning!


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