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Signs Of A Rat Infestation


Family safety and security always come first. As responsible parents, it is our duty to make sure that we provide whatever they need for survival. This includes food, clothing, and shelter. However, there are several factors that can compromise our family’s health. The most common factor is pest infestation. Over the years, several pests have been a problem in households. From cockroaches, rats, and weevils, these creatures have been in and out damaging our belongings.  

For this segment, we will be discussing the most destructive pest of all time – the rat. Every time we hear about these creatures, we often associate them with diseases. In fact, there is a reason why rats are one of the prominent reasons for calling for a pest control specialist.

Facts About Rats

1. Rats Are Very Good Swimmers

You might not believe this but rats can tread water for more than three days. Some species can even reach a mile or two. I’m sure that some of us have tried flushing a rat down the toilet or down the drain. Believe me, this does not work out. Rats can hold their breath for more than 3 minutes. This is more than enough time to get a hold of solid ground. You will only be sending them back to where they came from. Sooner or later, they will be good as new too, ready to make their way to your pipes.

2. Rats Are Honored In Several Cultures

Did you know that there is a temple in Northwest India that is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Karni Mata. The temple is home to 15,000 rats. These creatures are worshipped and protected because the people in this area believe that when they die, they will be reincarnated as rats.  

3. Tails Keep Them Cool

Unlike human beings, rats do not sweat as much as we think. Just like dogs, rats employ the mechanism of panting to relieve their bodies of extreme heat. For dogs, the thing that regulates their temperature is their coat. For rats, it is their tail that keeps their body temperature in control. 

4. Their Teeth Never Stop Growing

When we think about rats, we often associate them with gnawing creatures. And there is a rational reason why. Did you know that their teeth never stop growing? This gives them the need to stimulate their teeth every minute of every day. Their teeth are stronger than most of you think. To some, rats can only gnaw on wood where they create holes as their passageway. However, experts have found that they can gnaw even through lead, cinder blocks, and aluminum. Even if your house is made of cement or marble, rats can still chew their way in. 

5. Rats Can Get Pretty Big

The rats that can be found in garbage bins and canals are enough to make people jump and scream. However, this is not their full potential. There are some rats that can grow massively and can weigh up to 8.8 pounds. Some even grow as big as a house cat. I could never imagine if the rats become the predators and the cats become the prey.  

6. Rats Can Reproduce Quickly

This is not new to us humans. We know that rats are very quick in reproduction. It only takes 2 to 3 weeks for gestation. Their offspring can reach their sexual maturity in just 3 to 4 months. Imagine how many females can give birth to 10 rats in one birthing period. Once a rat becomes comfortable inside your home, its first instinct is to breed. In no time, you will be facing a full-blown infestation and it would be difficult to eliminate the threat.  o

7. They’re Social Creatures

This might come as a shock but rats have their own community as well. It is called the shadow of humanity. Whereas people are active during the day, rats are most likely active at night. In the community of rats, each has a role to play. Some look for food and shelter, others protect their community, and others forage. Did you know that rats are very sensitive and caring for one another? It has been found that in their community, they groom and feed each other. Some experts even report that rats tend to each other especially if one of their comrades is sick or injured. 

Signs of a Rat Infestation

But how do we know if there is a need for a pest management intervention? How do you determine that your house is infested by insects? To answer these queries, you need to be observant of your surroundings. You need to be keen on knowing the differences in your own home. Here are some signs of a rat infestation in households:

Rat Droppings

If you observe oval-like particles in your area, it is a good indication that you are dealing with rats. This sign also indicates more than just the infestation. It gives you an idea of the number of rats present inside your house and their activities. If you see plenty of rat droppings, it means that the rat population in your area is many. 


Who would have thought that rats can leave footprints as well? According to experts, a rat’s feet are quite distinguishable. So, you should be able to recognize them if you are a keen observer. You can usually see footprints on dusty places of your home such as the attic, basement, and other unused areas.

Teeth Marks

Rats will chew on almost anything. If you see gnaw marks, it is a good indication that your home is infested with mice. Also, when you hear unusual scratching and gnawing at night, you better schedule a house cleanup and checkup immediately before the infestation gets worse.


Rats are famous for boring holes in walls. If you see holes in your walls, floors, and ceilings, it is a good sign of a rat infestation. Plus, if you notice grease stains on the edges of the holes, you’ll know you are dealing with rodents.

The Foul Smell Produced by Rats

The smell is common, especially where rats dwell and breed. This is the accumulation of their droppings, urine, vomit, and leftovers. 

Why Do Rats Infest Homes?

Rats are what you call winter pests. They cannot survive the cold outdoors. This is the reason why they look for homes to infest before the winter comes. Your house is vulnerable to a rat infestation, considering these several factors.

Structural Damage

Cracks and openings attract rats because it gives them an easy passage towards your home. They no longer need to put any effort into boreholes because the house already has it for them. All they need to do is widen the holes and crevices and they are good to go.


Just like cockroaches, rats are very attracted to clutter. Clutters serve as hiding spots and breeding grounds for rats. So, if you want to avoid a pest infestation, always keep your things fixed and organized. Never postpone hygiene and cleanliness because you never know what insects you will be attracting.

Plumbing Issues

Rats are attracted to moisture. This is the reason why we can often find them in kitchens and bathrooms. Water leakage is one of their primary attractants. It gives them the moisture and water they need to build their nest and reproduce.

Food Out in the Open

Food of any sort is enough to attract a whole litter of rats inside your house. If you give them enough motivation to infest your home, they are more than willing to give in to the temptation. Sometimes, people give out food to pests without even knowing. Unwashed dishes, dirty sinks, and food crumbs in the kitchen and dining table are all good attractants for rats to infest your home.

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