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Lake Norman Pest Control Is Now Lake Norman Home Services!

Insulation Incentives


When you think of a pest control service, we bet you never considered that it would extend to your insulation. Lake Norman Pest is devoted to conquering your pest problem on all fronts and our efforts don't stop only at what you can see in your home.

Benefits of Insulation Services

Our TAP Insulation Service is simply one step further in a comprehensive pest control plan! Not sure if this service is for you? Take a look below for a few of the benefits of having this service in your home:

1. Protects Spaces Less Traveled

It's easy to remember that you've got a few ants in your kitchen because you see them every time you go to make a sandwich! But what are you doing about managing the spaces less traveled? Our TAP Insulation protects the parts of your home that are often forgotten, like the attic. Oh, and did we mention that the product is also flame-retardant? So, not only are you saving yourself from unwanted pests, but you're adding an extra layer of safety to your home to protect your family as well!

2. Energy Efficient

No one wants to waste money. Why pay for heating and air to simply let it slip out of your home? Our insulation not only fights against pests but helps to prevent heat transfer in your home. That means you'll be paying less, for a warmer/cooler, and a more climate-stabilized home. Win, win.

3. Controls Pests

Our TAP Insulation Service insulation is made up of a product containing orthoboric acid, which helps in the fight to deter pests in places that the eye cannot see. To make it even better, the product is made in our home state of North Carolina!

4. Only Hear The Noises You Want To

So, neighbor Joe likes to use power tools at all hours of the night? Our insulation service helps enhance the acoustics in your home while keeping other noises (like Joe's power saw) out. So, the only noises you'll be hearing, are the ones you want to.

5. Who Doesn’t Love a Tax Credit?

North Carolina offers incentives to some individuals who take extra steps to make sure their home is environmentally friendly and safe. Click the link above to learn about all of the different rebates and incentive plans offered by the state that'll help you save money!   We only want the safest, most effective methods of pest control for our clients and their families. Contact us today for a FREE home evaluation, where we will check for current pest infestations and energy leaks, to see if your home is being the best it can be!