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Influx Of Fleas


If you've stepped outside recently, I'm sure that it's no secret to you that it's hot out there. With the heat index hovering around the mid-nineties and humidity levels staying well above fifty percent, while you may not be enjoying the weather, fleas are.

In fact, they love it. Warm, humid environments present ideal breeding conditions for this pesky pest and we have received an influx of calls regarding them. Whether they are making their way inside via your pets fur or simply because a few found their way into your home, fleas are very difficult to get rid of.

Steps Towards Fighting Off Fleas

First off, they're tiny. Chances are that you won't even notice them until you feel that first tiny bite. When you do, make sure you call a professional because this problem can get very out of hand, and fast. These are a few ways you can help fight fleas during these sultry summer months:

1. Check Your Pets

Pets, especially those with long coats, are incredibly susceptible to fleas because of their high foot traffic in and outdoors. Be vigilant about noticing your animals overly scratching or knawing at themselves and comb through their hair with a fine comb regularly. Also, to prevent any illnesses or disease that can be spread by fleas, it's never a bad idea to have all of your animals, especially those that travel outdoors, on flea medication.

2. Sanitize Your Indoor Areas

Vacuuming regularly will make a significant impact on preventing fleas in your home. Fleas tend to stick to areas in which they can hide such as fur and carpets. Disturbing and eradicating any dust or dirt in carpets will deter fleas from being able to pass through the larvae stage.

3. Control As Soon As Possible

If you suspect that you have a budding or existing flea problem on your hands, you need to get it under control immediately simply because of the sheer rapid rate at which fleas can multiply. While there are store bought flea products that "claim" they will eradicate the problem, they will not prevent the fleas from returning.

Only an integrated pest control approach, like the one we practice at LNP, will eliminate current fleas and will prevent future ones by deterring their breeding locations and habits. Don't let flea bites ruin your summer fun!

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