Bed bugs were thought to be pests of the past, but they have made a comeback and are causing problems today. The pest is small and has an oval-shaped body which you can't see unless you look closely. If you have bed bugs around it can disrupt your good night sleep because they attack during night time. When they keep on pestering your property, the only way to get rid of them is by calling a pest control company in Davidson, NC. There are also several myths floating around about bed bugs. People think these misconceptions are true, and it can cause problems for them in the long run.

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Have you ever wondered what myths people believed in when it comes to bed bugs? Let’s find out the ten myths about bed bugs that people have believed in ever since. Check these out!

Myth #1: Bed Bugs Fly

One of the myths that people believe in is that bed bugs fly. This is wrong. Bed bugs cannot fly—they only crawl. To being with, they don’t have wings; that’s why their ability to fly is pure myth. If you see them flying, your blow dryer might be the reason. They move about one meter every minute, which is why it is fast for them to get close to your home without notice. Bed bugs are great hiders because they can hide on places you have never imagined like picture frames, appliances, clothes, and more. If you see them pestering your home, don’t have a second thoughts on calling a pest exterminator in Davidson if you want to have a bed bug-free home.

Myth #2: Bed Bugs Are Only Active During The Night

It is true that bed bugs are nocturnal and they tend to attack their hosts during the night, but the pest can also be active during day, no matter how much they hate the light. Bed bugs will come to their host any time of the day to feed their hungry stomachs and they might do it on daytime. If you tend to sit on a couch where bed bugs are present, expect that they will feast on you and will give you itchy bed bug bites. Even when the lights are on, bed bugs are not easy to drive away, and if you want them out of your sight for good, the only way is to hire a pest control company in Davidson. When it comes to bed bugs, get rid of them before they get you first!

Myth #3: Bed Bugs Only Live In Mattresses

Bed bugs are found on mattresses; that’s why they can easily bite you when you are asleep—but it doesn’t mean they only stay in one place. Bed bugs can be found everywhere in your property as long as they find the perfect environment they need. They are also found on fabrics, clothes, luggage, bags, couches, pillows, appliances, and more. They don’t have a permanent residency, that’s why if you see bed bugs in different places in your home, an infestation is already occurring. If you ignore their presence, it will be you and your family who will suffer their wrath. That’s why, when you see some bed bugs, make sure to call your trusted pest control company in Davidson to help you get rid of your problems once and for all.

Myth #4: Bed Bugs Can't Be Seen With The Naked Eye

The size of bed bugs is compared to an apple seed, which makes it difficult to see them due to their small size. You can see the pest clearly due to their reddish or brown color. But, it will be harder for you to see them because they are great in hiding and can get out of the light easily. They tend to hide in dark areas, which is why if you plan to get rid of them, you must first find their whereabouts. But, if you have checked your house and still can’t find those nuisances, what you need is a pest exterminator in Davidson who knows where bed bugs are indeed hiding. A meticulous inspection should be done, and only a professional can do it.

Myth #5: Bed Bugs Spread Diseases

Bed bugs, mosquitoes, and ticks are blood-sucking pests, which can be alarming. Some people believe that bed bugs can spread diseases, but they have the wrong information. Mosquitoes and ticks are disease carriers—not the tiny bed bugs you see at home. When you have bed bug infestation at home, it is normal to experience itchiness, allergies, and sleep disruption when they attack. They can also effect the mental state of a person, especially if the house is infested. Bed bugs can cause depression, anxiety, and paranoia. But, compared to mosquitoes and ticks, bed bugs are not dangerous creatures since they don't spread deadly diseases. If you have bed bugs at home, you can get bed bug bites, but not viruses from a bed beg biting you. However, if you don’t want to have an infestation, get rid of them by calling a pest exterminator in Davidson to lessen your burdens.

Myth #6: Bed Bugs Are Easy To Eliminate Using DIY

Some people would like to use DIY pest control when they have bed bugs or other pests to save money. It can be helpful, but the result might not give you satisfaction you're looking for. Nowadays, bed bugs are resistant to pesticides; that’s why eliminating them using DIY will not do good. They won’t be scared to crawl out of your house because they can withstand the toxic you spray on them. Even harsh chemicals cannot threaten bed bugs; that’s why DIYs might not work if this pest is around your home. If you want them to get out of your property for good, an exterminator in Davidson is what you need. An exterminator knows alternative solutions which can get rid of bed bugs, and if you hire one, you can also save time and money. Letting a professional handle the work might be the solution you need after all.

Myth #7: Bed Bugs Love Filth

Bed bugs are not picky when it comes to their environment. No matter how clean or dirty your home is, they will invade it if they can find what they need. Don’t believe that they are only attracted to filth. From hotels, to houses, to apartments, you can find bed bugs everywhere! If you don’t want them to be around your property, professional help from a pest control company in Davidson is all you need, and you’re good to go.

Myth #8: Bed Bugs Travel By Jumping

Bed bugs can't jump nor can they fly. They only crawl, that’s why they can travel without problems. They migrate from place to another by clinging onto clothes. That’s why people who came back from a trip and stayed in a hotel where bed bugs might be infesting have a greater chance of bringing the pest into their home. If your clothes have bed bugs, wash it using hot water, or if you want to prevent infestation, a pest control company in Davidson NC is enough to resolve the problem.

Myth #9: Bed Bugs Can Survive Without Eating For A Year

Bed bugs surviving without food for a year is a myth after all. Adult bed bugs can make it possible if they stay in an environment with a lower temperature. But, if the temperature is not what mostly bed bugs want, they can only survive for 100 days even without eating.

Myth #10: Bed Bugs Don't Bite

This is the myth that you should definitely not believe, because bed bugs indeed bite! The pest depends on blood from mammals and humans; that’s why when they found you a good host, they will never hesitate to feed on you. Once they bite, they will leave itchy marks which can last for days.

Professional Pest Control Company

When bed bugs are the matter, the one you need is a pest control company in Davidson, and that’s none other than Lake Norman Pest Control. The company offers a wide range of solutions which can help in eliminating bed bugs and other pests in your home. They use safe and effective treatments and methods which guarantee satisfying and incomparable results.

From inspection down to treatment, Lake Norman Pest Control ensures that everything is done by expert exterminators who are well-rounded in doing pest control. Rest assured that you are always in good hands when you choose the company as your partner in dealing with bed bugs or other pests around your property. If you want a bed bug-free home, contact (704) 663-6440, and they will never hesitate to help you when it comes to your pest control needs. Call them now!


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