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How Dangerous Are Yellow Jackets In Mooresville?

yellow jacket up close

Summer might mean lazy days by the pool and cookouts, but it could also mean stinging insects like the yellow jacket. As far as stinging insects go, yellow jackets are one of the most dangerous – with alternating black and yellow stripes, thin waists, and elongated wings, these pests pack a lot of venom.

Yellow jackets can be aggressive and dangerous if you encounter them – here’s what you should know about the dangers of yellow jackets, what to do if you spot a nest on your property, and how you may be able to prevent yellow jackets or other stinging insects on your Mooresville property.

How Dangerous Are Yellow Jackets In Mooresville, NC?

While some stinging insects may only attack you if you step on them or mess with their nests, yellow jackets don’t fall into this category. Not only are these pests aggressive defenders of their nests, but unlike honeybees, they don’t lose their stingers after they’ve stung you.

So, if they think you’re a threat, yellow jackets can sting you as many times as they want – which can become dangerous or even deadly if you stumble upon a swarm of them.

The Best Way To Handle Yellow Jacket Nests In Mooresville, NC

Yellow jackets may not cause structural damage to your home like some pests do, but that doesn’t mean you want them building their nests on your property. As dangerous as yellow jackets can be if you try to remove their nests, this isn’t a pest you should handle on your own.

The best course of action when it comes to dealing with yellow jackets is a professional one – at Lake Norman Home Services, our technicians have years of experience dealing with North Carolina’s most infamous stinging insects and are well-trained to safely and effectively get rid of yellow jacket nests.

If you think or you’ve already discovered a yellow jacket nest on your property, you shouldn’t wait – call us at Lake Norman Home Services today to learn more about how we handle stinging insects and what we can do to help.

How To Prevent Future Yellow Jacket Infestations In Mooresville, NC

While it may be normal to spot a few yellow jackets during the spring and summer months, these pests shouldn’t be building their nests on your property – here’s what you can do to keep yellow jackets and other stinging insects away:

  • Reduce their access to water: Yellowjackets are attracted to moisture as well as food scraps, so you’ll want to reduce sources of standing water.
  • Avoid using too many sugary-scented perfumes or scents outside: Yellow jackets are attracted to sweet smells, so sugary-scented perfumes or scents could draw them in.
  • Don’t leave out scraps: Don’t leave food scraps lying around after a cookout, BBQ, or another outdoor meal, and keep trash cans covered.
  • Regularly check entry points to your home: Small cracks, gaps, or tears in your window screens could allow yellow jackets a way to make their way into your home.

While the preventative measures above may be able to help stop future yellow jacket infestations, it’s still always a good idea to contact us at Lake Norman Home Services if you’re dealing with an active one.