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5 Easy DIY Halloween Lawn Decorations


Halloween is right around the corner, and for some neighborhoods this weekend is the time children are going to come out for trick or treating. Maybe the holiday snuck up on you, or the idea of kids trick or treating this weekend instead of Monday night has you worried you're not prepared for them now.

Here are some DIY Lawn decorations for you to get ready to give a quick and easy spook to oncoming trick or treaters.

Glow Stick Eyes

These are fast and easy if you have some spare toilet paper rolls laying around. Put them in dark areas of your lawn for trick or treaters to feel as though they're being watched by something spooky.

Hanging Tree Bats

All you need for these little guys is black construction paper, string, and googly eyes. If you want your bats too look nice and symmetrical, take a separate piece of paper, fold it in half, and draw half of your desired bat shape. With the paper still folded in half, cut the shape out. You can use the cut out shape to trace the bats onto the black construction paper and cut out for nice looking hanging bats.

Trash Bag Spiderwebs

If you already have trash bags laying around, this requires very little effort. There even a YouTube Tutorial Video!

Window Silhouettes

For these decorations you just need black paper and tape. Trace or draw the shape you want to display, cut it out, and tape to your wall! You don't have to use black paper, but it will come through better if you do. You may need to visit a craft store to get large enough pieces for your ideas.


This isn't necessarily the idea, but basically if you have a skeleton in your closet (no pun intended) there are several creative ideas that involve simply placing them outside. Be it in a lawn chair, hanging over a tree branch, literally laying out on the ground, or halfway climbing up onto the roof, a skeleton placed anywhere can definitely be a well placed spooky skeleton.