Having dogs or cats around can make your house even livelier as it brings joy and comfort. But, with their presence, you might also see fleas. Fleas are tiny pesky pests which are fond of feeding on your pets. Once they infest your furry friends, allergies or illnesses will come next. When fleas are around, letting a pest exterminator in Denver, NC handle them will lead you to a pest-free home.

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Eliminating fleas are hard as they will not only live on pets, but can also nest in your home as well. If you don’t make a move, expect that an infestation will arise which is harder to deal with in the end. If you don’t know how and where to start in eliminating fleas, here are the top recommended solutions which you can do to get rid of fleas once and for all. Let’s check them out now!

1. Soap With Water

Having fleas around can cause allergies to you and your pets. If you don’t get rid of them, you will find them everywhere around your home! To prevent any infestation from occurring, use soapy water as a solution. It is one of the recommended solutions you can try when fleas are your enemies. By doing this simple solution, you can now resolve your problem without spending too much money. Mix an equal amount of water and dish soap in a bowl and place it on areas where fleas are most active. The solution will trap fleas which will not allow them to escape. Once they made contact with the soapy water, they won’t be able to survive. Since fleas are nocturnal make sure to put the solution during the night when fleas are most active. You should do this regularly until are no fleas left in your home. However, if fleas are still around, a pest exterminator in Denver, NC is all you need.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

One of the reasons why your pets keep on scratching and becoming uncomfortable is because there may be a flea infestation. The pest will linger on your pets for a long time until they found another host—and that might be you! If you don’t make any action, your property will suffer from flea infestation which will be harder to resolve. Before those fleas get you and your pets, use diatomaceous earth (DE). DE is one of the recommended solutions you can use to get rid of fleas. The powder is made from fossilized algae which you can use on fleas and other pests with a waxy exoskeleton such as cockroaches and ants. DE is easy to use as you only need to sprinkle it on infested areas to kill those fleas instantly. The powder will dry the pest which will lead them to die in dehydration. According to a professional pest exterminator in Denver, if you plan to use diatomaceous earth for your flea problem, you should purchase the food grade one as it is non-toxic to humans and pets. Also, when using DE, use a face mask to prevent the powder from coming into your eyes and mouth as it can irritate. After you have applied the DE, immediately vacuum it to suck even the dead fleas and throw it to prevent the pest from nesting in your vacuum cleaner.

3. Natural Sprays

A flea control expert in Denver, NC will typically use a treatment which is effective in dealing with fleas. However, if you plan to do the flea control on your own, the one you can rely on our natural sprays. It is one of the recommended solutions you can use in repelling or eliminating fleas in your home. There are several natural sprays you can do, and some ingredients are found in your home. You can make natural sprays from essential oils like lemon, lavender, peppermint, cedar, and eucalyptus. These essential oils can drive away those pesky pests away since fleas hate the smell of these oils. You can create a spray out of these oils with a mixture of water. What is good with natural sprays is that you can use it even on your furniture or beddings where fleas are present. Do this regularly, and you will get better results. Also, if your dog or cats have fleas, you can apply a small amount of lavender oil on the skin to get rid of the pests. You can even put some on your baseboards as well. But, if you want a long-lasting best results, let a pest exterminator in Denver deal with your flea issues.

4. Boric Acid

Aside from soap the solutions mentioned above, boric acid is also among the recommended solutions when dealing with fleas. Boric acid is human, and pet-friendly, but make sure to still be careful as well to prevent any danger. You can apply the boric acid on areas where you keep seeing fleas, such as carpets. After spreading the powder, make sure to use a broom to let it reach deeper into the fibers of the carpet. Once fleas make contact with boric acid, they will instantly die, and your problem will be resolved in no time. Make sure to vacuum the particles and dead fleas after to keep your house clean and pest-free. But it will always be best to hire a pest control company in Denver.

5. Vacuuming

Fleas will always be difficult to remove due to their small size and great hiding skills. If you don’t want to rely on products alone, another recommended solution to deal with fleas is by vacuuming. Your vacuum cleaner is essential especially when pests are around since it can help to eliminate them for good. Vacuuming every day will help you get rid of fleas and other tiny pests like ants and bed bugs found in your home. This method can lessen the presence of pests in your area since it can even reach unwanted areas where most pesky nuisances are hiding like corners. Also, if you have used some products for fleas like boric acid and diatomaceous earth, you can use the vacuum cleaner to absorb the particles and dead fleas to clean your home. By simply vacuuming, you have already resolved your problem. However, if an infestation already happens, what you need is a pest control expert in Denver to treat your home.

That’s it! These are the top five recommended solutions you can use to deal with your flea problems. Having this pest around your home, your pets are the most prone as those pests are living on dogs or cats and other animals. If you don’t do any preventive measures, fleas will spread within your property and will infest you and your family. To keep your family safe and healthy, the one you need to call is a pest control company in Denver which can help you get rid of fleas.

Professional Pest Control Company

When pests like fleas are the issue, the one you always need to seek help is a pest control company. There are several companies which you can call, but if you want to have the best services without spending too much money, the one you need is Lake Norman Pest Control.

Lake Norman Pest Control is a reliable pest control company in Denver which you can entrust your flea problems. The company provides exceptional services which are always done in high quality to keep you one satisfied customer. They can eliminate fleas and other pests that’s why you only have to name what pest is pestering your home, and they already know what to do with your problem.

The company is composed of highly trained, skilled, and licensed technicians who can help you deal with fleas. They will inspect your property thoroughly to find those pests and will instantly apply the appropriate treatment. Rest assured that during and after the process, you, your family, and pets are always in good hands because the company only use safe treatments which are guaranteed effective in eliminating fleas for good.

Here at Lake Norman Pest Control, you can never go wrong because the company can give you what you want–a flea and pest-free home to enjoy with your family. The company will not only treat pests in your property, but they will also give you advice on how you can maintain your home without pests for a longer period. The company is aware of the hassle that fleas and other pests bring that’s why they are always ready to provide you the best solutions by performing high levels of services which you cannot experience from others.

If you don’t want to regret your choice in the future, make sure to call Lake Norman Pest Control at 704-663-6440. They are your pest control expert in Denver, NC as they will eliminate fleas and pests to avoid future damages from occurring. Call them now!


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