Rats are one of the enemies of homeowners because they not only bring infestation, but they can cause severe damages as well. The pest can go through any hole and can hide well, which makes it hard to eliminate them. Rats can surely ruin your house gradually if they are not eliminated quickly. On the other hand, when rats are the issue, usually, a pest control company in Troutman, NC is the one to call. They can help in getting rid of the pest instantly. Some might prefer to do DIY pest control which are not guaranteed to treat the problem.

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Have you ever wondered what facts are interesting about rats? If you do, there are several truths which will capture your interest and make you think why the pest can easily come inside your home. If you want to feed your mind with new ideas about rats (which could be a big help in the future) then here are facts which you should know about rats. Let’s check them out now!

1. Rats Reproduce Quickly

When it comes to reproduction, rats never fail to amaze as they can reproduce quickly! Female rats can breed even they are only five weeks old. At such an early age, they can mate with male rats to produce several babies. Female rats can mate for 500 times in six hours with different partners whenever they are interested. They can experience this for fifteen times yearly. With this, they can produce several babies, which can increase their population instantly. Another interesting fact about rat’s reproduction is female rats can get pregnant within 24 hours after they give birth. The more female rats you have at home, the more chances of experiencing an infestation. If you don’t want to have a house filled with rats, better call a trusted pest exterminator in Troutman to prevent them from growing.

2. Rats’ Teeth Keep On Growing

Are you curious why rats can chew on almost everything? Well, thanks to their continuously growing teeth, they can surely gnaw on what they see around your house. They tend to chew on everything because their teeth to keep on growing. Every year, their teeth grows up to five inches. Due to their never-ending growing teeth, they can easily gnaw cinder blocks, lead, aluminum sheeting, electrical wires, papers, and more. If those rats will keep on chewing your belonging or house, expect to see damages and the repairs are more costly than hiring a pest control company in Troutman.

3. Rats Are Disease Carriers

Aside from cockroaches and mosquitoes, rats are also disease carriers which can greatly affect the health if they continue to infest your property. Since they carry pathogens, rats can spread 35 diseases that are dangerous to humans. Some of the viruses that the pest bring are Hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonella, tularemia, and plague. Once you have these viruses, your health is at risk because some can also be fatal if not given immediate medical treatment. If you don’t want to spend most of your savings to hospital bills, better do a preventive measure by calling a pest exterminator in Troutman to get rid of rats for good.

4. Rats Are Smart

Yes, you’ve read it right! Rats are smart creatures because they have a good memory. If you flush them in your toilet, they can still go back using the same route where they have exited. No matter what you do, rats can still find their way back to your home because of their strong memorization skills. Another fact is their taste bud are excellent. By tasting a few poisons made for them, they can quickly recognize the poison and avoid it. If you plan to get rid of them by flushing or poisoning, it might not work instead let a professional pest control company in Troutman NC get rid of them.

5. Rats Are Great Swimmers

Rats are not only good in escaping and memorizing, but they are also good swimmers. Some types of rats can tread in water for several days, which make it easier for them to escape even they are in the water. Another is that rats can stay underwater for three minutes, which is enough time for them to look for a way for them to stay alive. Because of their ability to swim, drowning them won’t be a good idea since they can still make a way out and alive. If you don’t want to let them escape or create more damage in your property, a pest exterminator in Troutman is all you need, and you are good to go!

6. Rats Cannot Vomit

When humans ate something which upset their digestive system, they will typically vomit. However, rats don’t vomit even they have digested toxic food or contents. The reason why rats don’t vomit and burp is that a special barrier is present in their throat, which prevents them from releasing what they have eaten. Because of this, humans can take advantage of poisoning rats because once they have taken the bait, it will be harder for them to get rid of it because they don’t know how to puke. If you want to get rid of the pest, you can use some toxic products which are effective in dealing with rats. 

7. There Are Multiple Species Of Rats

Normally, when you say rats, you will only think that only one species is present. But there are multiple species of rats! One is the roof rats. This type is known to live on the roof due to their ability to climb. Though they are great climbers, their vision is not as good as their skill. They are also colorblind but has an excellent sense of smell, taste, hearing, and touch. Roof rats tend to eat vegetables, fruits, pet food grain, nasty food, and more. Having this type around can put your property at risk because they can damage your house by chewing and can spread diseases.

Another type is the Norway rat. This type is black and can be typically seen in basements of a building. They can also be found in farms and fields. Norway rats can also cause damages on your property since they chew on everything they see. They will attack the food you have kept and will urinate on it, which can lead to contamination. They too are disease carriers that’s why it is best to get rid of them. If you don’t want to see these two types, let a pest exterminator in Troutman eliminate them.

8. Rats Laugh Too

Humans can laugh and so do rats. The sound is very different from what people create when laughing. Rats will create a chirping sound in a high-pitched tone which you can hear when they are in your property. Even though they can laugh, it is best to allow a pest control company in Troutman to get rid of them.

9. Rats Can Socialize

Even though some rats are shy and will run away when threats are around, there are other rats which are sociable. They tend to blend with their communities. Whenever they socialize, they groom, sleep, and play with each other. According to a pest expert in Troutman, before rats become comfortable with your home, get rid of them right away.

10. Rats Are Clean Animals

Surprised? Yes! Rats are clean animals compared to cats and dogs you have at home. This is because they tend to groom their selves. Because of their nature of grooming, they are always clean to look at. Even though they look clean, it will still be best to eliminate them due to the diseases they can carry.

These are the ten facts about rats which you are curious about. These facts can make you more familiar with the animal. However, when you see one, it is always best to eliminate them by calling a pest control company in Troutman.

Professional Pest Control Company

When rats are infesting your home, the one you need is Lake Norman Pest Control. The company provides exceptional services which can eliminate your problem once and for all. Lake Norman Pest Control uses high-quality and effective pest treatments and methods which can guarantee to eliminate rats or other pests which keep on bothering your home. They have expert and certified technicians who are well-rounded in handling pest matters.

From the inspection down to the treatment, the pest control company in Troutman assures you that no pest will be left behind and all problems will be resolved instantly. Rest assured that you will have a pest-free home to enjoy with your family for a longer period. Whether you have rats, mosquitoes, cockroaches, or termites, don’t hesitate to call Lake Norman Pest Control at (704) 663-6440 because they will help you get rid of your pest problems successfully! Call them now!


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