Do you see your pets scratch excessively—even when they are asleep? Well, too much scratching can be a sign a flea infestation is already happening. Fleas are among the pests you wouldn’t want for your pets. They can bring inconveniences not only to your fluffy friends but to your family as well. 

Fleas are pests which mainly target your pets such as cats and dogs. They can easily invade your house if your pets visit a flea infested area. If you wish to have a flea-free home at all times, all you need is a pest control company in Concord, NC which can help you resolve your problems.

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Have you ever wondered how you could identify if your pets have fleas? Here are the top signs which will help you know whether your pets have fleas or not. Let’s find out now!

1. Continuous Scratching

It is typical to see your pets scratching their body, but if the scratching habits become strange, you should be alarmed. Fleas might have made their way into your fluffy friends. Fleas tend to feed on your pets’ blood and dogs and cats will continuously scratch to relieve the itchiness from the flea bites. The pest will find their hiding place like tail, groin, head, neck, and armpits, which are hard to reach areas. When fleas attack, your pets will scratch more than usual. Also, you should be mindful of unusual biting or licking as it can also be a sign that they have fleas. If you don’t want your pets to suffer from any infestation, all you need is a professional pest exterminator in Concord, and you’re good to go.

2. Losing Hair

Your pet can experience hair loss for several reasons, and one of which is because of fleas. If you see that your dogs or cats are losing hair, you should immediately take action as your pets might be suffering from the wrath of fleas. Continuous biting on infected areas will result in hair loss as they are trying to relieve the itchy flea bites. Also, losing hair can happen if your pets become allergic to bites caused by fleas. According to a pest exterminator in Concord, if you don’t want your pets to suffer harshly, you should immediately seek professional help to resolve your worries.

3. Seeing Live Fleas

One of the top signs if pets have fleas is if you see them with your eyes. Active fleas, especially the adult ones, are easy to find in your pets’ bodies due to their visible size. They are about 1/8 inch in length, thin, and are reddish-brown in color. If you see something like this on your pets, they may have a flea infestation. When adult fleas are on your pets, expect that larvae are also there. A pest expert in Concord is what you need to deal with fleas. If you keep seeing fleas crawling on your pets, take action as it is a clear sign that they are infesting your cute furry friends.

4. Visible Red Bumps

When fleas are on your pets, they will leave red, uncomfortable bumps. Because of this, your pets will keep on scratching and biting until the itchiness or pain is relieved. If you see red bumps or rashes, it is a top sign that fleas are living on your pets already. The red bumps are usually found on the pets’ belly, tail, or underneath the legs. It can be inconvenient to the pets that’s why you will see them feel restless or will do strange scratching which can worsen the bumps and might lead to dry skin or hair loss.  According to a pest expert in Concord, when you see red bumps in your pets’ bodies, you should instantly treat it to prevent any infection which can worsen your pets’ condition. Untreated red bumps can be the cause of severe diseases which can be dangerous for your fluffy friends. If you see red bumps, make a move because it is a top sign that fleas are in your pets.

5. Gums Are Pale

Your pets can experience pale gums if fleas infest them. If you find out that your cats or dogs’ gums are becoming pale, it only means that fleas have already made their way into your furry friends. Since fleas feed on blood, severe infestation can lead your pets to anemia where the red blood cell count decreases. If this occurs, it can lead to pale gums and other conditions like lethargy and muscle loss. With this, your pets, especially cats, can suffer if you don’t get rid of the fleas. If you want to keep your pets healthy and active, let a pest control company in Concord eliminate those pesky fleas once and for all.

6. Noticeable Flea Dirt

When fleas and other pests infest, they usually leave some signs to give you warnings. Fleas will leave pepper-like specks which are commonly called "flea dirt." It is usually found on your pet’s bedding, furniture, carpet, and in your pets. The dirt you see is dried-up blood and can change in colors to be black or brown. If the dirt is placed in wet areas it will regain its reddish color as it is rehydrated. Thus, regular cleaning is a must. It is recommended by a pest expert in Concord as cleaning helps in lessening the presence of pests such as fleas. If you leave the flea dirt, it can be a burden to your pets and your family as well. Another is to bath your pets regularly to eliminate the flea dirt and the pest itself. If you see flea dirt, get rid of it instantly by cleaning it or letting a professional do the pest control within your property to save you time. 

7. Changes In Behavior

Typically, pets behave well when they are in good shape. However, it can change due to fleas as they can be the reason why your pets can become fidgety. When fleas begin to attack your furry pets, they will feed on them non-stop, which lead to excessive itchiness. With this, pets will change their behaviors in an instant. Fleas will bring much inconvenience, which can make your cat or dog behave abnormally, as they don’t know what to do. If you want your pets to live comfortably and not change their behaviors drastically, all you need is a pest control company in Concord to handle those nuisances.

That’s it! These are the top seven signs your pets have fleas. If you found these signs in your dogs or cats, better call a pest exterminator in Concord to get rid of the problems. Removing fleas in your home will give you and your pets a healthy and conducive place to stay.

Professional Pest Control Company

Fleas are small yet can bring huge damages and inconveniences to homeowners and pets. The pest targets dogs and cats and if you suspect that your beloved pets have fleas, what you need is professional help, and Lake Norman Pest Control can give it to you.

Lake Norman Pest Control offers high levels of services which are guaranteed to get rid of fleas for good. The company uses safe and effective treatments which are pet and human-friendly, yet certain to remove nuisances in your home. They not only eliminate fleas, but they also get rid of other pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, termites, and more. Name the pest you have, and Lake Norman Pest Control has the accurate and appropriate treatment made for all pests.

Lake Norman Pest Control's professionals will come to your doorstep once you call them. Their expert, highly-trained, and licensed exterminators will inspect your property to find where those pesky fleas and other pests live. They will also check your pets to know the severity of the infestation. Rest assured that in every inspection, Lake Norman Pest Control will give you detailed reports to keep you informed about the pests invading your home and will give you pest control tips to prevent future damages to happen.

Lake Norman Pest Control works within its core values and ensures that they will meet your expectations and satisfaction. The company ensures that their pest control is done safely to keep you, your family, and pets out of great danger. They will always see to it to treat your property successfully to give you a pest-free home which your family and pets can enjoy. 

If your pets are suffering from severe flea infestation, Lake Norman Pest Control is the one to call—your trusted pest control company in Concord. Contact them now at 704-663-6440, and they will be pleased to serve you with high-quality services at affordable rates! 


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