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Termite Exterminator In Cornelius, NC

Termites can cause a lot of damage fast if not controlled by a professional. Lake Norman Pest Control can help in Cornelius to protect your home from them. Termite damage can sometimes cost thousands of dollars, so make sure you call a professional today.


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Our company uses the Sentricon green stations to lure the termites away from your home. These stations are supplied with a special bait so the termites will take it back to their colonies. This is to ensure the entire colony dies. They are placed around your home and are hardly visible to you and your neighbors.

It is important to let a professional exterminator control your termite population to make sure it is done the right way. Our technicians will go out and estimate what type of termite control or protection your home needs. We have a specialized termite team that is trained extensively about this bug. Give us a call today or click to get a free quote on your termite control now.

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Termites can invade any home and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Some people mistake termites for ants, but termites are mostly hotdog-shaped while ants have segmented bodies. Make sure you identify your termites fast before they cause more damage than they already have to your property. These pests reproduce rapidly and start colonies in or around your property. Even though you can only see around 10 termites, there is a colony of thousands of these bugs somewhere in your home.

They never stop eating or working, which is why it is hard to control them on your own. They travel through the ground and find any opening they can to enter your home. Some signs you may have termites are squeaky floors, stuck windows, and rotting wood. If you start to notice wood shavings near crown molding or around your floors it might indicate worker termites are burrowing holes in your walls. Home remedies do not work when it comes to termites because of how fast they reproduce and infest a home. In order to effectively protect your home or control your termite population, call your local pest control company now.

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Lake Norman Pest Control is a locally owned and operated business. They make sure their customers are taken care of or they will receive their money back. If you have any questions about our pest control treatments give our representatives a call today. We are here to help so click to get a free quote on your termite protection today.

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Our customers value the work we do for them and we make sure the customers’ pest problems are eliminated. If you are not satisfied with our pest control treatments, we will make it right with you. Check out our reviews and see if Lake Norman Pest Control can help you with termite control in Cornelius now.


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