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How Often Do I Need Pest Control?


To many this Winter, you may be considering that you don't need pest control anymore or that after using pest control services the fight against pests has been won. Even here at Go-Forth we wish it were so simple, but pest control is not a one and done deal. There are several factors to why this is, but here's an outline of the basics: Why you need recurring Pest Control

Why You Need Recurring Pest Control

Especially in the winter right now, you are probably experiencing less buggy encounters than usual. This is due to most bugs hibernating during the winter. The importance of bugs being seasonal is that many also have a short life span, meaning that the pests you were dealing with in the summer won't be the same the next year.

You may have had an ant problem that is gone by now, but if you're home is in an area susceptible to ants, wasps, cockroaches, etc, they will be coming back. Many times, bugs will lay their eggs during the fall that end up hibernating to hatch in the spring, so even during the winter pest control services can be necessary. It's also important to note that not all bugs hibernate in the winter, so there is still risk during the winter.


The most harmful to your home is termites, which have three different types of species that act relatively differently to the winter season.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the ones you need to be watchful of in the winter, as they make their home in the soil and only dig deeper in the winter. They will often attempt to invade your home through your basement if it's dark, warm, and moist, but other times they can just chew through the walls before you notice them. Pest Control services in the winter can help prevent this scenario from happening, and you'll still be preventing future pests in the later seasons.

If you have an infestation, one visit from Pest Control experts will not be enough. One visit will likely begin to scratch the surface of the visible problem, but not address the root of it.


Lets use ants as an example situation for why only one visit does not work. Often ants are invading your home because it's an easy target for food crumbs to feed their colony, so you call pest control and have them come once to tend to the inside and outside of your home. There is no guarantee the ants have made their colony where the experts have tended to, and with the deep caverns of ant hills, it's not likely that one visit will even deter the ant queen or her colony. Recurring visits are necessary to approximate where the ants are coming from, and to address the situation accordingly.

Pest Control

This isn't true for just ants, as this was just a specific example. Cockroaches, termites, even bed bugs are all pests who can survive a one-stop visit. 

Can you read the minds of pests? Neither can we, but regular treatments don't require anyone to be a psychic. You may have never dealt with pests invading your home, and yet one day they will appear out of no where. It's nearly impossible to discern when you're on the brink of a pest invasion, and often times we get the call for help to take care of an invasion rather than trying to prevent one. Starting a plan in the winter can be one of the best ways to avoid Spring and Summer infestations, rather than be surprised when they've appeared without warning.

Sometimes there are situations where you don't know about the infestation until it's too late and permanent damage has been done to your home's structure without notice. Most pests will do everything to not be seen, because their instincts know that we can be dangerous. In these situations you will sooner find the remains of pests who have passed away before you find an infestation. Even if this is the case, it's never too late to call pest control services to help you.