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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

Inspection Connection


During the spring people are shedding their winter skin and breathing new life into their surroundings. Not surprisingly, this time of year presents a significant boom in housing market activity. Whether you're buying or selling a home, one of the most important parts of the process is the inspection. Did you know that Lake Norman offers comprehensive real estate termite inspections? In addition, Our accredited WDIR inspectors have been accredited by the North Carolina Pest Management Association and are trained to provide comprehensive real estate termite inspections.

Three Ways to Bring Value to Your Home

Here's a list of three ways Lake Norman can help you get the best value for your home this buying season:

1. Termite Inspection

Nothing sends a potential home buyer running for the hills like structural damage. Not only is it worrisome in terms of foundation integrity, it is also extremely costly to repair. Go-Forth Lake Norman offers free pre-sale home screenings to evaluate any potential termite damage that could be present. This way you can be aware of, repair, and prevent any future issues that could compromise the potential sale of your home!

2. Pest Removal:

The house is perfect, and your potential buyer is merely moments away from signing on the dotted line, but...without warning they notice a line of ants crossing the kitchen counter or a bug scurrying across the floor. Suddenly they begin to second guess their decision and who would blame them? In the mind of a home buyer, pests could indicate many things: sealing issues, uncleanliness, unseen infestations, etc. Don't let pests steal away your potential sale and have a trained professional treat your home regularly for unwanted house guests to ensure there are no surprises for you or your potential buyer.

3. Lawn Appeal:

They say first impressions are everything. When selling a home, this impression begins as soon as the buyer arrives at the property. Make sure your lawn is well taken care of with Lake Norman's lawn care service! With a variety of treatment options, our trained experts will make sure your lawn is putting its greenest foot forward this home-buying season. Let us help you, and your buyers, realize your home's full potential and happy selling from your friends at Go-Forth Lake Norman!