A pest infestation is what every homeowner would like to avoid as it can be the reason for property damages and inconveniences. Ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, and rodents are pests which you don’t want to have for your home. Aside from these pests, one of the most hated vexations found in any property is termites. The pest is the one you don’t want within your house if you still want to have a beautiful and sturdy home for your family.

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Termites are known to be silent destroyers as they can cause severe damages in any property without giving you any hint. Once they build their nests and mounds, it will be harder to eliminate them since they are hard-headed and their infestation can worsen.

Prevention is always the best when pests like termites are your enemies. If you want to keep your home termite-proof, here are the top ten ways on how you can make it possible. Let’s get to it now!

1. Remove Standing Water

Like other pests, termites are interested in moisture and if your wood is damp or you have areas in your home where standing water is available, you should remove it as it can attract more pests. Any moist area in your home is what termites like. It serves as the perfect environment they need to survive. If you don't remove standing water, your house will not only be a haven for termites, but it can also be an ideal place to stay for cockroaches and mosquitoes which are known to be diseases carriers. If you don’t want to attract more pests in your home, better get rid of standing water or better yet, call a pest exterminator in Statesville to eliminate the pests itself.

2. Repair Water Leaks

Aside from removing the standing water found in your property, you also have to consider repairing water leaks as it is another reason why termites are fond of entering and infesting your home. Your bathroom, roof, ceiling, walls, and kitchen sinks are the places you should worry as water can leak anytime. If you ignore those leaks, expect that several pests including termites will visit your home. That’s why you should inspect your house frequently to find out if water leaks are present. Don’t wait for termites to step inside your home before you move—prevent it by fixing all water leaks found in your property. Don’t forget to check leaks on drainages as it can also be a habitat for termites. If you miss those water leaks, don’t be surprised to be surrounded by termites the coming days. If you don’t want to see your house breaking down due termites, eliminate them by calling a pest control company in Statesville, NC.

3. Seal Cracks, Gaps & Holes

One of the reasons why termites and other pests can enter your property without difficulty is because you leave them entry points such as cracks, gaps, and holes. The small entrances can welcome several pests like termites, ants, cockroaches, and mice. If you leave those cracks alone, you can experience a bigger infestation if all those pests are present in your home. Before those nuisance attack your humble abode, better seal cracks, gaps, and holes tightly to prevent them from entering. Doing this simple thing can already help your house in a big way. If you don’t give termites’ entry points, it will be harder for them to penetrate your property. Also, your doors and windows should also be closed as it can also be an entrance for pests. If you don’t want to see termites building mounds in your property, make sure to seal all cracks, gaps, and holes properly. But, if you want to have a termite-proof home, what you need is professional help from a pest control company in Statesville.

4. Properly Store Wood & Cardboard

One of the reasons why termites are actively infesting properties is due to wood and cardboard they find. Wood is their staple food and will surely finish everything and will not leave anything behind. Termites are into cardboard as well as it has cellulose, which they need to have in their body for them to survive and receive nutrition. If you don’t properly store cardboard and wood inside your home, you will be able to see termites feasting on it and might be damaging your property as well. That’s why practicing proper storing can help as it can prevent termites and other pests from infiltrating your home. The more you inspect wood and cardboard the better, as you will be able to know whether termites have gotten into them. If you don’t want to see the pest in your home, make sure to store those tempting items properly or best if you let a pest exterminator in Statesville do the work for better results.

5. Maintain The Lawn

Before termites get inside your house, they will first infest the exterior, and the lawn is at risk. An unmaintained lawn can attract termites as it can give them the habitat they need to survive. Also, if the soil is moist at all times, it will indeed be a place for termites to live since they love moist areas. That’s why it is always best to maintain your lawns to prevent pests from reaching the interior of your house. If you don’t have the time to perform maintenance, let a pest control company in Statesville to the elimination of termites for good.

6. Declutter

If your house is filled with mess, it can be an invitation to pests like termites. Clutter can serve as a home for termites and food as well if they can find what their taste buds like. If your home’s mess is mostly made of cellulose materials, termites will surely come. You should declutter often to avoid pests from coming. But, if you want to have those termites say goodbye for good, all you need is a pest exterminator in Statesville, NC.

7. Regular Inspection

They are times that you will feel lazy to check the inside and outside of your property, but if you do it regularly, a good result will come for sure. If you suspect that termites are invading your home, do regular inspection to know if it is true. If you do this, you will be able to know where pests are hiding and might as well find out if you have more than pests in your property. You should not only inspect the inside and outside but should also check the wood and wooden furniture you have as these are attractive to termites. However, if you are too busy and doesn’t have time to inspect your house, you can hire a pest exterminator in Statesville to do the job.

8. Remove Piles Of Wood

Some houses have a fireplace, and owners would tend to pile wood inside the property for easy access. However, this practice can also be a way for termites to get inside your home. If you keep on piling wood inside your home, the pest can quickly come inside your home and get into the pile. So, if you want to have a termite-proof home, remove piles of wood and place them outside. But, when you put the logs in your lawn or garden, make sure to place it above the ground which termites cannot reach and might as well have it some feet away from your property. Eliminating the pest won’t be easy; that’s why a pest exterminator in Statesville NC is the solution to your problem.

9. Lessen Wooden Furniture In Your Home

Wooden furniture can make your house look classy, but when the time comes, it can be the reason your home is filled with termites. Termites don't only infest the structure, walls, or floors of a property, but they can also target wooden furniture, which is easier to access. No matter how good wooden furniture is, it can still be a way for termites to infest your home, that’s why it is better to avoid or lessen wooden furniture in your home. It can save you a lot from spending too much money.

10. Call A Professional Pest Control Company

When things get rough, the best resort is to seek help from a professional pest control company that is well-rounded in handling termites and other pests. A pest control company can help in inspecting and treating termites to make your home termite-proof. Also, the company will give you advice on how you can maintain your home without termites around. If you are seeking for a professional pest control company in Statesville, the one you need is Lake Norman Pest Control.

That’s it! These are the top ten ways on how you can make your home termite-proof all year round. Practicing these will give you the best results and will not make you spend more money. Are you looking for a pest control company in Statesville, NC? Lake Norman Pest Control is the one you need. They have the best treatments and solutions for termites and all kinds of pests found in your property. Call them now at (704) 663-6440, and they will be happy to be at your service!


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