When you hear buzzing sound, that could be an indication that bees are around. The small flying insect can be aggressive and dangerous once threatened. That’s why you shouldn't disturb the hive. Bees can also sting, which is painful, and might cause allergic reactions. If you don’t want to experience their wrath, let a pest control company in Huntersville, NC do the work.

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Although bees could be dangerous, there are also amazing facts that make them good. There are interesting facts which you might not know about bees. Bees are essential in the ecosystem because they help to pollinate plants. Without them, it will be hard for some to have food to eat.

Bees can be friends or enemies, but let’s put behind the dangers they bring by knowing how amazing they can be with these facts. Let’s find out now!

1. Female Rules The Hive

If you think that male bees are the working bees, you have it wrong. Although you may know that the queen bee is typically a female, the worker bees are also mostly females. Male bees tend to have less responsibility and use in the hive. The female worker bees search for food for their hives, build their hive, and secure it from enemies. Also by flapping their wings, they help make the air clean. If you see bees flying around, they are most likely the worker bees. Female bees are the rulers of the hive because the male ones only mate with the queen and after, they will be kicked out of the hive. They don’t even know how to eat on their own. Who rules the hive? Female bees!

On the other hand, if you don’t want to let those working bees become aggressive towards you and your family, let a pest exterminator in Huntersville, NC get rid of their hives.

2. 2,000 Eggs Are Laid Everyday

In every hive, a queen is present as it is the one that lays eggs. A queen bee can lay up to 2,000 eggs every single day, which can make the bee population increase in no time. Even with thousands of eggs, the queen can still pick the gender she wants and mostly, females are born to become workers. With those thousands of eggs a day, surely an infestation will arise and before it happens, let a pest control company in Huntersville, NC handle it to prevent the bee infestation from worsening.

3. Worker Bees Are Loyal

If loyalty is the matter, worker bees never fail to amaze, and this fact will fascinate you. Since working bees are the ones that protect the hive at all cost, they keep it secured and will never betray. Mostly female working bees will risk their lives to save the hive even they will die afterward.  The bond between sisters will always be unbreakable just like in bees.

4. Several Types Of Roles For Bees In A Hive

When you see a bee hive, don’t expect that all bees are performing the same jobs. There are several roles in a hive that bees need to fulfill. One type is the queen bee. There is only one queen to every hive. The queen bee lays thousands of eggs to contribute to the bee colony. The queen is also the one that creates chemicals which will guide the bees in their behavior and role for the hive. Another type of bee found in a hive is the drones. The drones are normally known to be the male bees which mate with the queen to reproduce, and they can't sting. Drones only live in hives during summer and spring when the queen is active in laying eggs, but when the cold season enters, the drones are removed from the nest. If there are male bees, there are also female bees, and these are the workers. This an essential role because they build, protect, and maintain the hive. These are the three types that compose a hive, and if they get threatened, they will surely attack and sting you. If you don’t want your family to suffer the painful stings they give, call a pest exterminator in Huntersville to remove the hive safely.

5. Bees Have Notable Scents

Bees are easily able to distinguish if they are in the right hive through smells. They can easily identify their member’s smell, and even if you put them in a container, they can find the group they belong to. The notable scents will be their guide whether an enemy is near them ore to avoid mistakes. With this, they can easily escape or attack any predator that wishes to get into their group or hive. But, a pest control company in Huntersville suggests that beehives should be removed to prevent infestations from occurring to keep your family safe.

6. Bees Are Workaholics

Some humans can be workaholics, but so can bees. The insect is workaholic especially when the winter season comes. They can live up to nine months depending on the weather and keep on working. Like termites, bees never sleep and just keep on working until they die. They are the perfect definition of work to death! They are not only loyal, but they are also hardworking. You can expect them to work non-stop all day!

7. Honey Made By Bees Are Good For Your Health

Bees are known to produce honey which is a sweet syrup that humans love. It can be used as a spread or as a treatment for health problems. In the past it was used as a medicine to help ease digestive problems, hay fever, sore throats, and skin issues. Honey is composed of antiseptic properties which are used to dress cut and burn wounds. Athletes also eat honey because of the glucose and fructose it contains which help in boosting their energy. Also, honey has minerals, enzymes, and vitamins which are good for the body and brain. Honey is usually found in the hive made by bees and if you want to get that sweet syrup without putting yourself in danger, let a pest expert in Huntersville remove the hive and get the honey for you.

8. Bees Are Great Pollinators

Among all insects that help in pollination, bees have big contributions since they perform 80% of pollination. The food you eat is some of the fruit that bees have done when they are pollinating. If you love vegetables and fruits, be thankful for this insect because they are one of the reasons why you are eating it. They also pollinate flowers that’s why you can see beautiful blooming flowers outside your house. If you don’t want to harm the bees when you plan to get rid of them, better call a professional pest exterminator in Huntersville, NC.

These are the top eight amazing facts about bees. They may be harmful to some, but bees are one of the most important animals because they help in pollination. Without them, it will be harder for flowers, vegetables, and fruits to grow seed and produce products. If eliminating them is your problem, no need to worry because a pest control company in Huntersville can help you.

Professional Pest Control Company

When pests like bees are the issue, the one you need is a pest control company in Huntersville which can help you get rid of the problems. Bees are not easy to handle because they can sting so if you want to remove the pest safely and the hive in your place, the one you need is Lake Norman Pest Control.

Lake Norman Pest Control offers high-quality services which can help in dealing with your pest problems. Bees will never be hard for them to eliminate because they have the best treatments which can drive away from the pest. They make sure never to harm the bees while removing the hive to keep your family safe.

The company will send over highly trained, experienced, and certified pest exterminators in your Huntersville home to see where the bees have built their hive. Once they found them, they will instantly make a move by creating a treatment plan which will get rid of the pest without causing troubles to you and your property. They make sure that treatments and method used are effective and safe.

Also, Lake Norman Pest Control will not only remove the hive and the pest but will also give you advice for you to avoid future bee problems. The company ensures that its services are performed with quality yet will not cost you more. Name the pest, and they have the right solution!

Bees are important, but they can cause infestation and are a health risk once triggered. If you don’t want your pest problem to worsen, make a move by calling Lake Norman Pest Control at 704-663-6440, and they will quickly come to your home and serve your pest control needs!


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